Your means of exploring reaches of inner experience beyond the limited awareness given by the senses. Therefore might mean exploring ones inner resources through intuition, or opening new aspects of mental function or experience, such as happens in altered states of consciousness, or unusual mental functioning. See: Rocket.

Example: I dreamt one night that I was in a spaceship and I could more purses with my mind. It was so easy to move them as I had been practising.

When I woke up I decided to integrate the spaceship. In stepping into the image and being  the spaceship I took off and soared through space. I felt immensely free and uninhibited. I felt I had no body to confine me, and there was only infinite time.

See altered states of consciousness; ufo


-Luis 2014-12-24 20:13:41

I have a dream of spaceship war in the sky I was next to a building it was like a movie been made, a lot of people watch like amaze I wake up and I don’t want to forget this vivid dream . At a point in the dream I seen a spaceship come from a lake the water was glossy and dark like if that spaceship was in the lake hidden sorry for my bad spelling

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