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In general the quality of your movements in dreams depicts your feeling or mental state, your confidence or lack of it, your ability to make changes – move easily – or difficulty in facing change – paralysed. The quality or lack of it that you express in your life; what you are creating or ‘giving off’ in everyday life. But movement is always an expression of who you are, of your potential to achieve, to make changes, to ‘get somewhere’. So look to your feelings in the dream to define what it is of yourself that is being expressed, what of your potential is flowing or being denied.

If it is an object moving, it suggests the thing has direction, life, or purpose of some kind. In this case you need to understand what your relationship with it is in the dream. It might also refer to it attracting your attention.

Agility: Coping well with your situation; adaptability; mental quickness.

Easy flowing movement: Self acceptance and thus easy expression of oneself; feeling in harmony with emotions and sexuality.

Getting stuck, unable to move: Often being held back by anxiety or fears, such as fear of failure. See postures and movementLife’s Little Secrets

Moving House: See House moving


-Christie 2015-10-09 13:57:20

I literally just had this dream, but it got interrupted by someone awakening me. I had a dream that my family was putting all of our stuff in my grandmothers apartment and there was no more space in the floor so we were walking over bags of stuff. I randomly saw my uncle and cousin and I said hi to them and kept getting stuff in. There was no more space to put more in the apartment, but I’m pretty sure I tried to get 3 carts in. Then supposedly the owner (or whoever said it) (I think someone living there said that the owner said to get that stuff inside.) But it didn’t fit put in pretty sure I tried and got one in. Then randomly there’s a closed staple in my mouth and I start moving it around. Then it opens up and one end gets stuck in the middle of my mouth on my bottom gum. I tried to take it out but I was in pain. I started freaking out and ran to tell one of my brothers and he was like wtf. Then about 10 minutes later of trying, the staple came out of my mouth and a small triangular piece of my gum. I started bleeding out and I told my brother yet again and he was like omg. I didn’t want to open my mouth but it was full of blood. I didn’t want my mom to know, but she found out 3 minutes later when I spit it out for the second time in front of her. Then she was like omg we have to bring you to the hospital now! When I looked in my mouth there was no more blood. And then after 30 seconds of waiting that’s when my mom woke me up. And right now it taste like blood was in my mouth earlier.

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