Hug Hugging

A direct expression of warmth and the beginning of intimacy, or acting it out for social reasons.

It is also an expression of enormous recognition of the other person, a meeting that can take many forms – sexual, a feeling of being family and connected, a sense of knowing the person in a deep way, a sharing of past pain and struggle, a cry to be held and given security.

Example: He came over to me and peeked in. I was a little embarrassed because my butt was showing. I got up and he wanted to hug me. That was O.K. He suggested we go to his hotel room to make love. I said, “No, I don’t want to,” because I wanted him to care for me, or be caring and then the sex would be good. He looks like, “Uh, oh. She wants to get married.” and I said, “No, it doesn’t mean we’ll be together forever, just that when we’re together, I want to feel close, cared for.”

Example: ‘I had very little pubic hair and thought it must be because I had just had a shower, but, no, on looking again I had very little hair. I was hugging Mary, a friend, my arms around her back and one hand holding her vagina. It was then I noticed she was the shape of a man there. I drew away for a second at the discovery then felt OK as it meant I was hugging a male/female person. We were very warm together. Two days before this dream my husband had said his mother called a vagina a MARY.’ Lucy R.

Example: We need to remember there is a strong connection between sex, creativity, and spirituality. All of these stem from the same centre-the difference lies in the direction of our will. Often a strong sex desire stems from an inner urge to merge with God, to become more spiritual, or to reach for a higher state of consciousness, but we fail to recognise this as the source.

Example: Our baby was there in the basement. I went to see to him, to see if he were okay, and as I did so he looked at me and we both recognised that we had known each other in a past life, and we hugged each other with much love, and it was as if he were a man with a very large face, and I clung to him with love.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did the hug mean to you?

Did I feel anything, emotion, while hugged?

What did I communicate, or was communicated in the hug?

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-Fatima 2018-01-04 15:50:37

Hi, in my dream, I was opening my home’s door and I saw a friend in front of the door. He is a special friend but he doesnt know much about my feelings and I am not sure about his feelings either. Anyway, I hug him with a deep love and affection. he hugs me back with the same feelings. I was looking nice at that time, I mean,my hair was a mess and I was wearing pyjamas. But he seemed he didnt care. I asked him are you leaving? He says yes, I am leaving the country to go my home country and I ask why, he says I need to see my mom. and he says hug me then we hug each other again. Iwas a very effective dream, I thought about this dream all the day long. Thank you…

-Zuzanna 2017-07-30 9:27:34

Can this meaning of a dream be explained, pls?
I broke with my bf several times but we got together again in the past. Now we are apart for longer, he left cause couldnt face the pain of reminded wounds I repeatedly, not voluntarily ,exposed on him. I still love him dearly despite all ….. The dream: I saw myself on the bottom of a shallow water/lake probably/ hugging him from behind.being covered by mud lying on my back.After I saw myself on him, he was hugging me from behind but I was concerned and telling him that sprinkle of mud can cover his body. We were all naked but the dream was completely without a sexual undertone…thank you. K

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