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Super Minds – A book that changes lives

I have recently added a few more short biographies to the book – and hope you enjoy them.

Short biographies of extraordinary men and women. Each biography also includes methods you can use to develop or extend your own physical and mental senses. We are all multi dimensional beings, existing in a physical and apparently solid world of the body. But we also daily experience the subtlety of thoughts, none of which can be held in the hand. Also we know the energy flows of emotion and inspiration, and at thrilling moments, the worlds lying beyond everyday life. The book takes you into these worlds through the lives of these extraordinary people.A young mother wrote – The message of Super Minds is very positive. I wish such a book had been available to me in my youth. It would have made sense of a lot of what I felt at times — especially the interconnectedness of things and the sense that if we just let ourselves ‘be’ we could touch the sky. The book captures that – and I’m certain that many children and adults alike will respond to it.

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Chapters Include

The Man who Remembered Everything

From Black Slave to Genius

Your Weird and Wonderful Mind

Edgar Cayce and the Cosmic Mind

Ramana Maharshi a remarkable guru

Hadad the Rogue Yogi

Eileen Garrett – Psychic

Sai Baba of Shirdi – the man who knew all creatures needs

Schermann – Graphologist Extraordinaire

Jesse’s Journey Through Madness

Padre Pio – Modern Saint

Evelyn’s Dowsing Adventures

Animal Children

Helen Keller – The Sighted Blind

I Died but I Am Alive


Readers appreciation:

Hi Tony, I can’t believe I found you again! You just popped into my mind and I thought I’d try and find you and get in touch with you. I’m not sure if you still remember me, it’s Amal, the girl who emailed you about ‘Super Minds’ at age 12. I was telling my younger brother about “the man who remembered everything” then pulled your book off my shelf and told him he should read all the other stories. Can you believe it? I’ve had your book for 15 years! I can’t remember when the last time I spoke to you was- I think I had decided to do a masters degree in Neurosciences, attracted by what the mind could hold and what the brain could do; ever involved in discovering the power of the mind. A lot has changed now. I’m a filmmaker and very happy in my life. How is everything with you?

Take care, My warmest regards - Amal Al-Agroobi


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