This relates to the sexual function as a whole. This is not simply sex, but reproduction and how you handle this power of life and death. It is the power of life and death because you may kill millions of sperm by protection, and of course your precious eggs, or even abortion.

The pelvis may also link with the way you merge into another person, or if you can allow that merging and emerging, as in deep sexual melting. To merge means a complete loving act in which you give yourself to your partner. Emerging is not about pulling apart physically, but being able to free yourself emotionally and mentally from your partner. I know this connection is commonly called falling in love, but actually it is falling into childhood emotional patterns or habits. See Beware of Love

Some dreams show the pelvis as connected with lizards or snakes, and this shows the powerful instinctive drives and energy that can either flow out in sexual activity, or flow up the spine as expanding consciousness. Our unconscious often connects sex with giving oneself, a death of self, and making connections or bonds – obviously reproduction also.

In woman’s dream: The pelvis may connect with your ability to have a child, or even with early childhood experience. See: Body.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is being emphasised in this dream – pain, pleasure, longings – and how does that relate to me at the moment?

Is this dream about my ease or difficulty in relating to me sexual urges?

Is my pelvis moving or vibrating in the dream – is so how am I relating to that flow of energy?

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