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Lice, fleas, bugs, worms

Things said, thought or done that make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed; feelings that one is, or someone else is a parasite in a relationship.

These are not simply ideas or feelings as many believe, but are inextricably woven into the structure and cells of our body. So bringing them out of the body is like tearing out from the fabric of our intellect, emotions, and body, a growth or structure that is built into them. So they can be fear of illness, attitudes that are life denying such as jealousy, envy, or even anger turned inwards.

These may even be apparent to our imagination as dark frightening shapes or creatures that have been living in our being like parasites. One man in class during the vowel sounds (chanting) said, “As you began the sounds I had the terrifying sensation that you were calling a dark shape out of my body.”

Questioning him afterwards I discovered that he had a fear of weakness for that part of his body, and the “dark shape” was probably a representation or embodiment of his fear. The fact that the sounds seemed to call it out of him would suggest that an initiate would actually be able to call these dark shapes out of us by his word and the power of his own conquest that lay behind it.

Large parasites such as worms are something that has got into you somehow, and is living on your energy. It helps to get rid of them by recognising what it is.



-Kristen 2013-10-21 21:45:07

I just had an extremely vivid dream in which my body was riddled with very long thin wormlike parasites. They were crawling out through my gums at first and I had to pull them out like long thin strings, but there were more and more. I lt became terribly embarrassing as they would appear suddenly when I was talking to people and I’d have to excuse myself and run somewhere to pull them out. I went to a doctor who told me to take a pill, she said the worms were attracted to metals and which the pill contained, it would draw them in to my stomach before excreting a poison which would destroy them and they would then be broken down and leave my body, but anyone I had come into contact had to test for the worms and there was a bit where I could hear them literally crawling through the walls of my family home (where I grew up) but in the dream I was a child and my family was a different family. No one else could hear them so I think I could just hear them crawling through my own skin. I had to take the pills for several months during which they kept coming back before finally dying off but the second I woke up I searched for ‘parasite’ dreams online. I am a natural lucid dreamer and have a lot of bizarre vivid dreams, normally I would have identified something like this as an anxiety dream as i have had lots of dreams about infestations of snakes and spiders but something was different about it… that being that they were actually growing and living inside my body! I have no idea what they represent and will be spending much time trying to figure that out.


    -shuree 2013-12-06 11:48:37

    How wierd. My parasites started out as tiny, thin, maggot-like worms (diameter of tip of needle) and they were coming out of my pores. I did not notice them until i noticed them squirming out of my pores. I knew immediately that they were contagious. I felt terrible, as I had NO DOUBT exposed my family to these parasites.
    Immediately I attempted to “quarantine” myself to a childhood home I had during middle school in the late 80′s.
    But as i was walking in the street, I felt the need to tug at something under my jacket sleeve, and sure enough, it was another parasite, but this one was one of those incredible large, long roundworm intestinal parasite. It was attached to my arm and the horror I still remember. I (knew) that it would tear my skin quite a bit if i pulled it off, so i had to come up with a strategy.
    Put some food on the ground and coax it to go there.
    Which it did, but by that point, it was a moth-like hairy fat caterpillar.


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