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Although the wolf can depict a feeling that ‘things’ are out to get us, the wolf in our dream often depicts just our fear. Fear is one of our instinctive reactions to situations, so is shown by an animal. We may find ourselves a prisoner of such feelings, as Anna in the example below. The wolf, as is suggested by such fairy stories as Red Riding Hood, also represents the female fear of powerful male sexuality; repressed sexuality or anger; emotions and drives that frighten you. See Animals

Also whenever we dream its images are not like real life. Because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear. So all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

But the wolf also appears in our dreams as a master of life in the wild. It is a group animal and has tremendous loyalty and protectiveness to its family and group. As such it can depict your intuitive understanding of life on earth, the seasons of life and death, and the deep wisdom of group relations. In some dreams the wolf is a protective companion on your life journey – what in the past has been called a spirit guide or totem animal. This sort of wisdom tells us that aggressive urges are natural to us, but sometimes they can turn back on ourselves and injure our wellbeing. You might then even dream of killing the wolf or animal in you. But love can resurrect that vital animal life and consciousness within you and the world. The following dream and commentary illustrates this.

Example: I dreamt two great wolf like dogs were on a headland. They had to be killed for some reason. I shot them. They seemed to take a long time to die and I felt compassion for them. Now horses seemed to be lying with them. The death struggles became the horses – mares – struggles to give birth. I saw the vagina parted to show a head. Birth would follow. Nathan.

Nathan explored his dream and had the following intuitive response to it as if someone was explaining it to him:

“When you were trying to murder the lower animal forces in yourself they would not die, they only thresh about, trying to survive. Try bringing life to them. The bringing of love is represented by your desire not to have them suffer. Great love turns the destructiveness of the lower forces into creativeness. The gun was the destructiveness of the fears and angers in you turned against yourself. The love redeemed this power, directing it in a new way. Love enables new life to emerge. The new life promises strength where there was only fear. When you love yourself, you lift parts of your being into new life.”

EXAMPLE: “I was in a caravan in the middle of a field and in this field was a large black wolf. Every time I tried to run from the caravan to the edge of the field, the wolf chased me back, so I was a prisoner in the caravan. It all sounds so simple now, but at the time I was truly terrified.” Anna S.

This next example from Oliver, a boy of six, illustrates how such fears can be met with a little courage. It is a dream which recurred several times, so his description is of a series of dreams.

EXAMPLE: “I am in my bed in my own room and I hear what I know to be a wolf wearing the sort of clogs worn in Lancashire. When the wolf gets to a certain point, there is a bang, and I wake terrified. My Mother’s reassurances do not help. Each night he gets a bit nearer before my panicky awakening. The night came when I know he will reach me. Sure enough he arrives, and the bedroom door – in my dream – is flung wide open with a tremendous bang. There is no one there. I never dreamt it again.”

When something gets nearer to us in a dream, it means that it is moving nearer to consciousness. So Oliver’s wolf – or at least, what it represents, namely his response to his childhood fears – is becoming ever more conscious. This means he is facing his fear and thereby dealing with it. If he had run away or fought to keep the door closed, then it would have gone on haunting him.

The wolf can also be a protective and life-giving symbol as in the following dream. In the dream Cathy is demonstrating a loving and unified relationship with her natural or instinctive feelings.

Example: I dreamt about a white wolf. I know you won’t believe this but I actually feel like I touched its fur in my dreams. I was protecting it and it was protecting me, and it was so real I woke up looking on the floor next to my bed to see if it was there. Cathy

IDIOMS: Wolf at the door; wolf in sheep’s clothing; cry wolf; throw to the wolves; a wolf – meaning a man who lusts after women and pursues them like a predator.

Useful questions are:

Am I still dealing with anxiety with my dream wolf – if so how can I change this?

Do I relate to the wolf as an ally or an enemy?

Is my dream wolf showing a negative relationship with my fears and aggression?

Are you accepting the wolf as a protector and giver of wisdom?

See Programmed - Levels of the Brain - Being the Person or Thing



-Christine 2016-02-22 12:30:51

I posted my dream earlier about the wolf and the fox can anyone help me with this interpretation it is really bothering me


-Laurie washigton 2016-04-05 1:15:38

I dream that some was killing4a wolf and it got me upset can you explain.


-jon Ace 2016-04-09 8:24:01

I had a dream last night were I was walking up the hill with some friends, then we see a cave with 3-4 cubs from the top then there after their mother appear. She is white with greyish back. A cold, calm presence, she attacks my friends it all happens in an instance then she tries to attack me.

I do not seem to be hysteric with fear but total presence of mind…concerned about my friends and my neck, also thinking she must be angered due to ‘her mother nature’
So as I run away she keeps chasing me. I try to shut her out of the door, she keeps coming in. It seems I am not looking hurt her just avoid hurting both of us..
Eventually after few doors, we reach corridors what seems like a school, with kids…I tell everyone wolf is in the building lock the doors and I go in one of them. She still follows me..there after I see her through the window and she some how gets in through the locked doors.. once again she attacks..this time I wield chair…using its legs as barrier try to fend off the beast (not attacking) eventually I seem to have tamed the beast ..I see black cat supporting me underneath the chair or the chair may have had a cat spirit with its claws out!

