The Code

I had been through
The Beginning
And the Ending of things.
For I was myself all of it.
My birth was my beginning;
And I had just melted into
The Everything
And Known the Ending –
Knowing I am
The death and the resurrection.

Now I had the key to the whole puzzle.
All the years of my life
I have been looking, examining,
Trying to understand.
It was all so much like a game,
The game of Master Mind.
The answer always existing
In the ever-increasing
Information we gather –
In what lies forever right before us.

We would know it immediately
If only we could put it all together,
If only we could see the pattern,
The design of our life experience,
Our education and our relationships.
And then, when we actually see it,
We solve the riddle.
The code is uncovered.
It is all so simple.
So, then, is the process of life and death.

The code explains every part of our experience.
It is the common denominator
Into which everything else fits.
It links opposites.
It explains and resolves conflicts,
And it shows differences
As being only aspects of the one thing,
The other side of the same coin.
But I have seen the code.
I have decoded human existence.

There is no divine plan,
No great preordained future for mankind.
We are integral parts
Of the enormous cycles
Of creation and destruction.
Our existence or non-existence matters not.
And the whole is both infinite change
And infinite being.

What freedom this brings me;
For there is no goal to struggle toward,
Unless I set it for myself –
No place to go,
Unless I desire it –
No task I must perform,
Unless I will it.

And this great maze
Of life experience we meet,
With all its opposites
And opportunities,
Is the wonderful game we play
In learning the code,
In discovering how we have
Created and perpetuated the
Labyrinth of existence
As a metaphor for what we are,
As a mirror for all we have created
And presently give life to.

And Love?
Well, when we see the code,
Love is the precious smile
We know upon the face of things.
It is the gentleness in the moment
Of existence;
The willingness to play
In the midst of uncertainty
And in the abyss of being.

Copyright ©2007 Tony Crisp

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