Journey Inward

And I ventured into myself,
Becoming the while like a tiny infant
Curled within my mothers womb.
Back I went to the doorway
Of the great dark,
And looked upon it,
And knew that beyond it I was no more.
To enter in was to lose myself,
Become as things were before I was created.
And I looked upon that void
And saw nothing,
Yet knew I had emerged from it
And would be called back in death.
So gently I dropped into that abyss
Ready to be dissolved in that emptiness
And scattered like dust in the wind.
For in me was a knowing
That the darkness had brought me forth,
And though I be scattered as grains of sand,
Yet that which gathered me once
From the trackless shores of the void,
Can call me together out of the darkness,
Waking my essence from the night of its bosom,
And live again in the world.

Copyright ©2003 Tony Crisp

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