So there after the Wolf is Tamed into what feels like cloth of its fur..I take it outside handling the cloth with care. There seem to be some reporters outside..I let the cloth go..It turns into wolf, once more and howls then runs away and looks back at me while running towards the wild, where there were other animals and I walk towards civilisation (building)


-Justin Haffa 2016-04-15 10:30:04

I was hoping you could help.. It was a two series dream.

I vaguely remember walking with my brother and sister when something called the muai tiger appeared. I couldn’t remember what happened. I believe I looked around for a weapon when he ran away. I got into the car and drove to someones house who apperantly we stayed with while they fixed our car. At the table my step mom said to my girlfriend she didnt like her and that she is lying and won’t stop lying. That she didn’t like her. That being said the man suddenly kicked us out of his house. I woke up a second and went back to Sleep.

I was working with my grandpa on our vending route, playing a phone app (fighting game) when I noticed the (muai tiger) became a new character to choose from.
when we entered a new store we saw our old friend sharrel. Suddenly they ran outside and I walked out to follow. A man just stole something and escaped through a vent. As I was walking to see, a blind wolf.. Maybe dog but pretty sure it was an old dirty wolf silvery but dirty. He circled us but I walked in front ready to fight the wolf to make sure I was attacked first. He lunged as I put my fist up for him to bite as I flexed my hand to harden it. Somehow we ended up onto the ground and I killed the wolf with a chokehold..
I somehow ended up into the truck not sure what just happened. I had asked my grandpa if what happened was real and he told me yes, I was just shocked and confused from what happened. Again I checked my app and then the silver wolf was a new character. Eventually I got home and my girlfriend was being mean so I told her I’d take her home cause it was over. I still felt weird since I had asked my grandpa what happened. Feeling kind of confused and unsure of what was really happening around me. I ended up spinning out onto someone’s lawn. I went into there house to give them my information, while they greeted me very friendly. We talked and eventually I just ended up staying there for a while and checked my app again to notice there was a -2 next to the name now.Not much more happened aside from more weird feelings and woke up.


-Jakeisha Mcclarin 2016-04-19 5:00:30

I had a dream I was pregnant and a wolf was lying over my belly. It was a warm feeling, I felt safe and loved. I just don’t get it!?


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-04-21 9:52:13

    Dear Jakeisha – I trust you have excluded the possibility of being pregnant in your waking life, because of your response “I just don’t get it!?”
    Being pregnant in your dream can reflect that a new area of your potential or personality is developing; a deepening relationship with your potential is producing a new area of experience, talent or facet of your personality. It is still unexpressed but is developing; a new scheme or creative idea ‘hatching’.
    This can point to the development of a new approach to life, a new project you are creating, a new outlet of expression, or new faculty.
    You have found a way to feel warm, safe and loved with your inner growth; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/growth-of-something/
    To “get it” you could use http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson for your dream figure and for the wolf in your dream.
    Your dream wolf is a protective companion on your life journey towards inner growth; what in the past has been called a spirit guide or totem animal.
    Lucky you!!
    Anna :-)


-Nichole 2016-04-21 0:28:33

I had a dream a pack of wolves were chasing my son and myself. I was able to hand my son over to my husband before the wolves made it for me. They finally got close to me and I fell down into the fetal position. Each one of them got close to my face and out their noses in my cheek. The last wolf kept his nose in me for a long time, it was cold and wet. Then they all say in a circle around me to protect me. But I don’t know why and from what.. Then I woke up


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-04-25 10:36:25

    Dear Nichole – Being chased in a dream usually denotes that you are feeling something you fear more intensely and are trying to avoid confronting it.
    Your son in your dream could reflect a part of you that has potential to grow when you feel strong enough to face your fears.
    Regression to the fetal state seems to help you going back to a time when you felt safer and where the stresses – the fearful feelings – in question were not known yet.
    What do you feel when the wolves put their noses in your cheek and when you feel protected by them? See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    When someone has suffered extreme physical or psychological trauma (including massive stress) he or she may also take the fetal position.
    This position provides better protection to the brain and vital organs than simply lying spread out on the ground, so it is clear as to why it is an instinctual reaction to extreme stress or trauma when the brain is no longer able to cope with the surrounding environment, and in essence “shuts down” temporarily.
    As you can experience in your dream the wolves – the fearful feelings – do not arise because they want to hurt you; they arise because they want to be felt and processed; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/defence-mechanisms/
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/
    Anna :-)


-Riki 2016-05-10 17:39:41

I had a dream last night of seeing a dying white wolf, that they had purposely starved themselves so the wolf was emaciated, could see all it’s ribs and had thinning fur. I was crying uncontrollably at the wolf and when I woke up I had a few tears on my face. I have seen no dream analysis about a dying animal like this, only if I had killed the animal in the dream which I did not do in the dream. It was walking towards me.


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