The Cake

After eating a cake,

A gift from a well meaning friend,

I knew a long fantasy of sex.

I saw woman after woman

Lowering themselves onto my erect penis.

As I saw face after face,

I saw that each one looked like my wife.

They were different,

But there were features like hers.

And I saw an underlying

Female principle in all women,

And as I watched face after face.

It emerged through every woman.

As the wonder progressed,

I saw the woman – all women,

Standing above me.

This is how it had started,

As each one opened her legs

To be astride my penis.

But now I felt their female quality

Calling to me,

Calling me to dare,

To struggle on,

Up, further, higher,

Beyond myself.

I had always felt the female principle

As being of the Earth,

But it was I who was earthy,

Or like an animal.

I saw myself as a wild ape being,

Gradually transforming

As the refinement of Woman

Called me again and again.

Woman was God or Evolution.

Copyright © 1999-2010 Tony Crisp | All rights reserved