The Air Raids 1940s

We are being bombed.
I’m only small and I can hear them.
I feel helpless
And cant do anything.
I want my daddy’s help.
Daddy I’m frightened.
Please dont let
Them bomb me again.
I dont want my mum bombed.
I dont want the bombs.
I’ve got to get away.
P’raps if Im very good,
If I dont do anything bad
Will they not bomb me?
Please dont bomb me.
There is nowhere to go that is safe.
There is nowhere to go.
I want my daddy to make them stop it.
Is daddy going to make
Them stop it mummy?
All the daddys in the world
Are trying to stop it.
But why do we do it mummy?
Even we dont know why we do it.
When I grow up I will
Tell people why they do it.
I can hope.
There is hope!

Copyright ©2005 Tony Crisp

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