Hunter Hunted Huntress

The aspect of oneself which is either killing out our ‘animal’, or gaining sustenance from it; the urge to get away from everyday responsibility; our bread winning qualities. Being hunted can represent feelings of being a passive helpless creature, or being criticised or attacked unreasonably.

Hunting and learning the skills of hunting can take many forms. Remember that hunting includes survival skills. Just as a fox cub ‘learns’ how to hunt from its parents without words, so we absorb the deeply etched negative and positive survival or ‘hunting’ strategies of our parents simply by being around them. They never need to talk about it because usually the parents are unaware of it themselves. If genes come into it anywhere, they perhaps create the reflex response that instinctively draws in the survival tactics that perhaps even our parents themselves have never really been aware they live by.

In doing this the higher animals learn what cannot be passed on as instinct, what is not ‘hard wired’ into them. This holds in it a tremendous advantage because ‘hard wiring’ takes a long time. Through this faster method we learn what to be afraid of, what to eat, how to hunt, because the lessons learned by pain through many generations are exhibited in our parents behaviour in dealing with events. This is the information we may obtain through dreaming of our ancestors. Unfortunately there are many people who never had these skills, and unfortunately what passed on to them was all the negatives. See Passing on SkillsThe Conjuring Trick

 Example: I learned a lesson while hunting as a young man. For hours I had walked through woodland looking for a quarry but without sign of a single creature. Tiring I stood against a tree eating a sandwich. Slowly and magically the forest came to life around me, creatures walking and flying nearby unafraid while I remained quiet.

Example: I dreamt I was a primitive hunter in a forest. In a tree I watched the game come along certain trails, going toward water. In this way I learned to hunt to feed my family and tribe. But when I killed I gave praise to the animal and also to the hunter who would eventually hunt for me. For death is the mighty hunter who claims us all, and if we have not honoured those we hunt and kill, we will not be honoured as we are taken.

KillWhenHungryIt says, the law of the jungle says only kill when hungry – or like fox in a chicken house, when storing food for a hard winter.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it I really hunger for?

Did I satisfy my hunger in the dream?

What lessons did I learn from my parents about ‘hunting’?

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