Paralysed Paralysis

An expression of how fear paralyses you. Sometimes we become paralysed because unconscious fears attempt to become expressed; or urges we fear attempt expression. We can also be paralysed by sense of guilt, sense of inadequacy, or ignorance. When Jesus healed the paralysed man he said Thy sins are forgiven thee. This suggests the paralysis arose from a sense of guilt.

Example: “I feel completely removed from myself,” “feeling of being separated from my body,” “eerie, rushing experiences,” and hearing “hissing in the ears,” and “roaring in the head.” These events appear to be much like the OBE sensations of vibrations, strange noises, and drifting away from the physical body (Everett, 1983).

Example: ‘It starts as a dream, but I gradually become aware that I cannot move. The harder I try to move the worse it gets and I become very frightened. I can neither move nor wake myself up. Sometimes I feel as if I am leaving my body. But to deal with the fear I have learned – its a recurring thing – to stop struggling, knowing that I will eventually wake.’ Susan Y.

Sometimes while dreaming a person experiences a profound physical paralysis. This occurs because while you dream your brain switches off the voluntary muscles. If you then become partly awake and attempt to move, it feels as if you are paralysed. The resulting fear causes deeper paralysis. If this happens to you it is important to remember what the cause is – temporary loss of ability to control the voluntary muscles – this enables you to wake slowly without the anxiety. See: sleep paralysis.

It can suggest a lack of confidence. It can arise from fear or a sense of not being able to cope, as well as feelings of hopelessness, or that there is no way out of a present situation.

For many people, the emotional results of events in childhood have a paralysing effect in their present life. So if there is great fear or pain associated with the paralysis it would be worth seeking to get behind the fear or pain to its roots.

Dreaming one is paralysed may depict the paralysing effects either of fears we have, or what we have imagined as real in the way described in the entry above. We may be ‘paralysed’ by feelings of guilt, inadequacy or internal conflicts.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is paralysing me in the dream – and can I locate that feeling or situation in my waking life?

Am I aware in the paralysis, as when lucid in a dream?

Are there influences in my life or circumstances at the moment that leave me undecided or in conflict?

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I have dreamed of being paralyzed in the right hand. What does it mean?

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