Parcel Package

Usually a memory, idea or experience you have not explored, investigated or cared to open to consciousness. Talents you have not used, ideas you have not applied, loving words we have not uttered.

Also the gifts of love and support received from others that you may not have fully been aware of or appreciated.

Something we have experienced but not explored the import of. A parent may die, for instance, but we may not ‘unwrap’ the feelings evoked enough to see we have taken something to heart. If we did we might find a regret of not expressing the love we felt while Mum or Dad was still alive, and we now want to be more daring in giving love.

Ones potential or latent skills; impressions or ‘gifts’ received from others – such as support, love, their example – but not made fully conscious.

A package deal is a bundle of thing as one deal. A package holiday for example includes the accommodation, the flight or travel all in one. Any wrapped package suggests the unknown.

 Example: ‘An unconventional looking postman delivered a registered package. But I didn’t open it.’

This was taken to mean that due to an unconventional experience, the dreamer had realised something. Something had ‘registered’ on his consciousness, but he had not explored the possibilities of it. The registered package is a double symbol, because it also suggests something valuable contained in it.

The packaging that goes with ‘life’ – which means the unwanted things that come with what you did want. In other words you might need company, but you have to feed them as well. Ask yourself whether you are collecting views or things that are of no use to you.

Package delivered to dreamer: An unknown but possibly good thing.

Carrying a parcel: A responsibility, perhaps a surprise or something you are carrying, such as a grudge, a loving feeling, longing to be recognised that you haven’t unwrapped. 

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I sending it or receiving it?

Do I have good feelings about it difficult ones?

Does the parcel or package have connections not explored?

Could this represent talents not used, or good ideas not yet applied?

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