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In folklore and religion we find frequent mention of the winged horse. This symbolises the sexual or instinctive drives that have not been repressed, but allowed, in conjunction with consciousness and reason, to develop the higher possibilities latent in them. Put in plain language this suggests that the sexual drive rises like a wave that carries our conscious desires with it. This energy wave rises, but in fulfilling itself in genital sex the wave falls again, self-awareness with it. However, if the energy is released, and yet not allowed to spill out in the full sexual release, the energy keeps on rising – flying in fact – lifting awareness with it, until it becomes a vast awareness of life and death. Observation of this suggests it awakens parts of the brain that were not really functioning before.

The white horse can have a similar meaning. For instance a woman turning her love of her children into social caring suggests a way of expression that goes beyond personal drives or the instinctive urges toward personal survival. She ‘flies up’ into a wider social context.

But sometimes the sexual or instinctive energy is not actually ‘lifted’ but frustrated and directed into neurotic activities. They are so powerful energies and also creative, that if they are damaged in their development in early life can express as distorted sexual practices or dangerous aggression.

 In mythology Pegasus was born from the blood when Perseus cut off Medusa’s head. (Medusa representing the neurotic activities mentoned). Pegasus then lived roaming freely until Bellerophon caught him with a golden bridle given him by Athena. Bellerophon went through adventures such as the slaying of chimera with the help of Pegasus. But Bellerophon tried to ride Pegasus to Mount Olympus (Heaven) but Zeus caused Pegasus to throw him off and fall back to Earth. However Pegasus arrived at Mount Olympus where he served Zeus. The symbolic meaning of this is that when the uncontrolled and undirected processes of thought and intellect are stilled, a new level of experience or energy is released. This new way of relating to sexuality or life energy can uplift or expand consciousness to the point where we arrive at cosmic consciousness. But the old human personality cannot manage this and falls away as a new being emerges. Chimera, the destructive and illusory view of life arising from a purely sensory view of life is killed in the process.

Example: I had a dream last night that I was riding a massive muscular brown stallion. The horse seemed somewhat out of my control at first, but I didn’t feel any real danger. The horse told me to hold on and let go. I surrendered to the ride. We were free falling through the sky for a while. It was exhilarating and scary. I wondered how it would end. I searched for a better grasp on the harness the horse was wearing, then realized it didn’t matter I was staying with the horse regardless of my grip.


See: cosmic consciousness; meeting yourselfHorse.



-Becky 2011-11-07 23:03:44

As a child I had reoccurring dreams for many years of riding on a white Pegasus but do not recall any TV shows with Pegasus. What do reoccurring dreams of Pegasus as a child mean and why doesn’t Pegasus appear in my dreams as an adult?


    -Tony Crisp 2011-12-06 13:49:13

    Becky – As a child you had not got the fixed views and beliefs you have now. Also you had not been bombarded with the rather materialist views our society breeds.

    So when young you could more easily feel what was going on in your inner world; and flying on Pegasus meant at that time you could have achieved, or maybe did, find a view of life and death such as the ancient cultures still believe. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/near-death-experiences/



-Angela Morgan 2013-03-28 12:58:20

Thanks so much this makes a lot of sense of the dream I had last night, Iv been concentrating on my third eye and the dream of pegasus I had originated from there, I was also flying. This hasnt happened to me before and I was a bit scared at which point the dream ended but I have been working on my chakras and meditating so I think it shows Im going in the right direction, its not something I can talk to everyone about so thanks.


-Emma 2013-10-20 15:47:27

I had a dream last night that I was riding a massive muscular brown stallion. The horse seemed somewhat out of my control at first, but I didn’t feel any real danger. The horse told me to hold on and let go. I surrendered to the ride. We were free falling through the sky for a while. It was exhilarating and scary. I wondered how it would end. I searched for a better grasp on the harness the horse was wearing, then realized it didn’t matter I was staying with the horse regardless of my grip.


-Amber Oh 2013-11-30 5:34:01

My first night’s rest after my husband committed suicide, I dreamed of a pure white horse with wings galloping back and forth in pure darkness in front of me. I never heard of Pegasus, but I told the person who was with me about the dream and they referred to Pegasus. Very comforting. I know I am protected by angels. Amen


-Ron 2014-04-07 23:55:08

In 2007 my dream showed my grandfather and i standing on the porch seeing a new moon,(full),me telling him about,then glancing again and seeing 3 more,and then 4 more with the three!,so i saw seven moons in a row at once.
Then I remember being off the porch next to the mail box looking at the sky,i saw the clouds opening,then something flying from the left then to the right,and left again at an angle,it appear to me as a white bird,maybe a dove?
But once it came at the angle to the left it was so swift,it appear to be daylight immediately,then the bird came to the ground in front of me as a White Horse,with the unicorn horn and wings! my grandfather in the dream then ran back on the porch,I saw him in a tux.Then the horse was looking at me and its like i understood its eyes,the head then nodded to me to near it,like come here!
and felt i could not move,so out of no where I am on the back of the horses back and we began to Ascend into and through the clouds,i remember holding on to its neck while on the back of it at a great height,and once i looked down and saw how high we were,i gasp like the height scared me,then i immediately woke up the same way. I’ve been longing for this dream again! anyone insight about it?


