Feelings about death or reminder of time left to live. It can be a warning of someone’s death if there is a person connected with it. Or a project or issue that is now dead and needs to be buried.

A white hearse is still a reminder of death, but with a positive ‘things will be okay’ message. See: Funeral.

Example: When I finally rush upstairs to get myself ready I see the hearse and coffin have already arrived and my husband and two children are – in the clothes I got ready – going down the path weeping. I think “Cheek! They’re going without me.” Then I realise the funeral is mine.

Example: I was present at a funeral, and moved about in the house among the mourners without being in the least degree able to realise the death of my friend as a case for mourning. I saw the coffin placed in the hearse, and in due course I was marshalled to a place in the funeral procession, which proved to be not in the mourning-coach, but in my own carriage. By my side, in the shadow, sat a gentleman, who, after being silent for a short time, said to me in a well-known voice, “I agree with you that death ought not to be regarded as a subject for mourning, and that the trappings of woe are out of place on an occasion like this.” I looked up to see who it was who had thus divined my own thoughts, and saw, without the least feeling of surprise or fear, that the speaker was no other than the friend whose body was then in the hearse on the way to the grave. It seemed to me to be quite natural that he should thus divine my thought, and that we should be together, he talking and I listening, as if death had not parted us. It also seemed quite natural that a moment or two later he should vanish away as he did, and I be left alone as I was, with a strong conviction that I ought to be able to come and go, divine and speak as he had done.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What else was mentioned apart from the hearse?

Were you just a watcher or were you involved?

What feelings did you have – and where they ones you had had at some time?

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