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Suggests a change in yourself, or personal growth; becoming aware of something new, or some new aspect of yourself, one that you are not familiar with, and so seems strange or alien. For instance a change might be occurring in the way you relate to people or events.

Our mind has the ability to view our experience as a whole, rather than in parts. What we sense unconsciously in this way is presented to the conscious mind as images such as UFO’s or circles of light. Another way of explaining this is to realise that our conscious self is only a tiny part of the whole process of life active in us. There are amazing potentials in each of us that might only be glimpsed in stress situations. Occasionally this more powerful or bigger side of ourselves breaks through and is experienced as an alien, or great being. Because of the hallucinatory aspect of the dream process, and the fact that in dreaming we see exterior imagery as real, when this breaks through while we are awake, it is difficult to accept the source of it as our own unconscious. See: altered states of consciousness; space; spaceship.

The ball of light or fire: This is a common waking experience as well as dream image. It occurs when the person touches their sense of wholeness as described above. We see this mentioned in the description of Pentecost – the flame on top of the head – and may account for cases of people seeing flying saucers.

Example: ‘A flying saucer dropped a man on our lawn. He was seven feet tall and stood in a ring of light. The sky was vivid pink and a peculiar aeroplane flew over. It was the shape of a cross.’ Mrs A.

The circle, the light, the shape of the cross and the big man, are all symbols of the Self.



-Alex 2015-04-28 19:30:14

I have recently had a dream that I was hanging out with my old step brother and sister (whom I do not claim due to some personal reasons) but I looked outside and saw a big red circle in the sky, I think in the dream I believed it I be the moon but it was a bright red color and there were ufo lights coming from it and traveling a crossed the sky.


-Charles 2015-06-12 10:58:41

I had a dream last night i was flying a big plane but kept landing it on motorway and streets then their where car crashes and in the sky people trapped in the middle of small flying saucers like they were been abducted and surrounding them was a massive red cloud and then somehow i was out of the plane ushering people into the sewer I have never had a dream like this before it was like I was in a big budget movie


-Maryann 2015-10-07 6:25:01

I had a dream last night that i seen a white light in the sky which turned into a ufo then when i told my friend to look at it it quickly turned in to a hellicoptor and do u know when the hellicoptors propelores are going how they look like a ufo with the shape tbey make. It was a really weired dream and i dont know what it means ???


-Ebony 2015-10-18 14:34:40

On a regular basis i dream i work in other places with beings of all kinds. Ive done everything from rescue missions to all out wars to working with “special” children to having my blood taken to working in simulations that prepare me for actual events that have happened in my wake state(ie Sandy). A particular dream i experienced last night was seeing a huge ship crash and then people sinking underwater. But then under the water everything changed. Beings came out of all directions and took the people down even further. I witnessed the event through a glass window underwater. When I looked at the crashed ship underwater it was one of the crafts of the mothership. Then someone came and blocked my sight by pulling a black curtain closed. I attempted to sneak another peek but to my horror the crash victims were quickly being snatched into the watery darkness, fear on their faces. Last time a ship crashed i was zapped into a dark paralysis by a huge electromagnetic pulse that spread for miles. My relationship with light ships dimension ships etc…is so often that Im convinced they are real. I even know the name of the doctor who runs one of the programs…and when we’re called to see the doctor we have to go through a purifying process before the doctor meets with us. Its just all so multidimensional, I sometimes am mocked for my articulation of words ie…scan vs assumption. I dont forget to “come down” or “dumb down” i just like where I am any given span of time…and tend to live from that range of frequency. Can you touch on this type of being or guide me toward a resource? Thank you in advance.


-exodus 2016-04-10 14:14:37

I had a recurring dream where I saw a gigantic eclipse that turned out to be an alien invasion ship silhouetted by the sun with orbs floating around it


-cade 2016-04-13 17:49:52

2014-11-17 11:20:22
I used to have UFO and alien dreams quite a bit when i was a young kid. Some were mild(meaning not that memorable)and some wede so intensevthat they would wake me up. Not all of them were around the same concept. Some were just me sitting around alone or with a friend and seeing one in the sky, others i would see the being(s) and on occasion talk to them. What got to me the mostvwasvthe feeling i had expierienced during some of them. It was indescribable. There were some weeks as a kid where i would have ufo dreams every night. Somecof them feltcso real I could remember every detail. I have alot of crazy dreams unrelated to ufos that feel so real that sometimes i dont remember if it was a dream or not. I havent had any ufo dreams for quite sometime, but i had one today that brought back so many memories of the ones i had when i was a kid. I was in my grandmothers house, with a few members of my family, when i saw one just hovering outside above this huge tree she has in her front yard. I pointed it out to my cousin and felt a feeling of relief because i then had proof that they existed. It was a very bizzare looking spacecraft, not like any you could imagine. Then so many morevof the same model of craft began swarming the skies. I dont remember what happened next. But when i awoke from this, i felt that samevfeeling i used to when i was a kid. Like something is calling to me. Something from anothercworld or dimention. Id really likecto know what this means


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