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Shoes in general suggest the situation you are in or a position in life. They can also indicate your character or chosen way of life through what type of shoe – a plain shoe, a fancy  expensive shoe, an impractical and painful shoe.

With the right shoes we can walk in places we could only manage with great difficulty barefoot, so they can show you the character traits, life skills and strategies you have developed to deal with rough life situations.

Example: I put on boots to go outside on the raft. There’s something out there. It’s a pet, but scary too. I realize (again), that I must wear foot coverings because of possible poison things I could step on, but they’ve been stolen along with my can opener and other survival, important items. I go out pretending my bare feet are covered. I look out over the water. It’s cold, deep, and dangerous. B.S.

In some dreams shoes point out what direction you are taking in your attitudes – i.e. formal dancing shoes in a discotheque would suggest outmoded approach, so the shoes can show a way of life.

Some shoes are worn by particular social groups, for instance D.M’s are a cult shoe, and so – for instance – can stand for young women who do not want to conform with previous female stereotypes.

Barefooted: Going through a rough patch in life if walking is difficult, or feeling unprepared to meet your present life situation. Letting go of the everyday duties and responsibilities, or feeling in contact with nature and your life situation if enjoying it. Feeling embarrassed about not being ‘properly’ dressed, or that you are not conforming.

You might also have taken shoes off to walk quietly so as not to be noticed. If this is so it suggests you are trying to fade into the background in some way.

Boots: If male boots, usually about ability to meet difficult life situations, but practical and maybe not fashionable. Also strength and being down to earth practical.

If female boots they often connect with feelings about looking good, attractive or sexy.

Sport boots as with football boots, indicate the skill to be part of a team or handle ‘the ball’ – the challenges of life – well. One can also be ‘given the boot’.

Boots can also be used as a weapon to kick with, so at times can be used in a dream to show fear of violence or desire to hurt.

Clogs: Something slowing you down or making you clumsy. Perhaps is a wordplay on being clogged physically or mentally.

High heels: Feeling less secure in your footing in life. Feeling in an uncomfortable life situation. Feeling, or wanting to feel sexually attractive.

Gym shoes/boots: Ability to be sure footed in what you are undertaking. Feeling comfortable in yourself. If they are being worn in a formal situation it suggests you might be taking a too nonconformist approach to something.

In female dream: In many women’s dreams shoes are shown as a fashion accessory – matching other clothes. So this links with an awareness or sensitivity about how you appear.

Jogging shoes: See: Gym shoes.

Large shoes: Taking an attitude or role you are not quite big enough a person to fill – or having an attitude you can grow into – depending on feelings in dream.

Losing shoes: Not being clear about the right attitude or approach to your situation, or situation shown in dream. It can also suggest losing, or losing sight of the skills or strength to manage what you face. For instance you might to feel at ease or confident meeting someone if you didn’t have any shoes on, and this type of dream points to exactly that type of feeling.

Example: I am not wearing anything on my feet. This really troubles me, as I see myself searching endlessly for my shoes. For example I am at school, although nobody is looking at me, I feel inwardly embarrassed without my shoes.  Debra

Low heels: Comfortable way of life or attitudes. Practical approach to a situation

New shoes: A new start, new direction or a new attitude or way of dealing with what you are meeting in life.

Odd shoes: Two different not compatible ways of dealing with a situation. Being ill equipped to do what you are confronting, or feeling clumsy or in conflict about something. Perhaps making use of old ways of dealing with life that do not ‘fit’ the present needs or the person you are now.

Old shoes: This is either about an outworn way of life, or one that is known, comfortable and really fits you – depending on the dream.

Sandals: Lack of formality or a relaxed way of dealing with life. It could suggest inappropriate attitudes in some dreams where they are not suitable for what you are walking over.

Shoes from different roles i.e. nurses shoes: May indicate our need for the qualities of that role.

Shoes not fitting: Trying to live with the wrong attitude or approach. An ill fitting situation in life or in a relationship. Something not right.

Shoes without anyone wearing them: This can suggest the presence of an unseen, lost or dead person. It can also indicate a way of life you have left behind – the person you were.

