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Shoes in general suggest the situation you are in or a position in life. They can also indicate your character or chosen way of life through what type of shoe – a plain shoe, a fancy  expensive shoe, an impractical and painful shoe.

With the right shoes we can walk in places we could only manage with great difficulty barefoot, so they can show you the character traits, life skills and strategies you have developed to deal with rough life situations.

Example: I put on boots to go outside on the raft. There’s something out there. It’s a pet, but scary too. I realize (again), that I must wear foot coverings because of possible poison things I could step on, but they’ve been stolen along with my can opener and other survival, important items. I go out pretending my bare feet are covered. I look out over the water. It’s cold, deep, and dangerous. B.S.

In some dreams shoes point out what direction you are taking in your attitudes – i.e. formal dancing shoes in a discotheque would suggest outmoded approach, so the shoes can show a way of life.

Some shoes are worn by particular social groups, for instance D.M’s are a cult shoe, and so – for instance – can stand for young women who do not want to conform with previous female stereotypes.

Barefooted: Going through a rough patch in life if walking is difficult, or feeling unprepared to meet your present life situation. Letting go of the everyday duties and responsibilities, or feeling in contact with nature and your life situation if enjoying it. Feeling embarrassed about not being ‘properly’ dressed, or that you are not conforming.

You might also have taken shoes off to walk quietly so as not to be noticed. If this is so it suggests you are trying to fade into the background in some way.

Boots: If male boots, usually about ability to meet difficult life situations, but practical and maybe not fashionable. Also strength and being down to earth practical.

If female boots they often connect with feelings about looking good, attractive or sexy.

Sport boots as with football boots, indicate the skill to be part of a team or handle ‘the ball’ – the challenges of life – well. One can also be ‘given the boot’.

Boots can also be used as a weapon to kick with, so at times can be used in a dream to show fear of violence or desire to hurt.

Clogs: Something slowing you down or making you clumsy. Perhaps is a wordplay on being clogged physically or mentally.

High heels: Feeling less secure in your footing in life. Feeling in an uncomfortable life situation. Feeling, or wanting to feel sexually attractive.

Gym shoes/boots: Ability to be sure footed in what you are undertaking. Feeling comfortable in yourself. If they are being worn in a formal situation it suggests you might be taking a too nonconformist approach to something.

In female dream: In many women’s dreams shoes are shown as a fashion accessory – matching other clothes. So this links with an awareness or sensitivity about how you appear.

Jogging shoes: See: Gym shoes.

Large shoes: Taking an attitude or role you are not quite big enough a person to fill – or having an attitude you can grow into – depending on feelings in dream.

Losing shoes: Not being clear about the right attitude or approach to your situation, or situation shown in dream. It can also suggest losing, or losing sight of the skills or strength to manage what you face. For instance you might to feel at ease or confident meeting someone if you didn’t have any shoes on, and this type of dream points to exactly that type of feeling.

Example: I am not wearing anything on my feet. This really troubles me, as I see myself searching endlessly for my shoes. For example I am at school, although nobody is looking at me, I feel inwardly embarrassed without my shoes.  Debra

Low heels: Comfortable way of life or attitudes. Practical approach to a situation

New shoes: A new start, new direction or a new attitude or way of dealing with what you are meeting in life.

Odd shoes: Two different not compatible ways of dealing with a situation. Being ill equipped to do what you are confronting, or feeling clumsy or in conflict about something. Perhaps making use of old ways of dealing with life that do not ‘fit’ the present needs or the person you are now.

Old shoes: This is either about an outworn way of life, or one that is known, comfortable and really fits you – depending on the dream.

Sandals: Lack of formality or a relaxed way of dealing with life. It could suggest inappropriate attitudes in some dreams where they are not suitable for what you are walking over.

Shoes from different roles i.e. nurses shoes: May indicate our need for the qualities of that role.

Shoes not fitting: Trying to live with the wrong attitude or approach. An ill fitting situation in life or in a relationship. Something not right.

Shoes without anyone wearing them: This can suggest the presence of an unseen, lost or dead person. It can also indicate a way of life you have left behind – the person you were.

