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The New Dream Dictionary

The New Dream Dictionary,

Yes, this time it really is a new edition. On the 11th of April 2013 I published a revised version of The New Dream Dictionary. It is a much fuller and comprehensive book and is wonderful and full of information. As such I think it is a leader in its field. It is not the Dream Dictionary Ultimate that I am still in the middle of working on, but was produced for the US cell phones. This version is only in eBook format

RECURRING DREAMS and their significance
NIGHTMARES – what they reveal and how to banish them
OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES – Giving real insight into the subject
RELATIONSHIPS – what your dreams are telling you
PSYCHIC AND PROPHETIC DREAMS – Tells you what they are
WORK – are you following the right career path? Your dreams will tell.
FAMILY – how to resolve old hurts and gain new perspectives
PROBLEM SOLVING – in your dreams – how to carry the solutions into real life
GAINING INSIGHT – into your own behaviour and that of others
MAXIMIZING HEALTH – recognize healing foods, danger signs and more. See what is happening in your body, in your mind, and in your most guarded self and intuitions…. Discover what your style of dreaming (color, smell, setting, and other key elements) say about you. It’s all here, and more, in the ultimate guide to your world of dreams.

Buy it in the old version from here in hard-copy UK - USA

Buy it in Kindle eBook format from here UK - USA

You do not need a Kindle to read Kindle publications, you can get them and read them on you PC or Apple machine by clicking Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac.

“I’ve been using Mr Crisp’s book for years and find it invaluable in my quest to understand my dreams better. Unlike many other books which seek to tell you what your dreams mean, Crisp guides you through interpreting your dreams as individual and personal stories about your own psyche.”



-Ron Ash 2012-10-08 12:26:04

I’d love to have you on as a guest. If you would like to be on my show let me know,


-Gloria Mcintosh 2014-01-08 20:42:31

My daughter is pregnant with my first grandchild and i keep dreaming its a girl my daughters due date night is June 3 can you tell me what this means thank you


    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-12 12:04:09

    Gloria – It most likely means that you will have a girl as your first grandchild. Let me know if it is correct.



-Patricia Collins 2014-06-05 12:20:45

Dreamed of my husband of 41 yrs who died in September. Came into bedroom. Held me down. I was struggling to get up and tried to touch his face but was unable to after about 3 tries his face disappeared.


-Tina Wells 2015-11-09 3:42:55

Had a dream where I’m in a car with my ex husband. The car is in a parking lot but I don’t see any other cars around us. In front of the car stands a large black man who is staring intently at my ex. The black man proceeds to walk towards the car while never taking his eyes off of my ex. Just as he is about to reach the car, my ex throws the car into drive and floors it, almost hitting the black man. He either jumps out of the way or the car bumps him just enough to push him out of the way.We head for the exit and leave the parking lot.


-Tess 2016-04-08 14:24:43

Hello! I wanted to look at purchasing the kindle version but see it is unavailable in australia. Will it be available any time soon?

Thank you and regards,


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