Slippers: Depends on how they appear – in a hospital scene, a home scene, as an expression of being helpless – Consider the feelings in the surrounding dream scenes to understand their meaning. Sometimes points to attitudes that are not functional or appropriate in the given life situation.

Sole of shoe: one’s inner feelings, or the way you meet the rough parts of life experience.

Someone else’s shoes: Trying out a different way of life, copying someone else’s style, or perhaps you feel impoverished in your own life style or direction.

Taking off or discarding shoes: Leaving the past or an old way of life behind; dropping a long established role; being open to change; relaxing as you emerge from a situation or attitude, as when you might kick off your shoes at a party or in a relationship. See: nude.

Tight shoes: An uncomfortable or painful life situation, or one that you do not have a large enough understanding of or attitudes to deal with.

Idioms: Be in someone else’s shoes; don’t criticise your brother until you walk a mile in his moccasins; if the shoe fits, wear it; fill his shoes; the shoe is on the other foot; shoes like boats;.

Useful questions:

What type of shoes are they – babies shoes, working shoes, dancing shoes – define them and this leads to what they are suggesting?

What is the quality of the shoes, and what does this suggest about the way I am dealing with life?

Do the shoes depict a particular role, such as business or soldier?

If these are old shoes, what phase of your life might they link with, or what do they show they have been through?

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-Anthony m. 2014-03-30 12:13:43

Jus had a dream that I went to my grandfathers cemetery with my brother and friends to play catch with a mini football. The people that worked theredidnt want us playing there so we went inside the funeral home. Before we entered they made us take off our shoes. Mind you, they already didnt like us for the fact that we we playing in the cemetery so they were rude to us and blaming us for things we have never done so we decided to leave. My brother and friends were in the car waiting for me so when I went to get my shoes the person working there threw my shoes away. I was so upset I called 911. The operator did not take me serious while I was trying to explain to her what happened. I hung up and went to the 2nd floor to fight these people I walked in on them having an orgy. My brother came and got me to leave and so on our way to the car they just saying stupid things about me. The dream continued when we got home but for me it really wasnt as important as the whole scene at the funeral.


-Judy 2014-05-02 18:22:39

Dreamed I bought black shoes that had pinwheels that spun around with a bug button in the middle. Cats were attracted to the shoes but when they came close the pinwheel would hurt them and they would run off. I found that funny. But when my cat approached and was badly hurt by my shoes I saw how bad they were and felt sorry. Took cat to vet who said cat would heal and be alright. Strange, vivid dream.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-04 12:56:27

    Judy – Well, I am uncertain about your dream, but it seems that you have an attitude that you are not aware of – the black shoes. This is like being a tease and it badly hurt your female sense of yourself. It can and will be healed as you allow the vet – you inner healing – to work on you. See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/



-Jennifer 2014-05-16 7:53:34

Hmm, have been in a very stressful time for the last 18 mos. I have a teenage son, with px, abusive towards me, is this r/t him or my old job 10 yrs ago? Interesting, thank you, Jen


-Twocents 2014-06-24 3:06:29

Please help me because I have no idea whatsoever- I dreamt last night there are many shoes in my childhood house, but a line of shoes are consisted of mine. There’s this old shoes that I recognized as the shoes my mom bought for an uncle’s wedding- when I was a child. This shoes though- it looks like a brand new shoes- the black color is gleanih as if it’s new. My mom said it won’t fit again, but I tried it anyway and surprise! It fits. My mom then offered to repair its soles, which when I looked actually it’s still good with various colors on it, but thin. So I said yes and then I look to the next shoes. This shoes I didnMt recognize at all, but in that dream I was convinced it was my shoes when I was even younger. This shoes a large bersion of baby shoes- blue in color and very very soft to the touch, I look up the labels and the brand- although I couldn’t remember it now but I remember thinking that this shoes were made of good material, soft, and from luxurious brand. Then I tried it and it fits snuggly to my feet.
I’m a female in my mid 20s… What fors this dream means? Especially since all of the interpretations I saw always put distinction between old shoes and new shoes… Well my dream was supposed to be about old shoes and yet they all seems beand new! Thanks.


