Clicking On

Dream images are like icons on a computer screen –

You have to ‘click’ on your dream images to make them come alive.

Thinking about them doesn’t work. You need to open yourself to the magic of them.

To make them into the wonderful gateways they are you may have to learn certain skills. And what’s in it for you?

Apart from dreams being the greatest school, the finest source of education in the process of life, there is the possibility of change. I went on the interior journey because my life wasn’t worth living the way it was. In the world beneath what is normally apparent to us, there are embodiments of your past, of your pains and your wonder. These embodiments confront you, and in meeting them you are transformed. The great myths of the past tell us of these meetings. They describe some of the adventures. But your journey is nevertheless unique.

Wild animals are intelligent in that they have survived for millions of years. But their intelligence is not intellectual. They do not analyse the situation, they respond to it. Your dreams are a part of the wildness, or of the spontaneous side of your nature. You can certainly think about and analyse your dreams, but to get a fuller communication you may need to learn to respond to them with your feelings and your body.

If you have kept an animal such as a dog or a horse, or lived with a cat, you will know that they communicate with you not through words but through the way they move, their quietness or their excitement, the posture and the way they relate to you. If you understand this, and begin to look at your dreams in the same way, the communication can begin quickly.

It was seen from research that there are at least two ways of ‘thinking’. One way is to think with words and rational connection between associated ideas. This is the usual waking form of thought. Underlying this is thinking in images and linked similarities – what Tauber and Green called ‘pre-logical thinking’.

This may be the way our ancient ancestors thought – not in words but in streaming fantasy or pictures that linked with feelings and past experience. It is exactly this world of linked imagery, associations and emotions we enter in dreams. It is a problem that exists for us if we want to understand our dreams and extract the gold nuggets from them is that we usually attempt to understand this world of ‘pre-logical’ experience with our ‘logical’ thinking. We ‘think’ about our dream and attempt to interpret it according to our rules of logical thought. This is like trying to understand what it would be like to bathe in the sea by thinking about it when you had never before been in water. Thinking will not come up with the answer. You need to learn to swim. Thinking will not come up with the answer.

Also you cannot think about a dream and truly enter its enormous energy and space. Perhaps this is understandable only if you have used snorkeling equipment to swim in deep water. Some years ago I was swimming along the edge of an island in the Mediterranean. I had my goggles on and was enjoying the view of the seabed about 15 feet below me. Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, I swam over the edge of a sheer precipice under the water. I could not see the bottom of that precipice, and the water was very clear. It literally took my breath away and I scrambled back to shallower water. Then, only bit by bit, did I dare to swim out into that amazing depth.

That is what one feels first time you realise just how vast you are, so you need to prepare in order to go beneath the surface of your conscious mind.

My aim here is to show you how to move through and use the different aspects of YOU – your emotions need to be alive and responsive; your mind need to be open to the new, the VERY new that your dreams present you with; also the dimensions of you. So I am listing some exercises for you to try – use them until they work for you.

The first thing is to see if you can ‘work’ your energy and emotions. If they are locked you cannot ‘click’ on your dreams. Click on the title below.

1) Breathe Meditation

If you managed that the next exercise is to get you ready to receive the impressions to move and express spontaneously that exploring your dreams will release in you. See It is important the 2 wills

2) Arm Circling Meditation

If you have got this far with the exercises you should be ready to actually explore your dream. So try the following method or others listed.

3) Being the Person or Thing

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