The shape of a pyramid with its base pointing upwards represent the physical world or self  reaching up till at its apex it is nothing – it become the spiritual. The capstone is the final piece that completes the physical structure and leads toward the spiritual. Referring to Christ it has been called “… the Stone the builders rejected.” See Steiner – On Life and Death.

Example: I am on top of a huge pyramid structure, and I am placing the capstone into position, it is inscribed with various Egyptian glyphs and slides into place with a clunk, the outer scaffolding we have used to build the structure is removed, and I become aware of the tremendous height and feel a little insecure. I get a grip and decide to abseil down, I arrive at the bottom safe and sound, a female who was with me, says something quite strange, I love you, pointing to some other person present. Then again to another, she then turns to me and says, but most of all I love you! She then kisses me passionately. I am taken aback by all this, as it was definitely unexpected. This dream had a BIG feel about it, and I felt that whoever this female was, I had to go with her.

Placing the capstone in position is an incredible thing to do. It seems like an end to a long journey that has occurred in your dreams. It is an end but of course every end is a beginning. And it seems that the love you were seeking at the beginning of the dream journey.

Another term for the capstone on a pyramid is the “all seeing eye”. Which suggests the beginning of break through to wider awareness. The first stages of this are intuition and steps onward to enlightenment. See Enlightenment. It is because at the top of the pyramid you have a full view of everything around you. With that view you can predict events because you can see those moving in a way that would bring them into contact with others – thus prediction.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What were the feelings in the dream?

Did you have any sense of meeting something bigger than susal?

What was the theme of the dream?

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