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Black Magic

This usually suggests you feel another person is thinking badly of you, plotting against you, or trying to undermine you in some way. Consider who this might be. Awareness of the situation most often robs it of its power. It is only when it is affecting you unconsciously that it has power, or if you give it power by being frightened. It is being unaware, or your fear, that gives such things any power over you.

The black magic in the dream can also either suggest you wish to harm someone, if you are the magician, or that you are frightened of hidden things influencing you. Fear is the thing to overcome.

Although thorough investigation of claimed injury or death attributed to black magic has shown the real cause to be malicious aggression or murder, scientific research into the deaths of people who were said to have died as the result of a curse or a voodoo ritual, has shown the victims to have died of fear.

Death through fear is fairly common, and is reported by some doctors in connection with surgical operations, especially in the past. In 1887 Dr. Crile had watched helpless as his friend, William Lyndman died of shock after amputation of both legs. My uncle also died of the shock of losing his arm. My uncle, like William had lost little blood, and no vital organs were injured. Crile went on to develop anaesthesia and blood transfusion to counteract death through shock. But some forms of shock appeared to be outside any physical cause. In 1898 Crile was on an army transporter off Cuba and examined a young officer who was delirious with fear due to facing his first battle. He was as deep in shock as if his legs had been crushed by a wagon as William Lyndman’s had. This led Crile to become interested in exopthalmic goitre, an illness which produces a similar type of anxiety condition. Despite the use of anaesthetics, no one had successfully operated on such a goitre condition. Every patient died. Crile discovered why when he attempted such an operation in 1905.

While under anaesthesia the patient’s heart rate rose to 218 and the body temperature rose to a dangerous level. Despite no physical injury or infection, the patient died that night with a temperature of 109.6 F. Crile realised from his previous observations that it was fear that had killed the patient. Therefore he told his next patient, a young woman who needed the goitre operation, that he was going to give her a simple inhalation treatment. When she breathed in the anaesthetic, she therefore thought she was having a ‘treatment’ not an operation. She was the first person to survive the operation for exopthalmic goitre. Crile called it “stealing the goitre”, and was so impressed by the influence of emotion on the body he constantly stressed the importance of self control, and taught that calmness is strength.

Crile’s experience illustrates what can occur through threat of a curse or black magic. In our dreams we often portray something we deeply fear as an evil influence or person, or as an awful monster or ghost. Such fears usually relate to our own urges, such as anger or sexuality, but can be about any urge or thought that we have been led to feel is not permissible, or that we feel is downright evil. A demonic figure or environment might also be connected with very early babyhood experiences. The pain of birth is often depicted as hell or demonic influence in our dream symbolism. See: evil; witchcraft; The Con About Evil

Because the unconscious will use any belief system or cultural symbols we have absorbed to express a theme, the powerful images of witches or evil characters we see on films or in fiction are often used to depict important experiences. For example a dream in which a spell or curse is placed on one can portray the influence a painful experience has left on ones emotions. If you had been deeply hurt while in your mother’s arms, your unconscious would equate pain with being held close by a woman. This ‘cross wiring’ of associations could meaningfully be portrayed as a ‘spell’ which makes one feel frightened in the apparently loving situation. See: Victims; Dream Like a Computer Game; self hypnosis; spell.



-mary 2012-10-08 18:34:27

can someone use blackmagic to come into my dreams? someone i work with has made comments that maybe they’re into magic and i sometimes have dreams about this person and now that person is making comments like “see ya tonight” when we don’t see each other outside of work and we work during the day. what is going on?


    -Tony Crisp 2012-10-09 14:17:32

    Mary – I doubt very much that the guy has the power to visit on demand. But what does have power is suggestions such as, “See ya tonight.” Such suggestions can arouse powerful emotional response and could let loose your own fears.

    Most magic is all about suggestion and it is wise to build a good positive outlook.



      -Iron Rooster 2015-11-30 18:34:47

      I had a dream last night of a witch in all black going threw my backyard ( on all fours like an animal), I saw her from inside my house and I let off a really loud scream that happened to frighten her and then I attacked her with a matchete. I woke up feeling really scared and sweating.
      I went back to sleep only to be in a room with all men and 3 of them were the womans husband that I killed and then she appeared hovering outside the window, I ended up with a matchete again and I was just about to attack but I woke up.
      What could that mean?


-Roseanna 2014-06-27 17:33:31

Hi I just wanted to know what it means if someone left a gifted box with an animal skull and tarantula in it? Someone left that at my friends front door.


-coolgod 2014-10-06 18:51:15

Its the first time I have landed on a dream interpretation page where there is additional scientific and real life explanations.


-julie 2014-12-31 21:24:48

i had a dream that i was not in it was as if i was watching that this guy and lady were involved in some black magic and they walked up to a door and the guy said this is a black magic knobbed and he said to the lady to try to turn it. the lady very easily turned the knob bakwards for along time and then the other way before she opened the door i got a glimpse of the guys face and from the expression on his face i guessed that openening a black magic knob must be something tricky to do maybe that only certain people can do it and the ladys face was menacing and you could almost tell that she was someone different than she had told the guy she was evil then she opened the door and everything went black and i woke up with shock


-hyachinta 2015-01-03 9:31:06



-Eura Ha 2016-05-09 20:09:33

Ive had multiple dreams where I had these powers to bring death to things I touch, to create fire, and black magic where I can destroy living and non-living things. Would that be considered as representation of fear I’m not facing or keeping hidden away?


-Cynthia 2016-08-26 14:13:00

I had a dream that i went to see my ex boyfriend that i haven’t heard anything from in two months. When i went to his house there was black magic work being done outside with a green candle that was off and different things written on it. He is now dating a girl thats a cop so i seen her in my dreams pulling up. My cousin that lives in florida with her three kids also came up in my dream which was who saved me. I want to know what this means?


-Kerry 2016-12-05 18:46:31

I have casted a love spell. In my dream he diverted and was angry at me


-Akkann 2017-01-28 6:59:44

Hello dear

I dreamed about my niece who is just a child. I saw that someone has done black magic on her. I saw her body being distorted. I was trying to buy cough medicine for her and when i got into a rickshaw, a black dog came suddenly and started licking my feet. After that, suddenly i saw myself flying on a bicyle. What does that mean


-Ekene ezeokobe 2017-04-19 6:08:14

1 had a reflection where a man appear pointing finger toward my direction last night


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