An expression of the level of your being or mind that extends beyond the narrow confines of your sensory perceptions or intellectual understanding. We know now that our eyesight is only aware of a tiny part of the spectrum of light, our hearing only aware of a small amount that dogs and bats can hear, and the radiations from our brain also are unknown to us except if we use special equipment. And all of those radiations are seen as an aura reaching out from our body and can sometimes be seen as colours or what we call an aura.

I know many people say there is no such thing as an aura. But now people are often shown wearing night or infrared glasses. These enable our poor eyesight to extend its range slightly, so the can see the aura of heat that surrounds living bodies.

Another explanation is that people who have a very intense experience of illumination or enlightenment sometimes are seen with an aura.

Sometimes we touch a concept or feeling that has massive connections, so vast they begin to build up beyond usual levels of realisation or sensing. We might call it a mega-concept, which goes on building and generating realisations we have never had before – that is, we have never made those connections before. When your mind is functioning in that way you become a different type of human being, an individual, but connected much more fully with your inner and outer reality.

So an aura around an object, person or animal depicts this function, i.e. that in the dream you are aware of more than you usually are, or more of your potential is being expressed. As such the aura show how much of your potential is shining out of you. The first example below illustrates this. See: archetype of the self.

The aura in dreams is also often associated with death, or the spirit of the person whose aura is seen – spirit being here used in the same way as ‘she had a fighting spirit’. Therefore it might suggest we are aware of wondrous or awful qualities of soul of the person or ourselves. It can also suggest power of some sort – internal energy.

Seeing an aura can link with intuitions or feelings you have about the person you see it around. Occasionally the aura indicates a health problem. In such cases the dream would include some feeling or realisation that the colours or marks in the aura showed an illness or upset in the system.

Example: I was following a woman up a hill. As I did this I experienced a very wonderful feeling. It felt as if light were beginning to shine out of me as if I had a glowing aura. When we reached the top of the hill we were arms about each other, and I had the glorious sense of being wholly myself – wholly a man. I sensed that I had reached a new level of manhood by more fully accepting myself, by more fully giving and allowing more of myself to be available to others. It felt to me as if manhood is a glory, a shining out of life itself through a particular person.

Example: When we came to my sister, I had the feeling she was ill. I can’t fathom why, but I was just about to ask him to look after her, when he stretched out his right hand and gently stroked her cheek. He said to her, “You’re dead aren’t you?” I was absolutely stunned and it was then that I was aware of how cold and white he was. I realised then that he was dead, and so he could see she was dying – due to some aura as her spirit was leaving her body. He then disappeared, and I was frantic trying to find him, to ask him how long before she would die. I was crying and almost hysterical to find him, and that is how I awoke. L. W.

Example I had a dream that I was talking to about 5 or 6 people and I was reading each person’s aura. Suddenly one of them came to me and asked if I could I tell him the colour of his aura. All at once I heard celestial songs and his aura was all white. I awoke feeling like the person had been Jesus. As a result of this dream, I had a pain in my head for several days afterward. ARE dream.

The last example is interesting because the woman dreamer begins to experience something beyond her usual awareness. The pain in the head is a common result of this as parts of the brain that were dormant or inactive begin to operate or develop.

Example: ‘I walked past a married couple who were walking up the hill too. As I passed I heard them say something about a shepherd. Looking up the hill I saw the sheep, then The Shepherd. A beautiful aura of many colours surrounded The Shepherd. I looked and felt joy and exuberance rise in me, and I ran to the couple saying it was THE SHEPHERD.’ Brian C.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I feeling or realising about the aura?

Does this extend my awareness of something or someone?

If I imagine myself as that aura what do I feel?

See Altered State of ConsciousnessDreams are Virtual RealitiesEnlightenment.


-Cody 2017-11-05 16:27:20

I had a dream were I was with my brother and I was electrocuted and the electricity stayed in my body but it was like a numb throbbing feeling and this rainbow aura surrounded my body and i showed my brother then I stepped out of my body to see it but I was sucked back in to my body and I woke up

-Lizzy 2017-04-23 13:41:36

I had an aura dream last night. It started off, I was with my friend and we were out doing something (not sure what) we came up to someone she knew and this person was a practicing psychic. she was just sitting at a table with​ cards in front of her. She was getting ready to read someone’s cards. As soon as she started I saw green and yellow glow from get face. I gasp but said nothing yet. The night went on and I ran into her again later with my friend. I was telling my friend her Ora was yellow and pinkish when she over heard me and asked how long I could do this. I said never before I saw you. But I could only see Ora when the concentrated on projecting it. I told her that so she did but this time she projected Yello green and a slight red color.
Long story short, I have always felt I could read people but this dream felt very real what do you think it ment?

-Shania 2016-07-14 17:56:05

I had a dream about Auras last night and it was weird. Like I don’t remember much of it, all I know is it was in 3rd person. I was looking at myself and my boyfriend. It was about my boyfriend being able to see auras and me telling him that he had an amazing gift. I saw the auras of myself and my boyfriend. Mine was yellow and his was green. What does it mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-16 10:43:15

    Dear Shania – In dreams, your sense of self – your ego, your personality or identity – is depicted by your own body, or sometimes simply by the sense of your own existence as an observer. In most dreams our ‘I’ goes through a series of experiences just as we do in waking life, seeing things through our physical eyes, touching with our hands, and so on.
    But occasionally we watch our own body and other people as if from a detached point of bodiless awareness and this is what happens in your dream.
    Your dream may reflect that if you do not identify with your body that your awareness reaches beyond what you see with your physical eyes.
    Perhaps you find it difficult to accept that this potential is yours (too), reason why you ascribe it in your dream to your boyfriend, although you see the auras too?
    To understand the meaning of the colours of the auras in your dream, you could try exploring the symbols in your dream;
    See also and
    Anna 🙂

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