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Lice, fleas, bugs, worms

Things said, thought or done that make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed; feelings that one is, or someone else is a parasite in a relationship.

These are not simply ideas or feelings as many believe, but are inextricably woven into the structure and cells of our body. So bringing them out of the body is like tearing out from the fabric of our intellect, emotions, and body, a growth or structure that is built into them. So they can be fear of illness, attitudes that are life denying such as jealousy, envy, or even anger turned inwards.

These may even be apparent to our imagination as dark frightening shapes or creatures that have been living in our being like parasites. One man in class during the vowel sounds (chanting) said, “As you began the sounds I had the terrifying sensation that you were calling a dark shape out of my body.”

Questioning him afterwards I discovered that he had a fear of weakness for that part of his body, and the “dark shape” was probably a representation or embodiment of his fear. The fact that the sounds seemed to call it out of him would suggest that an initiate would actually be able to call these dark shapes out of us by his word and the power of his own conquest that lay behind it.

Large parasites such as worms are something that has got into you somehow, and is living on your energy. It helps to get rid of them by recognising what it is.



-Kristen 2013-10-21 21:45:07

I just had an extremely vivid dream in which my body was riddled with very long thin wormlike parasites. They were crawling out through my gums at first and I had to pull them out like long thin strings, but there were more and more. I lt became terribly embarrassing as they would appear suddenly when I was talking to people and I’d have to excuse myself and run somewhere to pull them out. I went to a doctor who told me to take a pill, she said the worms were attracted to metals and which the pill contained, it would draw them in to my stomach before excreting a poison which would destroy them and they would then be broken down and leave my body, but anyone I had come into contact had to test for the worms and there was a bit where I could hear them literally crawling through the walls of my family home (where I grew up) but in the dream I was a child and my family was a different family. No one else could hear them so I think I could just hear them crawling through my own skin. I had to take the pills for several months during which they kept coming back before finally dying off but the second I woke up I searched for ‘parasite’ dreams online. I am a natural lucid dreamer and have a lot of bizarre vivid dreams, normally I would have identified something like this as an anxiety dream as i have had lots of dreams about infestations of snakes and spiders but something was different about it… that being that they were actually growing and living inside my body! I have no idea what they represent and will be spending much time trying to figure that out.


    -shuree 2013-12-06 11:48:37

    How wierd. My parasites started out as tiny, thin, maggot-like worms (diameter of tip of needle) and they were coming out of my pores. I did not notice them until i noticed them squirming out of my pores. I knew immediately that they were contagious. I felt terrible, as I had NO DOUBT exposed my family to these parasites.
    Immediately I attempted to “quarantine” myself to a childhood home I had during middle school in the late 80′s.
    But as i was walking in the street, I felt the need to tug at something under my jacket sleeve, and sure enough, it was another parasite, but this one was one of those incredible large, long roundworm intestinal parasite. It was attached to my arm and the horror I still remember. I (knew) that it would tear my skin quite a bit if i pulled it off, so i had to come up with a strategy.
    Put some food on the ground and coax it to go there.
    Which it did, but by that point, it was a moth-like hairy fat caterpillar.


-Keyvon 2014-05-06 22:18:39

Hey, my name is Keyvon. I came here because I am struggling to figure out what my dream meant. In My dream, I was in my living room, it was dark.I felt itchy in the lower right abdominal area.I went to go scratch it and i felt a pain in my intestines.while scratching my stomach, I went lower to the hip area and saw something.It was whit-ish. Then I saw something in my abdominal area. I began to pull and saw a tapeworm head. I continued to pull and it was coming out of me. I literally could feel this pain like it was real. as i was pulling it was a weird feeling. I could feel it if I just think about it. Im scared…..!!! I cant imagine myself with onw of those. THANKS


    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-07 7:48:19

    Keyvon – I know you are scared, but this is a good dream.

    I will try to explain why. Whenever we dream the images are not like real life. because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear. So all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    But your dream is not something to scare you, but is showing something healing you. remember that dreams come from a level of our mind before we learnt to speak, so to get over its meaning dreams take whatever images or themes that are trying to explain something that is happening in you – not necessarily your body. If we look at your dream from this viewpoint we see it is about something giving pain, and pain is like a warning bell that something is wrong.

    In investigating the wrongness you find something living of your energy and you pull it out.

