Emotions, sympathy, tenderness, love, affection. Also inner feelings, desires, secret thoughts, conscience. You can take heart, and thus carry on through difficulties, or lose heart and give up. In some dreams the heart stands for worries you may have about your health. It might not be that you have heart problems, but simply that because of down feelings, your ‘heart’ is not in what you are doing, so there is no zest for life.

Your dream heart indicates your emotions, and through them your pity, sympathy, your likes and dislikes. Of course it also might point to your actual physical heart. This obviously links with relationships and their challenges. If you think it refers to your physical heart get it checked out.

Example: I experienced a degree of fear that the problem with the motor referred to my heart. I let myself slip into the fear and it dissolved and I saw that it referred not to my physical heart, but to my heart as my feelings. I could see that the problem is to do with no feeling connected with people. There’s nothing that makes me feel connected with people. I don’t feel excited about anything.

Being stabbed, shot or in any way injured in the heart may depict deep emotional hurts, but also may be a warning of physical heart problems.

Many dream about the heart are in connection with pounding or racing heart, and these are indications of anxieties or fears, sometimes of illness or death, that are pushed into the unconscious where they rattle about scaring you. Most of these are simply what they show themselves to be in the dreams – fears. Fear that is repressed can cause great tension and illness. Most of such fears are groundless and best brought out into daylight where you can see them for the lifeless, bloodless creatures they are. See: fear – dealing with.

But if your heart is often beating irregularly, or beating fast it is worth having it checked.

The dream heart also depicts your connections with other people as the following example shows.

Example: I was in what looked like huge white ribs. In the ribs was a big heart beating. Beyond that was my homeopath. I could hardly breath, struggling to live. I could hear the heart beating, but as I listened I could also hear another heart beating. It seemed to me it was my sister’s heart connected to my own invisibly. The homeopath came forward and stretching open the ribs, reached into them, took hold of the invisible heart – it was like a shadow behind the other heart – and pulled it out. Immediately I could breath again and felt I was whole. In everyday life I and my sister have been incredibly linked, even to the point of having cramps at night on the same nights, though living in different parts of the world. I had become ill recently out of this connection, but as soon as I had this dream I was well again, but my sister became ill. She has just been diagnosed as HIV positive and is dying.

In the Bible there are nearly a thousand mentions of the word heart. In modern language we might describe this as referring to unconscious intentions or feelings. This might still be the case with heart appearing in dreams. So it could relate to what you are feeling, desiring and intending unconsciously, as with the example above.

Idioms: after your heart; break your heart; change one’s heart; cry your heart out; done one’s heart good; don’t let your heart run away with your head; eat your heart out; faint of heart; from bottom of heart; have a heart; have no heart; have a heart; heart like stone; heavy heart; lost your heart; my heart’s in my mouth; open-hearted; pluck at the heart strings; sick at heart; steal your heart; take it to heart; the heart of the matter; wearing your heart on your sleeve; young at heart.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What feeling or attitude is involved in this dream and where do I meet that in my waking life?

What is happening to my dream heart, and how does that relate to my life?

Is there fear or some threat of death here, and what anxiety am I feeling while awake?

What am I pushing into my unconscious that my heart dream is showing me?

See Dreaming about an Ex Beware of LoveSecrets of Power Dreaming


-Ashley 2015-02-23 9:37:38

I was probably about 7 years old when I had a dream that I had been having heart problems so I was taken to a Dr who was showing me hearts to choose from for a heart transplant. We got to the last heart and it was made of metal. The Dr called this heart Larry… It actually represented my grandpa Larry who recently moved to my state after living out of state my whole life. When I woke up my heart was racing and I ended up with a fever and throwing up for the next few days. Now I’m 21 and still vividly remember this dream because it was so intense for me. I do occasionally get chest pains and what feels like heart fluttering along with a lot of bloody noses some of which bleed heavy and make me light headed. Could this be connected? Now that my grandpa moved closer I hope that doesn’t mean anything will happen soon :/

    -Anna 2015-02-26 8:38:11

    Ashley 🙂

    I wonder what you associate with your grandpa Larry?
    I ask because the heart you received in your dream carried his name AND it is made of metal.
    Please read
    Sometimes as a child we have to “harden our feelings” in order to deal with our life and with things that make us “sick”.
    I cannot see a connection between your dream as a 7 year old and your grandpa moving to the state where you live.

    I would advice you to pay a visit to a doctor to have your physical health checked.

    Good Luck!

    Anna 🙂

-ss 2015-02-13 2:05:31

I had a dream that’s someone took my hear can anyone plz tell me what does that mean

-wayne 2014-12-15 23:26:15

I dreamed I was alive but I was about to have my heart transplanted into a young boy who needed it…just as we got to the operating room I am realizing I will die but had no fear….I just accepted it

    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-16 7:44:53

    Wayne – A beautiful dream showing you are learning the lessons of Life and love.

