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Leg Legs

This points to the things that support you in life. Your support may depend upon parents, job, money, religion, friends, your own confidence. Sometimes an event occurs, or we receive news, that knocks away our support or self confidence, and dreams represent this by a problem or injury to your legs. Legs can also depict the ability to get about in life. Ambition for instance, may give us drive and confidence to stand up do something in life. If your business fails though, ambition may crumble, represented by your legs being kicked away from you. See: Left; Right.

Dreaming about your leg or legs usually connects in some way with what motivates you, the emotional and physical strength you use to get about in life. To have one’s legs knocked out from under one means loss of confidence and ability to carry on with life.

Although you may depend upon someone like partner or parent for support, or on work or position for self value, ultimately the legs represent your own emotional or conceptual support system. So in your dream about leg or legs you may be considering what state your own confidence, your own self value is in. When trying to understand legs in your dream See: lame.

In some dreams legs are shown as having the qualities of roots, and bringing strength from the earth. This shows you drawing on deep reserves of your strength and wisdom from your connection with the Earth’s processes and chain of life.

Example: ‘My Mother asked me to go and buy some butter for her. A chain on my left leg prevented me from going very far. I look down the road and see my Mum, Dad and my four brothers in the back of a car. I wave and call and they drive right past me, going over the chain I am wearing on my leg.’ Lorraine. LBC

Example: I was in a very loving relationship in which I had developed powerful emotional links with D. We communicated many times each day while apart at work, etc. But one day there was no communication. I felt tremendous anxiety and emotional pain and shock, really frightened that she had dropped me. In fact she hadn’t, but my fears were very real and difficult to deal with. A real shock.

Having no legs: This shows a serious lack of confidence or the inability, perhaps sometimes, to stand up for yourself.

Injured leg or legs: Feeling insecure or unable to stand up for yourself, or to be independent.

One leg shorter than another: This links with whether you are right or left handed. If you are right handed, then the right leg represents your outward activities, and your left represents your feelings and attitudes – possibly vice versa if you are left handed. So a short left leg would suggest you lack confidence, therefore your outer activities are not fully supported. If it is a short right leg, then you have not developed enough skill or strength to be outwardly as effective as you are capable of.

Putting hand on leg: An approach to sex, or a warm friendly sign.

Smooth or hairy legs: Smooth legs show a more feminine strength, hairy a more masculine.

Trying to run but legs will not respond: This may simply be because while dreaming all your voluntary muscles are paralyzed so do not respond to you attempts to move. Or you feel as if you do not have the ability to do what you are asking of yourself.

Another reason might be because you are trying to go in a direction you feel anxiety about, or have no desire for. See: paralysis while asleep. 

Idioms: a leg up; cost an arm and a leg; felt like I had a ball and chain on my legs; I couldn’t stand up for myself; last legs; leg over; leg work; legless; didn’t have a leg to stand on; my legs went to jelly; my legs were paralysed; on his last legs; pull your leg; tail between his legs.


Useful Questions and Hints:


Are my dream legs/confidence shown to be healthy, or do I need to work on them?


Am I ‘standing up’ well, or do I need to work on my confidence?


Where are my legs taking me in the dream, and how do I relate to this while awake?


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-courtney 2014-02-12 20:06:22

I had a very interesting dream the other night and would love some additional help in deciphering its meaning:

I have lost both of my legs from the knees down and am wearing prosthetics, however they do not impede me in any way what so ever and I am not upset that I have lost my legs. I am at school which is also a hospital and I’m doing rehab/physical therapy and participating in my classes (I was a kinesiology major so many of my classes were active) I’m lifting weights, doing squats and lunges, and am surprised that I am able to do all this just as well as when I had legs and begin to wonder if I would be able to run just as well as when I had legs. My last class/rehab session is on the top floor (which looks more like a stairwell to the top floor) and I am required to take off my prosthetic limbs for the class. No one else is up there and it is creepy, there are florescent lights and white walls . I become afraid and feel as if someone is following me so I grab my prosthetics and try to put them on very quickly but am unable to so I hold onto them and scoot along the floor and try to get out the door to the stairwell and lock it behind me so that who ever it is can not follow. Even thought I am afraid and am trying to get away I am not in danger and don’t feel justified calling for help. Then I realize the person who I thought was trying to get me is someone I used to work with and consider a friend and I feel embarrassed as I try to make an excuse about why I was going to lock her upstairs.


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