Dropping the facade, attitudes or feelings we may mask our real emotions with in everyday life – for instance a child may scream if someone it dislikes gets near it, but an adult will probably tolerate the nearness, or refrain from expressing displeasure; expressing things that are not usually accepted socially. Also a desire to be seen for what one is or expression of natural feelings or desire to be intimate. Revealing ones true nature.

Being nude in ones dreams expresses concern about being seen by others as having imperfections, or feeling ones imperfections exposed to view.

Nudity also may represent a change of identity, before starting the work of rebuilding. It can happen after the death of the old self. After separation or divorce, because of feelings of vulnerability and loss nudeness is dreams may appear.

In most dreams this is an expression of difficulty in revealing your real feelings – who you are. More particularly, it is a sense of how you assume others see you when you reveal what your real feelings are. This is particularly true of affection, love and sexuality. The nudity might be pleasurable in the dream though, as when you are sunbathing without clothes on. In this case it is an experience of dropping all the social attitudes, poses and disguises we sometimes need to wear to survive in relationship with other people.

If you are alone in the dream your nudity is more likely to be pleasurable, and a way of allowing yourself to know who you are beneath the social roles and rules. Occasionally the nudity with a doctor becomes a desire to be looked at intimately and touched – but of course it can also be a form of being treated like an object while feeling vulnerable.

Many nude dreams involve the urgent desire to cover ones nakedness. This is definitely dealing with feelings of shyness about your wonderful natural self. Try imagining yourself back in the dream and feeling at ease.

Anxiety about being nude: Fear that others know what you really feel and desire; revealing desires and acts that are considered socially unacceptable and therefore one feels guilty or shocked about being seen doing or feeling – such as being caught making love with the husband’s/wife’s best friend; feeling vulnerable and having ones weaknesses exposed; guilt about being a human animal with sexual characteristics and urges. See: clothes.

Example: I was with my wife who was sunbathing nude sitting in a deck chair. She wanted me to have sex with her but I declined. Instead I stuck my thumb in her vagina, but she said this didn’t satisfy her.

He was in fact being nude in front of the dream group he was exploring the dream with. He began to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and suddenly knew what the dream expressed. In a stumbling way, he told what he felt to the group, saying, “As I am telling this to you, I know what it says, and I feel embarrassed. It is saying that I am not really a man, and don’t know how to have a proper sexual relationship. This because, sex for me is a sort of thumb suck, a comforter, rather than a shared meeting and merging.”


Useful Questions and Hints:

Are you alone?

Is this with a doctor?

Are you trying to hide your nakedness?

What did you feel in the dream?

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