    Death in dreams does not have all the associations most people have of it leading to rotting in the ground. Death in dreams often shows how an old part of us has been outgrown and a new and young part of us can now live. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing

    Giving your heart was the gift of the real you to its new form.

    Your acceptance of death shows you have learnt one of the great lessons of Life, that death is actually life going on through it natural cycles – birth, childhood, maturity, old age, death, birth. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, spring.


-April 2014-11-19 3:56:38

Could you please help me interpret it?I wonder what it means

-April 2014-11-19 3:48:38

Hello Tony,
I had this dream before waking up that there was a huge crowd in a small ship stadium ,the first 45 people were to get free gift vouchers.I was the 56th person later i saw the number as 51.But I had arrived early and people had broken the queue so I was arguing with this person distributing the voucher but there was a huge crowd and everyone was trying to get it.The crowd started moving and all of a sudden the person fell down.So the space cleared out,at first I had hugged a friend for support then seeing the person lying down I moved forward and administered C.R.P.Though I wasn’t strong enough I saw him move ,I was looking for help around like stronger arms.But then I continued and the person woke up.I asked him to cough and gave him lot of clear water to drink in a steel vessel.Also in that dream I saw a 1000rs note which I had in wallet but did not carry as I wouldn’t get the change so I was borrowing coins from my friend.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-11-19 10:19:56

    April – First you see yourself in a small ship/stadium, yet there are thousands of people involved. As dreams are something you create out of yourself, your beliefs and feelings, you have masses of aspects of you. But you see yourself as unimportant or small – the small ship.

    You do this with the gift vouchers as well, placing yourself out of the lucky ones – dreams are created out of your beliefs and feelings. The number 11 – 56 = 5+6 = 11 has the meaning of someone who faces tests but comes out victorious of the tests with the acquired knowledge. Also the number 51 – 6 represents symmetry, unity of spirit and body, the visible and invisible.

    You then doubt your own strength in giving CPR – yet you carried on and gave him life and the waters of Life too. And then just emphasis what was said you realised that you had a 1000rs note but didn’t use it, but borrowed often people’s value.

    April, your dream is telling you that you are a very talented, capable and lovely person who has hidden your wonderful self behind a screen of a little person.

    Come out and play with the rest of us and share your talents. 🙂


-Sam Rodriguez 2014-09-20 16:45:18

Hello, I do not dream often, and never have dreamt like this. I had a dream I ripped out my heart and watched it almost stop beating, then I threw water on it to keep it from drying up, (I was watching it beat regularly, then slower before I added water, then almost reg again) then I put it back in my chest just in time to not die, and it sealed back up fine. I was in no pain and fully aware of what I was doing. I remember thinking I better put it back before it stops. What does that mean?! Thank you for reading

-nesreen 2014-09-02 7:02:05

hi,. i dream that im pumping the heart of my husband the heart beat stopped and i was the one who pump it over and over and relived in in my own hand,..what does it mean?…can you help me what is the meaning of it…thank you..!! and more power.!

-Sabrina 2014-08-26 17:14:20

My mother is staying with me and had a dream last night that a man from below the earth, as she interprets fromher dream, came up a hit her in the heart and she asked him why and he just went back down beneath the earth and did this to her three times. I’m worried this means something is going to happen to her, what are your thoughts?

Thank you, Sabrina

    -Tony Crisp 2014-08-27 9:07:54

    Sabrina – I cannot be sure, but I feel this is a warning, and she should have a health check. In the UK it costs nothing, but perhaps for your mother the cost is inhibiting. But please have her heart checked.

    Dreams are often an expression of what is happening in the physical body. Some doctors consider dreams to show signs of illness long before they are evident in other ways. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/illness-and-dreams/

    If it is not that, the only other thing it can be is an awful memory of deep emotions.


-VioleT 2014-07-23 22:41:49

Hello. My heart dream was rather simple. I saw a picture of a heart, just with an outline, like on paper, and inside the outline, it was scattered with hundreds & thousands (those colorful baking thingys, lol!)
I should point out that mine wasn’t actually a dream, but more of a “vision”… I have been having more and more of those lately, particularly when I meditate. Could you give me your interpretation of that!? Thanks…

-Lucy 2014-07-17 20:40:42

Hello, Tony

Lately i have not been sleeping much and my life has been kind of stagnant and calm lately. Recently, just a few days ago, i didn’t sleep the whole night so i decided to stay up anyways. that kind of failed and i ended taking a nice long 3-4 hour long nap. In my dream all I could remember was that there was, i think, a person, like a nurse in my dream. i could actually feel the heart beating as if i was watching it up close, but i could feel it inside.

