I Am Stop the Wind

Tony wrote this just after having a stroke and had lost the power of speech

I sense you feeling in a new pathway
in your footpath
your foot and
your heating in your sole.
You will
giving the trackway
and your breathless
as it follows.

There are only colours and
tries that we collect
from the many thinksing
ine our way.

Now the wind move
and I am stand
in the darkness and quietness.

I see what a
emotions whirling about
in frigtened.
I see the hands
and faces
as them
small by we all.

And I takes their hands
and held them cross to me.
For that it we tell us if our life.

If that is love,
then I take it
and it give and take
and another
not time also.

Copyright ©2008 Tony Crisp


-petrina 2010-06-28 17:14:27

Hi Darling,

In fact, Tony wrote these words to Petrina, trying to share with her his feelings, and she, being moved by the enormous power of his passion for life following the ravages of the stroke, moved these words into the poem and asked him to put it on the website.

xoxox kali

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