Prayer and Dream Interpretation-Book

Here is explained a wonderful way to understand your dreams.

By prayer is meant an open and receptive state of mind – and the book gives many examples of it at work.

This is only a short book, but it covers a lot of ground, with instructions as how to find your own way with prayer.

  • How you can gain insight into another person dreams
  • Prayer led to insights about far future events
  • A long dream interpreted in prayer/meditation
  • Shows the struggle from the unconscious/God the dreamer felt
  • A Condition of Body and Mind used in prayer
  • Paths to the More

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Whether we believe in God as described as a sort of father figure or not doesn’t matter. We are looking at a piece of anthropological information couched in the language of the times. The core information is that a person can gain information, help or power from a source other than their conscious thinking and knowledge. Experiments with hypnotism suggest that we are all experts on understanding dreams, but not with our conscious mind. Only when we are in a semi sleep state or a passive open state of being such as prayer or meditation might be, can we access this inner source of insight, information and power.


-Bharti Sharma 2017-09-01 2:08:04

I didn’t get interpretation of my dream in your explanation, so giving you destain my dream last night:. I saw yesterday , that I have got shifted to a new dwelling place, am alone there, that apartment is so huge, coupled with a serenity and greenery, lot of open space in the backyard and at the side of front opening. Painted in white all over. Entry to my section followed by approximately 15 stairs then there is beautiful magnificent door of my hall cum room. Wind is blowing and my main gate long curtains are moving along. Very calm , but as I am new there , not familiar with anyone , so a sort of discomfort in my mind persisted , though in some moments I was feeling- this is what I desired in the name of a house.

What’s it symbolises

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