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Shapeshifter or Shape Shifter

The shape shifter is the part of you that has lived through every experience from conception through to where you are at the moment. It doesn’t have a face or even a recognisable shape because it can be any age and in fact anything. What part it plays in your dream is that it says, “Do not get lost in being just one shape, just one age, just being the body, because I am a shape shifter.”

A man who was practising relaxation said that one day while practising he lost all his body awareness, and seemed to fall into a huge space where his ego felt as if it melted into a vast ocean of consciousness. He realised afterwards that he had fallen asleep while maintaining awareness, rather like a deep-sea diver breaking through the surface of the sea and diving into the depths.

Science still cannot define what consciousness is, or what mind is. But such experiences as those mentioned suggest that in some way, when we move beyond the boundaries of our senses, our mind leaps beyond time and space. It is at its core a shape shifter, male, female, animal, and in all probability whatever else we can make of it. It is as mysterious and wonderful as life itself.

You are a shape-shifter in dreams, and can be any of the characters in your dream. That is how you get their power and wisdom. The femaleness or maleness we usually feel ourselves to be must not be confused with personality. The conscious personality is a very flexible and shape shifting thing. It can be male or female in quality no matter what the body gender.

Example: My dream starts with myself and couple of other people next to a fire. I notice a rat beside the fire; it tries to scurry off into the darkness. Next moment I am an owl swooping down upon the rat, I catch it in both my claws, swooping back up in the air. At this point I notice the entire dream is in an old building almost like a barn, with thick wooden rafters. I circle the fire just below the rafters; I notice one of the people beside the fire is my brother. I also come to the realisation that I am the owl, which I am very proud of. It is like I am a shape shifter and have been trying to transform into owl form for a long time. I also want to show my brother I have caught the rat, so I land and start to change into human form. I try to show my brother the rat but I cannot look at him. I try to a couple times to look at him but just can’t. I haven’t fully changed yet either, as there are still a few feathers on me. This is when I wake up face down into the pillow. I feel positive about this dream.

See Archetype of the Shapeshifter



-kirby 2016-02-05 14:17:33

I had a dream where I wasn’t the shapeshifter but he/she was. it was a dog turned wolf, turned lion, turned a motorcycle gang. when I woke up I was scared and had a pounding headache. I feel negative about the dream.


-Mercedes 2016-04-11 14:58:27

I’ve been having dreams where I shift into various animal forms, typically while either chasing or running from some unknown assailant. In this last dream, It was more of a mother and child experience, where me and my son were both shifters, and I was trying to train him to shift beyond just 2 or 3 forms. For the most part, I feel positive about the dream, except when In others I am killed while in other forms.


-ariana 2016-04-25 0:06:08

what does it mean when i shape shift into animals? because first i was a leopard and i wen’t up a tree and i had complete control over my body like i could move my tail. and then i was a lion and i roared at a crowd but then i was a shark and i swam in some murky water and still had the power of a shark.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-04-28 15:30:49

    Dear Ariana – What it means is that in your dream you are exploring those characteristics and abilities that you associate with these animals.
    Climbing a tree as a leopard could symbolise exploring or becoming aware of the directions and facets of your personal growth and being able to have some control over it.
    Roaring at a crowd as a lion may symbolise exploring your own power (of communication).
    How did the crowd respond? Were the people afraid of your “roaring approach” or did they feel at ease with it?
    What does it feel like to swim in some murky water? Do you sometimes “muddy the water”?
    To explore and reflect on your different inner animals and their approach you can use “Being the animal”; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animal/
    Anna :-)


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