-matt 2014-08-05 6:23:36

I dreamt I was leaving work and went to a club to join. I suddenly found I was wearing a bathrobe so I took it off and my shoes and put them in my bag, and found another pair of shoes to put on. Wandering around a shopping centre I kept finding more and more pairs of shoes, some too big, a pair of 2 left gym shoes, and others. Walking home I saw a bear trying to eat a dog that was dressed like a child, and suddenly found myself at my ex-partners place with a pair of gym shoes for the new partner, but my robe and own shoes were missing from my bag.


-Aditya Sundas 2014-11-03 17:15:30

My girlfriend in her dreams saw that she could not find her shoes and she was in her bridal dress . She has seen this many times . Please can we know what does it mean?


-E. L. 2014-12-09 21:40:05

I had a dream I was following my significant other’s friend through his house, and the whole floor, stairs, and upstairs were covered with a foot deep pile of brand new sneakers.


-Micnic 2014-12-17 3:30:21

I has a a dream that I found another woman pair of shoes in my husbands room and it was a size five but that room he was in was originally my dads room years ago in real life. So with finding another girl shoes in his room I found out he was cheating on me in the dream but he was denying it


-Micnic 2014-12-17 3:31:08

I has a a dream that I found another woman black pair of shoes in my husbands room and it was a size five but that room he was in was originally my dads room years ago in real life. So with finding another girl shoes in his room I found out he was cheating on me in the dream but he was denying it


-confused 2015-01-13 13:28:15

I had a dream that I was in a store with my husband. I was very distressed. There were sales ppl telling me I had to fill out paperwork and sign a contract that I would get cancer in a yr. My husband was taking my name off our joint accounts. I freaked out and he agreed to wait. I then had to get special cancer socks and shoes. The sales person kept trying to get me to pick a certain pair, but I refused. I was extremely upset I chose the ones I wanted. They were heeled clog like shoes. Not something I would normally wear. I wore them out of the store.


-Chelse 2015-09-05 13:54:39

I dreamt of searching endlessly for my shoes in the middle of the storm.


-Ney 2016-03-10 12:57:28

My dream is I’m at work. Then when I was leaving the office I saw my old shoes at my table and suddenly change my mind and wear it. The right one fits perfectly, but when I wear the left one it was difficult to put my foot inside but it fits also after that. Kindly help me understand my dream. Thanks


-Cari 2016-05-26 16:18:05

Question on interpretation
Not my shoes, low cut female boots, but the toes are open (a dress shoe)–they’re not mine. 1 has secrets, the other jewelry. Some people are playing a game (murder mystery dinner) & the shoes are the clues. After we know what the 1 boot is hiding we can finish the game with my two sappy sandal high heels. Any help? :/ I am confused. Thank you. And thank you for your explanation.


-Grace 2016-08-15 2:45:26

Hi. I dreamed of going down an old tall building where my companion took a difficult way down and I found an easier way going down where shoes were arranged as if supporting me not to fall as I go down. Me and my companion both reached the bottom but I came first because of the smooth passage down because the shoes. Please help me what the dream could mean. Thank you.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-08-17 12:32:59

    Dear Grace – Your dream suggests that it is up to you to choose how you want to approach and/or perceive a changing situation and leaving something behind – work, a relationship, a state of mind etc. – that does not work for you anymore.
    Your dream figure perceives the shoes that are arranged as supporting her to not fall down.
    Falling indicates a loss of confidence, a threat to usual sources of security such as relationship, source of money. Also falling can link with your social image such as loss of face or sustaining beliefs. It often involves tension, loss of social grace or moral failure.
    Perhaps you feel like exploring what kind of shoes are arranged and how becoming aware of them – these attitudes, character traits, life skills, strategies etc. – support your way down; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/self-observation/
    Anna :-)


-xena 2016-09-23 11:38:12

I dreamt that I was living with my mother-in-law, sister in law, evil people, and her 2 children, the dream was I had dressed for work, my husband was supposed to drive me to work, he went ahead of me, and then I am searching for my work shoes and couldn’t find them, so I in the dream I never got to meet up back with him, I don’t trust my inlaws, and he is not the husband material I had dreamt of having, ( Adulterous, deceitful etc) inlaws wicked evil people, so I am wondering if the dream is a message to me, meaning that their are messing with me, or he is going to walk out on me?


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