My poems have come from extraordinay passions. I suppose I am a passionate person. I cry, laugh, swear and feel pain and happiness all in the same breath. I find the life within me is hungry for experience in any form. So I have not avoided pain or the wonders of pleasure that have lifted me to the promised land. So here they all are – my poems – my life – my love in its may forms – and my visions of the highest.

Nosy Neighbours and the Tree of Life

It seems to be a recurrent theme of my poems to point out the wonder of the commonplace and ordinary. And in this poem I discover once again my place in the scheme of things and my link with the tree of life....More

A Mean Bugger

You thought I was mean, and it has taken a long time for me to disagree. Yes, I avoid pissing my money down the drain by drinking alcohol, or burning hours of labour by smoking. And why should I eat out when I can cook my own food? Why pay for someone else’s house when I want to create my own beau...More

Journey Inward

Most people I know are frightened or even terrified of emptiness. Some people call it darkness or even death. Yet if one can trust it and allow oneself to be enveloped by it it is the place of wonders. ...More

Isn’t There Anything Else?

I walked on Combe Martin beach this morning With my dog Tramp. The only other person on the footpath Around the rocks Was the local Baptist Minister. I was in a thoughtful mood, noticing things. And what took my attention was That not once did the vicar meet my eyes, Even though at one point we were...More

I Share Life

I have been broken and feeling as if I were in the gutter, and yet managed to stand again each time – with the wonderful power of life itself pushing me on. Here I share Life. Take it and drink the blood of Life, and eat its flesh. It is every morsel of food you eat, and everthing you drink....More

I Am Stop the Wind

I wrote this as an email to someone I love just after suffering a stroke. I hope you can get a feel of what I was trying to express even if you cannot make sense of it....More

Home to Myself

Have your eyes ever been opened and you can see around you the meaning of everything? And on top of that you see and understand exatly what you have built by your own actions or inaction. Here it is!...More


This is the story of a man. I am that man. Like any other man I was first an infant and child, and it was during my childhood the robbery, or was it loss, occurred. Things went from me quietly and secretly which left me impoverished, but I was unknowing. Spells were laid upon me which took from me a...More

Ground Zero – The Psuedopod

We are all born into a situation – our body – the world around us as a period of history – the second wold war – and the language. Then we are up against it one way or another. And here I spell it out, and show how we can become merely a puppet....More

Golden Guns

I was born just prior to the second world war. I lived through the war years in the UK, and Golden Guns expresses the paradox of a good childhood amidst war. Strangely the guns were a warm reminder if the normal world....More

Forty Years

The only home I had ever felt ‘at home’ in was when I was with my children. Nowhere else felt the same to me. And it didn’t matter where they were. At home we laughed, Swapped favourite music, Held whoever was the baby, Wrestled, went for walk. We swam out to sea With me as a tug Pulling the o...More

The Flowing Smile

We are all made prisoner by our very culture. We are told over and over we are born as sinners, that we need leaders and priests to tell us what to do and what to think. Yet I am an ordinary man, without any wonders. Yet I know I am free and wonderful....More

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