Where Am I

Yes, I asked where am I? And I realised I was always at the moment between the created of my past and the uncreated of my future. And there before me were all the dreams, fears, love, angers and desires that were the material with which I created....More

What is a woman – What is a Man

It was the dead fish in a dream that led me to these feelings. I was reminded of all the sperm that comes away from a man during a lifetime. Then image after image of women flashed through my mind. Pictures of women in black brassieres and black corset straps. Women with fags in their mouth with unf...More

The Word

While a couple of friends were staying in my cottage with their young child he learned his first words. And when I heard him call me I felt I knew what language really was – a wonderful call from his whole being to me....More

The Vigil

This is the darkness of night, I stand in vigil and vigilant. It is my chosen task to be the one Who through this time of shadows Remains awake and dwells For this season amongst The corridors of memories and thoughts, Watching over those whose lives I celebrate and desire to be. And in me rises th...More

The Tree

I AM the tree of Life. I draw upon the past that is now the soil from which my roots feed. I reach up to receive the giving death of the sun as it pours out its energy and awareness. And I can blossom and form seeds....More

The Song

This was my first touch wth the experience of enlightnement, when all the sounds around me joined in one vibrant sound – the song of the ONE....More

The Hand

When my first son was still small and we had been digging up potatoes, I asked him if he had any. His reply was, “See my hand is open.” And out of that came this poem....More

The Jungle God

Many years ago, in the company of a young woman, we climbed a small mountain in Japan. We sat that night through talking about the mysteries of life, and the strange emptiness at the centre of it all. And then, on the way down, we came face to face with a Jungle God....More

The Interior Castle

If we dare to grow beyond our rigidly held beliefs or theories we will discover the interior castle. It has levels each guarded by walls dificult to pass beyond. But I am old. I am wounded. And I have trodden the high ground of the interior castle. I stand here with pride, in my wounds, in my streng...More

The Headache

I have had some whoppers of headaches in my time – mostly self caused by not noticing what effect the food I was eating had. But the headache of this poem was caused by growing so fast, and knocking a hole in my head on a star....More

The Code

We are all confronted by a code we find difficult to translate. Yet as we gather information about ourselves it all becomes clear. And Love? Well, when we see the code, Love is the precious smile We know upon the face of things. It is the gentleness in the moment Of existence; The willingness to pl...More

The Cottage

When I first started a solitary life, living alone in a Welsh cottage, I felt eaten up by loneliness. But I found as time passed that it wasn’t loneliness eating me. I realised that I had never been alone or unloved....More

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