A brushstroke in a painting is an awesome thing. It cannot be separated from the whole without diminishing. It is through the brushstroke our life paints, however ordinary, that creates the world others share with us....More

Bringing Home The Shopping

The most common things have been with us for generations. And these most common things are filled with a mystery and wonder we may not sense. For the common actions of life have been repeated so many times they carry with us gifts of the past....More


Sometimes I wonder if the very best of what I have lived might be like an affliction that you might catch. If so I wish I give could give you that wonderul illness....More


‘In the beginning’ you were there, unremembered. And remembering who and what you are is a long journey and a wondrous story. You were there beyond time, and moved into time and place. But take the journey for yourself, or read my view of it....More

Are You Still There?

Can you remember when you died? And how old you were? Perhaps you were Only two, And the climate was bad In your parents hearts. Or did you reach to ten, Maybe even thirteen Before you felt the Touch that kills The eagerness For life within you. ...More

The Air Raids 1940s

There are words we never allow oursleves to speak or hear – until we can stand in silence in front of that dark place within us. If we listen then we will hear the cries of our child self....More

Your Face

A woman’s face can change when she is loved. I have seen such changes on a woman’s face as she reached the depth of love . I have seen her eyes shine and strange words come out of her mouth. I know these things....More


I can sometimes sense things that people tell me I know about them. And here I try to descibe what I sense when I look into a woman’s soul....More

Wind to My Wings

I want you to know how wonderful it is to fly. Did you know that I have only just learned? My wings grew some years ago, And the great feathers have hardened As I have lifted into the air, Soared and climbed on winds of wonder, And airy rivers of expanding mind....More

Wild Thing

If you can dream dreams, dream when your eyes are open and yet still in that world of magic, then you will know this freedom. You will know what it is like to open great wings of longing and take flight like a wild thing....More

Why Do I Love You?

Because there were days before I even met you when I missed you. Have you ever felt like that? Gripped by a longing you cannot place anywhere? Looking for a face you cannot find; and a hand that fits yours, and someone who wants you as much as you want them? And I know we wanted each other. Because ...More

Walk Gently With My Heart

The most sacred thing I have found is Life and all that spings from it. So this poem is about the awareness of myself, a living being in the natural world....More

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