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Your mouth is a fundamental part of life. It takes things in such as food, pleasure or even pain. Basically the mouth is a pleasure area, but it is also the way you express pleasure or pain, as with smiling or grimacing. So the mouth is a way you communicate as well as satisfy yourself or gain your needs.  As an organ of expression the mouth can also give thanks for life and utters beauty in words or sounds. This is a way you can uplift the dark things in you and transform them. See Using the Voice

Sometimes speaking can be likened to shooting things out of the mouth, projecting them to or firing them at other people angrily. But the mouth can also be receptive as when we take things into our mouth pleasurably.

As we eat with our mouth, it can indicate what you take into you, or what you expel or need to get out of you, as in the following example.

Example: I go into a bathroom and begin pulling weeds from my mouth. Weeds, weeds and more weeds come out from my mouth – come from deep down inside of me. I am still pulling them out when I leave the bathroom and someone, a woman walking behind me, helps me to pull some weeds that are trailing from my mouth behind me.

Pulling stuff out of the mouth, such as hair,  is a common dream, and most likely expresses the feeling of discomfort we feel if something foreign is in our mouth or throat. It shows the feeling of urgently trying to rid yourself of something that is unpleasant – perhaps feelings you have taken in, or things we have said or done that leave a nasty taste in ones mouth. Perhaps thee is something you are not admitting to yourself. Or it can represent the lies and untrue stories we have been fed as a child.

A dream of our mouth being buttoned – button your lip – or sewed up, could suggest that inwardly you regret having said certain things, or need to hold your tongue. Or perhaps you have been made to hold back your feelings as a child, so have had to sew up your mouth – figuratively. But speech is a lot more than noise or emotional expression; more even than utterance of thoughts. It is the giving form or clarity to what was previously unseen or unknown. Through the mouth we can pour love and praise to others.

Sometimes the mouth may represent your house and the teeth the inhabitants or your family or other inhabitants. So the dream of losing a tooth thus logically becomes a symbol that a person in this household is dead, or that one wishes him dead.

Chewing: Considering something; mulling over something; trying something out – getting a taste of it so to speak.

Mouth fixed closed: Inability to express something, or a decision not to express something you hold inside. Sometimes a feeling of being inadequate socially, or that you do not have the power to get people to hear you. As in the example below, not having people understand what your difficulty is.

Example: I am in a situation which is different every time, but always includes different people in a conversation. Suddenly I can’t talk. It’s as if my mouth is sewed together on the outside. I make muffled noises, straining my muscles to open my mouth. I think that if I pull hard enough the stitches will tear, but they never do. It seems to me that even my muffles are loud enough to be heard as a scream, but no one I’m with seems to notice. They smile and carry on as usual. By this time I feel so desperate I usually wake up in a terrible state.

Pulling something out of mouth: Trying to clear emotions or attitudes not properly expressed. Perhaps one is not admitting something. Try Arm Circling Meditation but allow any sounds that you feel a need to express.

Teeth coming out of mouth: See: teeth; Chew.

The mouth can also give birth: People often dream of giving birth from the mouth. The shape of the mouth is similar in some ways, and can also discharge things. This usually happens when the person has something important they want to say, and is a way of allowing lifein us to give thanks and birth to something new. See birth

Idioms: a bad taste in my mouth; all mouth; a big mouth; butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth; down in the mouth; hand to mouth; horses mouth; loud mouth; mouth watering; nasty taste in the mouth; put your foot in your mouth; put your money where your mouth is; shoot your mouth off; shut your mouth; silver spoon in mouth; word of mouth.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is happening to the mouth and in what way might that link with everyday experiences or feelings?

If I remember how I felt in the dream, when has that feeling occurred in my waking life?

Do any of the above descriptions link with what is happening in the dream – if so what are they describing about my life?

See Being the Person or ThingDigestionSelf HelpLetting things Happen - mouth the function  of




-Elena 2014-06-03 12:07:06

My fiancé dreamt we were at a hospital and came upon a man under sheets on a gurney, but was moving. My fiancé uncovers him to find the man’s mouth sewn shut but trying to speak. He couldn’t be understood.


-Kay 2014-08-04 14:21:15

I was seeing someone that I just recently broke up with on the side of my s.o. I dreamt last night I told the s.o. all about him. He asked if I loved him and I said no, and my s.o. said, that’s ok then. We were on a picnic table by a huge sign in a town. Then the scene changed to me having a grandmother of another race. She told me she was 81 but was actually 101. We were running (and she was far, far ahead of me, almost to the pint I couldn’t catch up) and I had my child with me (he is now 18, but in my dream very young) She was running through different parts of town and took a shortcut through a church. We then made it to her apartment which she said “There are no photos of you or your side of the family but you have to leave, your ride is here and waiting.” I left but with her dog, ferret, and other animals. When we got to our destination, it was a farm and the ferret got loose and I had to capture it. I did, then started to spit out metal shavings from my mouth ok. I woke up sweating and scarred.


-Tuley 2014-11-06 7:30:41

i have had this dream that I have a big bunch of hair down my throat and I’m trying to pull all this hair out but it just keeps coming and coming. Like I’m trying to rid myself of something. :( I feel very distressed afterwards. I’ve been having difficulty with intimacy or being intimate . I wonder if this has anything to do with the dreAm ?


-carolyn manson 2015-01-14 13:33:31

I keep having this dream I have no clue where I am but I know I’m over a sink!! And for some reason I keep pulling metal pieces out of my mouth,sometimes they are large pieces other times they are small and a bunch! I hate this dream as much as I do when I have the one where when I talk my teeth fall out!! Yes I have been through a lot..as a child a teenager and an adult,please if you can tell me what this could mean?


    -manda 2015-02-18 13:29:00

    I just had the same dream and also want to know what it meant. If u get an interprwtation please let me know thank u.


      -Tony Crisp 2015-02-19 13:50:43

      Manda – I can’t find any trace of your dream.



-ake 2015-02-10 18:43:55

I was walking around inside a high school and i kept throwing up but it wouldn’t come out then I will try to pull some out but my mouth just kept getting full. As I walking around with that going on, people was giving me compliants like I was popular. Can someone tell me what this dream meant.


    -Anna 2015-02-22 13:27:39

    Ake :-)

    I think the dream shows that what you have learned in “the school of life” is not an expression of who you truly are.
    Please read

    So in order to be popular and to receive compliments, you were willing to deny your real feelings.
    It is a choice we have all made at certain stages of our lives and it is a choice we can undo as well and we can learn to be true to who we are.
    Please read

    Good Luck!

    Anna :-)


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