I could see a thick vein, and from that vein, someone was inserting a liquid into that vein. And i could feel the liquid coming in the vein as if my heart was drinking it while it was beating stronger and stronger, being flushed in this liquid ( i think inserted by the scientist/ nurse) into the big vein on the bottom side of the heart.

the last thing i remember before i suddenly woke up was that air got trapped in the heart and at that time i could feel the choke of the heart as the air rose to free itself from the pressure,

and i woke up from my nap.

-Sierra 2014-06-25 5:55:28

Hello , Well this morning I had a very confusing and very scary dream. It really shook me up. I dreamed that I was at a family gathering that took place at my great grandparents house, then suddenly everyone had these large butcher knives and every one was killing each other. I asked my grandpa what was going on and why. He told me not to worry and put it out of mind, no harm will be done. Then I took a walk to get away from everything when I saw my uncle whom I very close with, he’s like my big brother ive never had, we’re only five years apart. He gave me a knife and said here lets make it quick and painless, I refused and started crying saying no I dont want to kill you. He grabbed my hand and told me I had to because it wouldn’t be fair without a fight. As im crying he lunges at me and slightly cuts me under my breast, I stumbled and fell then the knife comes right at me and before I know it, its going right through my heart and I woke up instantly in tears and with the chest pains in both areas where I was injured in my dream. Could you please help me understand the meaning of this , Please. Thank you 🙂

    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-26 6:50:52

    Sierra – Let’s start with the chest pains. I had these for years until I let myself really feel it and allowed the painful love I felt be expressed. Your chest pains are almost certainly about hurt feelings that have become psychosomatic – in other words strong feelings that express in your body as pain.

    The family fight is about the under the surface fighting or disagreements that go on in most families. Dreams tend to dramatise it but it but dreams do show what you feel about it. If you want to understand the dream yourself see http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/clicking-on/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson


      -Sierra 2014-06-26 18:25:17

      Thank you soo much Tony !

-diane 2014-03-27 11:46:59

hi tony, i had a dream that i was in the hospital and they watched me crash and pronounced me dead and i was screaming inside that i was still alive, then my heart started beating again and they adjusted me in the hospital bed. they i was out in the world and i felt my heart rate slow down again and i knew i was dying and it became hard for me to speak and i tried to re myself up if that makes sense. it felt like i was ‘unplugged’. any insight? thanks!!! diane

-seneia 2013-02-23 0:31:28

Hi Tony,

I dreamed I was looking at a human heart in a sink and I placed it in a bucket of water to keep it fresh. I saw water and blood on the floor. The bucket of water was in the kitchen sink. I was grossed out but know I had to keep the heart in water to keep it fresh. At first I was not sure if it was a heart or just a piece of flesh so I cut off a piece and then saw the aorta/heart parts and I was mortified to discover it was a human heart indeed. Shortly after I discovered it was not the heart of an animal but a human being. Then I discovered my brother killed the person who’s heart I was trying to keep fresh. I was shocked and in disbelief of what he’d done. Yet I did not hate him. I felt sorry for my brother, who by the way, is the most non-confrontational person and we get along well. I was trying to clean the floors. They were a mix of lots of water and little blood.

-Sahara 2012-04-20 20:30:50

Hello Again Tony 🙂

The last dream I remember was of my heart stopping but I was alive and happy despite the fact that I was supposed to be dead. At one point, I believe I looked down on my body as the drs thought I had passed. but afterwards I got up from and left, happy. I just laughed at the drs when they looked amazed that i was alive. i remembered thinking in the dream that they should believe in ” miracles” more.

The night before this, I dreamed about my father in law dying (i think it was a heart attach). I was in the hospital when I see a man who seems to be in distress but no one is noticing. I go to help him when I see that he is no longer breathing. I call for a dr. and am told by him that he has been dead for at least 10 min or more. As the dr does his thing, I do healing for him and he wakes up and we take him home.

I have a good relationship with my f in law, and I am not getting messages that he is going to pass. I always intuitively know when someone is going to pass so i have no worries of this now.

Do you have any insight about this?

Much thanks for your time, Tony 🙂


    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-22 12:52:51

    SahaRa – You do have some lovely dreams.

    I am reminded of the writings of Marie von France who said – that dreams of the dying, especially death dreams, are nature’s way of preparing us for our own death? Could the dream state show, for instance, that death can be a peaceful doorway into another existence rather than fear-provoking? And further, more than pictures of an afterlife, what do death dreams tell us about our life right now? Just like explorers in countless ages have been led into the uncertain mysteries of the underworld, in this study we will be led into the vast unknowns of our unconsciousness. The journey is vital because we have forgotten our mythic ancestors who have explored death’s underworld before us. We have forgotten about the young Nachiketas who, at the bidding of his angered father, travelled to the underworld kingdom of Yama (the Lord of Death who presided over the world of the dead) who taught Nachiketas of the birthless, deathless atman (or true self).

