Shop Shopping

Often represents the possibilities in life, the decisions you can make, the variety of attitudes or activities you can choose from, or something you are searching for.

It can also involve decision making and wondering what you can afford.

Example: “The shop is the special place. When you were a child the shop was full of wonders. When you bring people to love, you bring them to special wonders in themselves. Love can expressed through the most ungracious activities. Everything in life can be a means of expressing it”.

Idioms: Shop around; set up shop; shut up shop; talk shop; closed shop.

See: charity shop; shopkeeper under roles.



-Cristina Briano 2016-11-20 18:05:00

I use the general web always to find meaning for the images in my dreams. When I ask for the symbolism of something, you will come up but when you don’t, I go to your website. In all of these many years, I have never been able to go to your website and find the meaning of the image. When I write the word, I get all kinds of other things, like Trauma and other topics, but never just the meaning, as you would a dictionary. How do I use it? I have never been able to figure it out.

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