-GreyHawk 2014-05-21 11:22:08

Well to try to summarize as best I can. I was on a beach with Many different two-leggeds. many of them needed/wanted a SIGN~ “from above” and I was a vessel of that SIGN. I swam out in the water to a cliff jutting out over the water. I climbed the cliff and as i stood over looking the water ( the people gathered on shore were behind me) The water droplets falling from my body became flames of blues, pinks and purples and I began to change/shapeshift. I felt my nose elongate and i was standing on 4 hooves, wings srpouted out~ I becames a Pegasus. As I dove back into the water i reverted back to my two-legged form and i swam back to shore. The people on shore reacted as if they had truly seen a “Miracle” . NOTE: as i write this i have been “given” a rather more complete idea of the Message but would still like to hear your thoughts as well. Thanks


-pooja 2014-10-05 1:56:46

Hi, i had a dream yesterday, that, I was standing on the roof top along with my mom, I saw a pegasus approaching nearer to our home, can’t remember clearly.but was dark and probably saddled by someone that I don’t remember and then I couldn’t find her. I was awed and searching, then my mom pointed out, finally I saw her hitting a plane and there was a this big fire which fell into our neighborhood. Probably killing horse. We immediately started for rescue operation. What could that mean, please advise.


-jenny hardin 2015-01-26 3:00:04

had a vision, 3 dimensional (?) of glowing pegasus caramel color flying towards me with grown man seated on it. whole vision glowing and wings flapping. flew towards me and paused and flew up – total peace. like other commenter in this section (this is whats bizarre) i was also in a deep third eye meditation – also quite disoriented by it – felt like fully lucid dream state or really like a hallucination with eyes closed (hard to find words to describe it). rem state with full consciousness maybe? unlike other commentors, i was the observer – he flew at me and i was not on the horse. would love any comments or input!!


-September 2015-04-16 0:30:46

I dreamt two Pegasus , couple, both r huge n gold in color, they were flying and having fun in the blue gold sky, suddenly female Pegasus turn black with red eyes and got fury and killed her boyfriend Pegasus and he died, then she turns back to gold and normal and found out she killed her boyfriend, then she realized it was a curse that turn her into black n lost control and to kill…. And it happen in her previous lives and future lives… What does that dream mean?


-Confused 2015-08-21 13:53:39

I had a dream of Pegasus coming down from the sky and swooping me up. When we got above the clouds I told Pegasus I was not ready to go to heaven because I have kido that I love. Pegasus then took me back down through the clouds and dropped me. Then, in my dream, I woke up in the hospital realizing it was a dream.


-JourneyNC 2015-09-13 14:16:03

Saw a beautiful bridled/harnessed horse running east in the sky without a rider. There was another horse running alongside (left-side) unharnessed, but barely seen (smaller). Then a winged (Pegasus), more powerful horse caught up to the running horses and started nipping at them; first the smaller horse. I saw and sensed Pegasus was very aggressive and very powerful wanting to stop those horses. The smaller horse turned to go the opposite direction after being nipped by Pegasus. The smaller horse’s reigns were attached to the wheels of the harnessed horse. The smaller horse running in the opposite direction created resistance to move forward. Pegasus then smashed those running horses to earth with a thunderous bang on impact. I went to the location of impact and only saw a crater and no indication what hit earth


-Gabriela alva 2016-01-12 16:29:03

Hello, my mom at the moment is really sick and she told me that she had a dream of someone ontop of a white horse with wings was telling her to get on. He/she was telling her that they were gonna take her to a place where she can be happy and she won’t regret it…. What does this mean? I am super scared.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-19 10:52:26

    Dear Gabriela – Your mother’s dream could mean that her illness has become a motivation to allow for changes in her inner world; inner changes that will “take her to a state of mind” where she can experience the happiness/joy again that she is and have. Her dream expresses that she will not regret entering this inner, healing journey; http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/
    I wish both of you all the Best.
    Anna :-)


-Ben wood 2016-03-03 16:23:29

Hi I have been having dreams of seeing a white horse with wings coming towards me then I wake up then feeling scared

Ben wood


-Julia 2016-03-16 17:55:45

I was under the water, in the sea. Sb was dragging me along on a wooden sledge. I was lying on the sledge very calm and in peace and was breathing under water. I had a great confidence in someone who was pulling me along. It was a white horse. It was swimming under the water trying to get me on the land. Eventually it flew off taking me with the sledge on its beautiful wings. Then only I realised it was Pegasus.


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