    What was it? Well dream arise from our Core Self – our life process. Now supposing your Life sees that drinking colas and eating rubbish is not in line with what Life knows is good, then it tries to communicate that to you. But there are many things that can ‘get into us’ that life warns us about. Things like believing things that are really untrue and against ones best interest. Living a life that constantly takes; being a person living a lie – and many other things are shown by dreams as parasites.

    Here is a person experiencing healing of such things: “The wound was left in my energy body of my chest by the casting out of the demons being cleansed. It felt as if lumps, or writhing pieces of something were removed. In fact as the wound was opened to be cleansed, I distinctly smelt a strong smell of rottenness and sulpher.

    As the healing proceeded, evil spirits began to be cast out of this wound. These “evil spirits” were like lumps of psychic energy, or poisonous in their energies of a mental and emotional nature. It was as if they were living entities, parasites, which had entered this wound and attached themselves. They had to be pulled out, or torn out, like ticks off a dog.”

    See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/



-Crash 2014-08-11 19:04:01

My dream was really disturbing and I don’t know what it means, it even gives me the hebejebees just thinking about it ..
So I was fine in my dream with a cpl of friends when I had a weird feeling in my eye and when I looked in the mirror it was a white spec in my eye and I kept taking little piece of white out but my eye was still blurry so I told my mom I had to go to the hospital to get it checked out
Two of my friends took me to this shady hospital (I was in Mexico by the way lol ) and we were standing in this back alley waiting for the doctors, when he can out he was a young male with two other guys and he looked into my eye and said it was a parisite ( in my head it was a long white worm like parisite) I was so freaked out and he said I had to remove it right away or I could go blind and they were pulling me away to go get it removed and I asked how they were gonna remove it and he said he would have to put a needle in my spine…I paniced and told them I wasn’t ready to have it removed ( in fear of how much pain I would feel)
I ran from them and went back to my house and was showing everyone and crying and was so scared to loose my vision but afraid of the pain for when it was removed …anyways I woke up and was quite disturbed …what does this dream mean?


-Crash 2014-08-11 19:06:57

Oh yeah and also the doctor said I would have to have it removed before it because 5 pounds cause I would go blind then…don’t know if that means anything…


-Madison 2014-09-07 6:52:50

I had a dream that I was standing in front of a mirror when I felt a small bump on my left arm. It was greenish-gray and looked like a skin tag, and I pulled at it until a thick leech-like worm of the same color came out. I threw it on the floor and it was slimy, like it was a newborn baby.

I suddenly noticed them all over my abdomen and across my hips, even one on my backside, and I pulled them out one by one until the last and largest one was out, the size of a giant slug and equally green-gray. Investigating it, I saw that it has a smiling, happy face, which was grossing me out. I started to lucid dream and make it stop because I was feeling disturbed by it.

I “woke” into a second dream where I touched myself and realized that there were no worms, it had all been a dream. Shortly after, I woke up for real and still felt disturbed by how realistic it had felt.

Weirdly though, there had been no pain while pulling out the worms, just this sort of vague discomfort, like I was supposed to be feeling agony but I was instead feeling numb.

Any thoughts?


    -Tony Crisp 2014-09-07 10:43:57

    Madison – My feelings are that you have had a lot of difficult feelings or events connected with your abdomen or even sexual feelings. These are shown as the leech/slug like creatures, and were sapping your energy. They appeared because you have grown strong enough to become conscious of them in a healing way.

    Strangely you associate lucid dreaming with ‘making it stop because you were feeling disturbed by it.’ But the very basic function of dreams is to show you things that you have hidden from yourself and meet them to grow stronger and healthier. Lucidity should not be a way of repressing the natural function of dreams, but to become conscious as a real strong woman and meet yourself. See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing

    To see for yourself what the happy smiling leech/slug is try using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson – but with an attitude of courage and open heart and not or repression.



