Meeting the World’s Turmoil

  • Nature – the forces at work within and underlying all life and activity on our planet – abhors a vacuum. It always moves toward balance when things swing too far one way. Forces of personal greed, corruption and the manipulation and control of the many by the few, have unbalanced human and animal life on our planet. What is happening is a period of adjustment.


  • As individuals and as a society we may have completely lost any sense of connection with the process of life that gives us existence. Businesses are often run, not as a service to the community or expressing custodianship of our planet, but to make as much money as possible. To do this enormous processes of manipulation of people’s desires and fears are used. If that is how we live as an individual, or how your business is run, the present world situation is shaking you or your business to see if your foundations are built on the rock of your connection with what is life-giving.


  • Riding this wave, rather than going under, means strengthening your link with that vital mystery of life in you. This is not about a belief system. It is about determining who you really are at your base. You know from daily experience that you exist, but what are you? Are you your arm or leg? If you lost them would that mean you ceased to exist? Are you the money you have in the bank? If you lost that would you cease to exist? Are you your emotions or your thoughts? If so how come they are constantly changing, yet you appear to continue despite change? Who are you or what are you behind all that? Dare you find out?


  • Finding out who and what you are at your core, behind all the shifting sense impressions, thoughts and emotions, is a vital part of survival in a changing world. It isn’t about thinking who you are, or reading someone else’s opinion. Your thoughts emotions and body sensations are what YOU experience, not you. Identifying with what you experience rather than what you are leads to living an illusion and pain. Recognise yourself by experiencing what lies behind your thinking, feeling and emotions. When all those fall away what is left? You might have opinions of what you are – a body, chemical and biological processes, an evolutionary product, etc. But those are opinions and thoughts. No science or religion has finally defined what you are fully. Those who experience it say it cannot be defined anyway. It remains a mystery even though you are it. But experiencing it is profound. It brings freedom, peace and creativity you have not previously allowed or known. An I know from long experience, that although it ever remains a mystery, you can develop a relationship with your self out of which flows a new life. See LifeStream.


  • In 2003 I experienced a dream showing me this period was coming. Our dreams and our intuitions link us with what I have called Nature. We do not exist outside of the universe. We do not exist outside of the processes and forces of Nature. Yet we often live as if we are totally ego centred independent agents, bent on grabbing everything we desire despite others and the earth. It is time we listen to what our inner link with Nature is asking of us. See Visions.


  • It is time to look around and see for yourself what it is in human nature that has created this world situation. Even the hardest financial and political pundits are saying greed and corruption are root causes. But our whole social structure is built around authority figures, around consumerism, around leaders and followers, around the domination of the poor by the rich. But those are my views. Look for yourself and decide what is causing the present meltdown, then decide what principles you want to live by.


  • No matter what is happening, we are all in this together. In fact it is time to honour and build strong connections with those we can trust and love. There is a wonderful and I believe divine spirit in us that is incredibly creative and resourceful. Now is the time to unblock who you are, to ask yourself how you have, or if you are, holding yourself back. That inner genius often gets buried under negative life experiences in which we have felt put down, hurt or defeated. Believe me, I have been there. Not matter what your situation you have the ability to climb and create. It is not a matter of guts or heroism, or even massive discipline. It is about letting out the passion you have buried in you. Freeing the creative wonder within you. James Brett found his way from a homeless heroine addict living in a wood, to a tycoon selling pomegranate juice as a great health drink. He then went on to convince Afghan farmers to stop growing poppy for heroine and grow pomegranates. It wasn’t cleverness or superhuman ability, it was responding to a passion. Even a nobody can become a somebody by following their passion.
  • We all live in different worlds. You might think you live in the same ‘world’ as I do, but you are mistaken. If you are made unconscious there is no world at all. If you were struck blind and deaf the world outside disappears. The only world you really live in is the world of your personal awareness. That world might be heaven or hell. It might be you are consumed by worries, bent over with despair or depression. My world has been like that too, but I recognised that it was the only world I had, and that in some way I created it. I decided to make it a better world, so started clearing out old pains, life negating habits, and my silly dependence on others to create what I felt and what ‘world’ I lived in. My world is quite a nice place to live now. There is a lot of love in it, a lot of creativity, and it offers constantly new horizons. What is your world like? Change that and you change the outside world too. See The Quickening.


  • Sending you love and strength.

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