The difficulty, or lack of confidence or strength you might face in making your way through the events of life. It can represent any impediment in your being that makes going difficult. Lameness can also represent uncertainty about how or where you ‘stand’ in life.

Lameness if often associated with the ‘wounded healer’ the one who in finding their own wholeness receives a wound that does not heal , and may cause them to be lame in one leg. See Archetype of the search for self

The symbolism of Jesus healing the lame man, Math. 11:5 is the power of wholeness healing the difficulty. The contact with our own wholeness enables us to face life with the energy and capacity each event demands instead of being ‘lame’ in the way we face people and opportunity.

Left leg: Weakness in the feelings and ideas out of which we gain support.

Right leg: Weakness in dealing with our external activities.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel an obstacle will hinder me from achieving?

Have I been wounded in myself in some way?

How have I dealt with the lameness?

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