Something big in ones life; reaching a wider awareness of our life or situation; eternity; something which stands above the commonplace; beyond the fears and anxieties of everyday life; separation from others or from everyday life or society; isolation; attainment achieved by facing the difficulties of life.

Because the mountain indicates states of mind or being that stand beyond the commonplace, and links with what essentially is your latent potential, it can show you opening to that power of change and growth. In other words, it indicates an influence from your core influencing your personality. But also it may be a way of escaping form worldly pursuits into a form is asceticism or mysticism. See Core

Jung mentions a man who felt himself capable almost of flying, and who eventually fell from a mountain. Jung intimates that the man may have in fact stepped into space out of his hubris-a lack of humilty. The aim in climbing the mountain is to access your potential while still recognising your personal smallness in the scheme of things.

In many past cultural traditions ascent was associated with purification or refinement – as in the ascent to heaven, or a holy mountain. It also suggested becoming more detached, or finding a different perspective. We could see it also as evolution of ourselves to a newer level. Because we often move to a wider view of things, becoming more aware of our situation or surroundings as we get higher, ascending is often linked with change, and perhaps leaving things behind, the dropping away of what occupied you below. It can also be an attempt to remove yourself from the difficulties or experiences of the world – there may be a link with losing touch with reality.

Sometimes treasure or a wonderful meeting is found on a mountain. To quote a man, “There is also the sense I have that the cave that has been dug, that has been mined, connects with natural caves that go deep into the earth within the mountain.  I have a sense that these link with the far past, with the origins of life on earth, and our own beginnings.

If one is climbing the mountain: The struggle with oneself, such as facing lack of confidence and forging on; meeting the difficulties of life and trying to move on; sensing the eternal. See: hill; last example in flying.

 Example: ‘I was on top of a mountain with my sons, but was terrified I was going to fall.’ John A.

John feels alone in a high position and fears failure.

 Example: Now the preparations have ended and I am to go off alone up the mountains to meet whatever waits for me there. Now it feels as if something is flowing into my body. I am now experiencing a state or condition that has been very marked or strong in my life lately. My breathing became very slow, it seems even at times as if it has stopped, and everything becomes very still. It feels like being dead. My body becomes so still it disappears and all that is left is awareness submerged in enormous emptiness or space. There is a paradox in this experience because it feels as if I, my sense of self, has melted away, and yet there is still a very definite experience of existing. I suppose what has stopped is what I have called movement. The movement of thinking, of feeling, of longing or hoping for things.

There is this huge reality confronting us all the time. We call this reality death. And often that has an awful face for us. But I am feeling it as joy, a most wonderful joy. It is here in the darkness I am experiencing – that joy. The waves of this gentle joy flow through me. It is like floating in a subtle ocean and my consciousness, my being, is gently lifted and moved by the waves of this quiet joy.

Example: Next I/we came to a town, high up on the mountain, near the peak. I was very impressed by how interesting, gay, and full of character the town was, quite opposite to the town at the foot of the mountain. I saw the peak of the mountain above the town, and decided to climb on. I went on with my companion and a boy child. It was cloudy at first, and there was no view from such a tremendous height, but the clouds cleared, and wonderful vistas were revealed. I believe I was singing in the dream – singing loud and strong and wonderfully clear and then we reached the top, and stood there together, looking out upon the clouds and the world.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did I feel on seeing or being on the mountain?

Was I climbing or near the top?

Did I feel fear or joy on the mountain?

See Archetype of the Search for SelfBeing the Person or ThingEnlightenment


-Mark Castello 2016-08-23 14:21:50

I went to a vacation spot high up on a mountain. It was so high that the weather went from warm and sunny to high winds and sleet and snow. My goal was to escape the mountain, but in the dream I kept trying to stay up on the mountain. Many other friends were on the mountain with me and they were all confused and hurting going through their own challenges but they kept failing. In one case a friend was supposed to close a window on the second floor because we had all gone to the third floor for shelter. On the third floor everything felt more peaceful, like there was something protecting me. But they didn’t shut a window in the room on the 2nd floor was ruined because there was so much ice and sleet over everything by the time we got back down there. The 2nd floor room was so cold it seemed it wouldn’t ever thaw.

When I returned to the 3rd floor all of my friends were making mistakes and breaking rules. A few times I tried driving off the mountain but returned for one reason or another even though it was always much more difficult up there. Eventually I finally managed to get off the mountain. I was in a room with all my friends who said we were leaving for a journey. I didn’t understand why we were leaving because I thought we had just left the mountaintop vacation but I followed along anyway. While we were still meeting and discussing how much “fun” we had on the mountaintop, a demon with wings like a bat and a red sneering face and 5 or ten times bigger than the rest of us came out complaining he had been tricked by the dragon. A huge green dragon came out and tried to fly away, once it was revealed he had poisoned the eggs, but the demon flew after him, grabbed the dragon, and threw him down to Earth and verbally harassed him.

-Nicole 2015-10-29 15:38:50

I had a dream last night thatI had to leave a what felt like a loving native man on a mountainous island. It felt like there was a journey I needed to pursue so I was leaving. I started swimming in the ocean away from the island. A white snake started chasing me but I was confident I could swim faster. I had a flash of the man leaping on the snake and grabbing it at the mouth from behind so I swiftly swam to land and upon reaching it, I flipped so that I landed on top of the snake. I grabbed it from behind holding the side of it’s head tightly by the mouth. It was struggling so I punched it and held it tight feeling very dominant over it. I just remember being on top of it holding it very tightly until it was so scared it stopped moving.

    -Nicole 2015-10-29 15:41:33

    just to expand a little, as I swam I would look back and see the mountain in the background and just felt a sense of love from it. If you could give me some insight about what this dream might signify it’d be much appreciated!

      -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-11-07 4:03:53

      Dear Nicole – Because you are the creator of your dream, it will be helpful to explore it for yourself as well, so that you can get a deeper feeling understanding of your own creation;
      The way I see your dream is that you are about to enter a new stage of your life;
      The snake is the force of life, the latent energy or potential within us. It leads us both to growth and death, along with the passionate emotions and urges that drive us so powerfully.
      The snake can bite you, and its venom may flow throughout your being and kill you. Most of us are very frightened of this, because the venom will take away your personal sense of self – it faces you with the death of yourself. It melts the boundary of self-interest, and personal connections with family and children, with choices in action. It replaces the personal interests and fears with a self that is part of the one great life. So the fear of the snake is not because its venom is deadly, but because it transforms. It turns you into a being that is part of the whole. It robs one of the artificial walls placed between self and the collective pool of life consciousness.
      See also
      Perhaps you feel like entering your dream again while awake and meet the snake with the love you sensed from the mountain?
      Anna 🙂

        -Nicole 2015-11-12 3:31:17

        Thank you for your response 🙂

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