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To some extent an aunt is a role model. We gather from their success or failure strategies for our own life. Whatever feelings we have about them, whatever we think of them, the dream will use this to illustrate something for you. So consider how you would describe your aunt, what sort of person she is, and how you feel about her. The dream will be using her image to illustrate the role you see her in. If she is a success, ask yourself what in yourself you are facing regarding success. If you feel she is a failure, ask yourself what of your own feelings about failure you are facing.

If she is dead and appears in your dream it can mean that she is still very active in your life as feelings and ideas.

If you are sexually attracted to her it also indicates that you see in her something you want in your life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my relationship with and feelings about this aunt, and how does that relate to my life now?

What is the central theme of this dream, and what does that indicate as the feature to consider? Is this really about my mother?

What is happening with you and your aunt?

Is she ignoring you, attracted to you or giving advice? See Characters in Dreams.

What do you feel about your aunt. See Dreams Your Magic Mirror.
Try using Talking As.



-raj 2014-07-13 17:29:04

Dreaming of having sex and marrying aunt. what does that mean


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