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Quite a few dreams show someone, or yourself, hung by the neck. There are many possible things this might indicate. For one thing it definitely links with death or the possibility of death. Such a death might be the result of self sacrifice, as show in the Tarot card of the hanged man, or it might be as the result of social action – a cause and effect of things done; a punishment because of feelings of guilt.

However, many hangings are due to suicide, and so might in a dream reflect depression, loss of any pleasure in life, a retreat from pain, or feelings of hopelessness or guilt.

Anything that hangs depends upon the thing it is hanging by, or from. So hanging in a dream shows a state of depending for support on one thing, as shown in the dream.

It also shows dependence, fear of falling or lacking support. Or it may be you have found something to hang onto that actually supports you in an otherwise difficult situation. It is then helpful to define what it is in your waking life that is giving such support.  

A person who is hanged: Awful repression of self expression, to the point of feeling dead or depressed. See: Neck.

In some dreams however, there is a different sense of the hanging. It suggests not a death but an almost complete suppression of the life in one. A strangulation of the flow of pleasure and creativity that would otherwise stream through one. In such a case the rope needs to be removed and a new way of relating to oneself developed. See Exploring Dreams Techniques to use and Secrets of Power Dreaming

One can be ‘hung up on guilt’, or things are hung on something. In which case see Plot of the Dream or Processing Dreams 

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I see someone hanging by the neck or is it me?

Do I often depressed or unable to express myself adequately?

Is there someone or something that gives you support?

If you are dreaming of suicide explore the dream to find answers?

See Techniques for Exploring your DreamsThe power of HabitsAvoid Being Victims




-Mayura 2017-05-09 0:09:11

I had a dream that there was a whole bunch of people hanging themselves in a forest and I was with my friends. We were looking at the notes left behind by these people. Idk what this mean but I’m curious.


-Leala Sullivan 2017-05-18 7:03:54

Hiya I had a dream that is very confussing. My partner was commenting that be thought some body was messing around with his work tools. I joked and said it’s probably just some one saying hello. There was a box of toys by the kitchen door and the toys started being thrown around by what I assume is a ghost. I tell my partner to open the kitchen door in hope it stops. As he opens the door there is a shadow figure from the lampshade on the ceiling of some one hanging. In real life my partners brother commuted suicide in this way so I think its some sick trick. Im screaming shut the door to my partner.. He does not.. I turn around and my partner is in the air choking. There is nothing visable holding him up. At that point I instantly wake up. Any explanation on this dream would be great


-Katherine 2017-05-21 7:02:38

I had a dream also, wherein 5 people hang themselves up in a field behind a very old Catholic Church. They didn’t left any suicide notes but because they did it because the school they were going in to (they are students) doesn’t give them scholarships or whatsoever. Please help me, I am bothered by it. What should I do. I am not suicidal either


-Nathan 2017-05-28 11:31:01

So I had a really messed up dream where I was in a tall white room and I noticed blood dripping from above and I look up and someone has shot themselves and hung themselves at the same time and there was blood everywhere, is something wrong with me?


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