-Aurora 2014-09-18 2:21:19

So I had a dream last night and I don’t know what it meant and I would like some assistance in trying to figure it out. I was looking in the mirror and seen a white spec looked like it could’ve been a little pimple but as I pulled on it turns out to be a thin parasite. I pulled on it but for some reason did not take it out as the dream proceeded this parasite got really big


-Jayanta Saikia 2014-11-09 0:26:13

Sir I had a dream last night. I saw there was book filled with mud outside. As I tried to removed the mud many leeches entered my body through the hand and were moving a inside my body. I called my mother for help and as she came near the leeches out out to enter her body. I caught them when they were half entered and threw them. So next time I kept a hard paper in my mothers body and called her near and leeches came out and stuck in the paper and I threw them. I thought its over. But after that I saw in the mirror that inside the sikn of my back also there were leeches. I called my mother with hard paper. When she was going to bring the hard paper I saw there was fire in her cloth. I rushed to put off the fire with my hand but it increased and she started shouting. As I rushed to the tank to bring water I woke up. I am now very scared


-Kim 2014-11-18 4:30:21

I just woke up from a terrible dream, twas in my dream that I felt the small worms on my foot crawling up my body and as soon as recognized that they were worms I immediately remove them, expecting that all of them were removed, here comes another feeling from underneath my skin, worms, in me. I tTy to remove them and I was able to remove some but the ones that were removed were trying to get back into me, u feel like they knew where I am , so some of them managed to be back. At the same time, I pleaded for help from everyone in my surroundings. As I remembered it I saw my father there and another girl member of the family but I wasn’t able to really recognize who it was. Sadly they just wwatched me try to remove the worms, by the way the smaller ones as I rremembered have really sticky feel on me, like leaches that are hard to remove but still I’ve managed to rremove them. I know I’m having a bad dream so I forced myself to wake up leaving my ‘dream unsolved. Leaving my body with worms. what does this mean?


-danielle 2014-12-04 10:50:43

Hey .. i just had the most disgusting dream ever .. there were bugs on me then i couldn’t get them off .. so they entered my skin leaving red marks all over my body..I tried to ask doctors about it .. they said they can’t do anything for me .. the bugs are all over my body now and i can’t remove them … my body was full of bugs marks and when they scanned my inside they found that the bugs are accumulating in my body .. i hope you d help me with this ..thank you ..


-Laura 2014-12-08 17:35:26

I had a dream that a bitter, middle-aged man needed me to retrieve something. It was really dark I couldn’t see his face and he just silently stared out the window. There was this birdbath/plant holder in the room in front if me. Something was missing from it. I was digging through blue and green guck (it was thick, sticky, and gross) in someone’s hair and grabbing tiny clusters of eggs and sowbugs. I was collecting them to put them back in the birdbath thing. They were crawling everywhere and suddenly I realized that this was my hair and all the gross goop was in my hair too, I tried to pull all of the goop and bugs out but woke up. It was disturbing, also strange that I was looking down at “someone’s” scalp only to discover it was my own. The man was angry that I had gone to look for the bugs. I have no idea what it all means.


-Yese 2014-12-15 3:43:53

In my dream I felt something crawling on my left arm… When I looked there were two worm like or even small snake like things wiggling around under my skin. It freaked me out in my dream. I kept holding my arm at the elbow bc I thought they would crawl up and into the rest of my body. I remember I kept looking around for something to cut them out with and when I found it I woke up. It was really creepy. I have no idea what it meant.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-15 10:08:34

    Yese – Dreams often say in graphic form of saying things that are important. So it seems something or someone has got ‘under your skin’. This is often used in films showing how another life form is taking over your body and mind. What it is you need to use http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson it find out what it is. But you have stopped it getting into your body and head and are succeeding in cutting it out,



      -Adela 2014-12-17 16:44:10

      I had this dream that though during the dream I wasn’t disturbed I am now. I was looking at my bare back and saw these little pimples that looked almost like blackheads. I was talking to someone, I believe my brother, while I began pooping them. When I started popping them these parasite worm Catipillar things started coming out. The first one was medium sized but the next one I popped was huge. I’m not sure how it didn’t cut my skin because these parasites had sharp ends. I could feel them coming outside of me and in the dream I was just laughing and playfully saying “ewww” as pulled the huge worms out of my back. What does this mean?


        -Tony Crisp 2014-12-18 10:24:00

        Adela – Maybe you have heard the song, “I’ve got you under my skin”? Or the saying he got under my skin – to affect someone very strongly in a way that is difficult to forget.

        So it seems you realised a feeling or an attitude that got under your skin, and like a parasite was not doing you any good. So you were ‘pooping’ them out of you. (Your words).

        Such things are disturbing when you see you have been carrying them around in you without being aware of them.



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