Slippers: Depends on how they appear – in a hospital scene, a home scene, as an expression of being helpless – Consider the feelings in the surrounding dream scenes to understand their meaning. Sometimes points to attitudes that are not functional or appropriate in the given life situation.

Sole of shoe: one’s inner feelings, or the way you meet the rough parts of life experience.

Someone else’s shoes: Trying out a different way of life, copying someone else’s style, or perhaps you feel impoverished in your own life style or direction.

Taking off or discarding shoes: Leaving the past or an old way of life behind; dropping a long established role; being open to change; relaxing as you emerge from a situation or attitude, as when you might kick off your shoes at a party or in a relationship. See: nude.

Tight shoes: An uncomfortable or painful life situation, or one that you do not have a large enough understanding of or attitudes to deal with.

Idioms: Be in someone else’s shoes; don’t criticise your brother until you walk a mile in his moccasins; if the shoe fits, wear it; fill his shoes; the shoe is on the other foot; shoes like boats;.

Useful questions:

What type of shoes are they – babies shoes, working shoes, dancing shoes – define them and this leads to what they are suggesting?

What is the quality of the shoes, and what does this suggest about the way I am dealing with life?

Do the shoes depict a particular role, such as business or soldier?

If these are old shoes, what phase of your life might they link with, or what do they show they have been through?

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-kuseme 2016-10-21 1:01:04

I just dreamt I was going for an appointment and my shoe and bag cut at the same time then I woke up.pls what does this mean?


    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-23 12:54:22

    You have not given enough information for me to understand your dream. Things to remember when writing to us with your dream:
    You have not given enough information for me to understand your dream. Things to remember when writing to us with your dream:
    · Write down anything that you think might have triggered the dream or links with it in some way.
    · What you associate/feel about any person, animal of object in the dream is immensely important. See Working with associations
    · Put in any insights you have about people or animals in your dream – it has to be the character of them as they appear in the dream.
    · Please let us know your age and gender.
    · Describe any emotions expressed or indicated in the dream.


-Diamond 2016-10-27 23:36:12

I had two dreams back to back where I was getting out of my bed and as I’m getting out there are a lot of different sneakers in different sizes some being shoes I actually own and some being shoes of someone I know. They were all relatively new shoes not dingy but definitely worn already. Also in one dream I picked up some of the shoes to move thinking why would they put them in my room. What does this mean?


    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-31 8:33:12

    Diamond – I feel your dream is particularly about the life skills and strategies you have developed to deal with various life situations. It shows how you have developed, by wearing/learning, several life skills, some of which you learned from another person.

    When you think about a friend or a person you meet, you are only taking in your thoughts, impressions and feelings about them, your feelings and thoughts are not them. So many people do not realise that they have an inner person equally as powerful as the external person you know. You have taken in millions of bits of memory, lessons learnt, life experiences along with all the feelings or problems met by meeting or living with them, and they are what makes you the person you are. The memories and experience we gather unconsciously change us and are not lost. It is part of you and is symbolised in dreams as a person or event. Such an inner person can appear in dreams because you still carry the memories or impressions of them, and so they influenced what you hold within you.

    These are the many shoes you have.



-Chantal 2016-11-03 0:55:53

Please help me understand. I dreamt that my brother took me to meet my older cousin. The cousin buys me a pair of shoes, then dances with me. The shoes in the dream were a red/black leather medium heel Dakota’s. My older cousin is (in real life) very well off and doesn’t really stay in contact with me. And although the shoes were new in the dream, I really owned the exact pair when I first earned a salary – and I bought them for myself (was a small achievement for me at the time, to afford that shoe, that was trending at the time). That was 20 years ago. In the dream I wondered if it now suited the suit I was wearing – it did. My cousin was so excited and excited to see me.

I woke up with both my big toes very sore. The memory of owning those shoes is also a period when i was starting to gain momentum into my own independence. I consequently lost everything I ever owned (car, house, savings) in the last 3 years, because I wasn’t able to find a new job.


-ADELLE 2016-11-30 3:54:50

Hi, I had a dream that I lost my favorite pair of leopard print shoes (High Heels) in a big pond of water and asked my bf to help me find them.

What could this mean?


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