    So you are already well into that usually hidden world we call death. You also have an unusual gift of healing. I would like to share with you some experiences of my own related to death. http://dreamhawk.com/poems/death-is-the-loss/http://dreamhawk.com/poems/supposing/http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions/#TalkingDead

    I feel that death is a huge country we need to explore, and it has no ending in its terrain. It is important for us as humans to meet it and see its beauty, and also because without the magnificent death that we see in the Big Bang we would not exist. In knowing death in that way we know the roots of our being.


      -Shiloh Grace 2014-07-14 19:41:20

      Hi, well I had a dream last night and I would like to know if it has any meaning whatsoever. I noticed on some other comments that you helped people with their dreams, so I was hoping you could help me with mine. 🙂
      First of all, this was not really a dream, it was more of a nightmare. I’ve had many nightmares in the past, one was a duck and a deer lying dead on the side of the road, another was a gypsy lady who came to people’s houses killing them with crowbars and I was a CSI agent trying to figure it all out, another was a lady coming up to my house claiming herself as ‘the dog raider,’ and she tried killing my dog. My parents seemed perfectly fine with her killing my dog, so I don’t know what was up with that. I tried hurting her a few times, but each time my Mom would always pull me back and say ‘we can settle this through words, Shiloh.’ and then release me. Later in the dream, we eventually called 911 and the dog raider was sent away. But right at the end my Mom said that my dog had swallowed some kind of bird and it caused her an eye disease, which killed her. (A little ironic there)
      But this dream was different from anything else I’ve ever experienced as in dream/nightmare terms, here’s what happened;
      Ok, so I have a dog and a few cats, and my Dad in particular doesn’t like them. When I’m gone off somewhere and ask him to feed and water the cats and dog, he blames me for not being there and doesn’t do it (This doesn’t happen EVERY time, but it does happen the majority of the time). And he’s also kicked my cats a few times trying to get them not to come inside. One of my cats is named Cali. And in this dream, she somehow became human and said that we were sisters now. I was so happy that she was my sister, because I only have two brothers and have always wanted a sister. But my Dad got really mad for some reason and tried to kill her with some knives. I tried reasoning with him over it, saying all the positive things that could come out of it, but he wouldn’t listen, he just kept on trying to kill her. So she bundled up in a corner, really scared, and I realized that I couldn’t let him kill her. Then one last time he almost jabbed her, but I stopped him and took the knife out of his hands. I started yelling at him and getting really mad, then I got so mad I threw the knife at him and it hit the space between his neck and his shoulder. He seemed in pain, but didn’t die. Then I grabbed another one of his knives and stabbed him twice in his heart.
      That’s when he fell to the ground and mumbled something I couldn’t interpret, then he died. I turned back around to my sister, and picked her up glad that she wasn’t dead and I’d protected her.
      Right then the dream was over and I slightly woke up thinking that it had really happened, then I jolted up in bed and realized it was 6 in the morning and only a dream.
      I decided to tell my parents about this, and my Dad suggested that I come here and read what you wrote.
      My Dad has had heart problems in the past, my family’s known for having them. He also has depression, but it’s gotten better over the years, and he’s had a heart attack in the past ten years.
      So I’d been very glad to know if you have any comments or possibly a dream interpret about this, I would love to hear back from you. Thanks!
      P.S. We’re a Christian family, and don’t really enjoy psychic readings, so I was just clearing that off. Thank you anyways! 😀

        -Tony Crisp 2014-07-15 9:59:12

        Shiloh – By the way, this is not a psychic reading, but an attempt to understand your dream. As it says, “I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams” (Acts 2:17).

        “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then He openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, That He may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man. He keepeth back his soul from the pit, and his life from perishing by the sword.” (Job 33:14- 18).

        Your dream seems to be about you making a move to become more independent. It often happens when we are becoming emotionally independent of our family that we kill our parent(s) in ones dream. Dream life is totally different to waking life, and the reason we kill a parent in our dreams is that it helps us to meet what it feels like when dad dies and we learn to live without him. Then, when we have felt that and learnt it we then receive our father in a new way, as an inner strength.

        Your dream cat represent the natural female you, so in the dream she becomes you – although in our dreams we tend to disguise our motives. Please see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing as it will explain a lot more.

        Your dreams take place in your inner/soul world. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/. In that world your feelings of wanting to be your own person are at war with your feeling that he wants you to be what he wants you to grow toward, so he tries to kill that side of you/the cat. You are showing signs of growing to the natural you as you picked up the cat and protected it.


-Lynsey 2011-10-07 22:15:58

Hallo i had a dream that i had a baby and it was born with a hole in it’s heart, could you please tell me what this means. Also just before this dream i dreamt i was at a funeral cuold these be connected. Thankyou

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