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Hexagram Forty One

Sun (Pro: Soon; but with a short vowel, as in ‘Book’) – Decrease


Circumstances have led to a major dwindling in your fortune.

The hexagram shows this as having arisen out of the relationship between something or someone stubborn and unyielding, and a someone or something passionate and giving. The unyielding takes unrestrainedly, and the passionate is self sacrificing to the point of deprivation.

If these points are understood they can be righted in some measure. Or one can draw from them reward other than a material one. This is because such decreases present the opportunity to discover resources not previously called into action. For instance fears and worries must be met lest they overwhelm one, and changes must be navigated. These are skills useful when increase reasserts itself.

For a while at least there may be a need to live with greater simplicity through having less resources, whether emotional or material. Continue to care for others, even if this means some sacrifice. Being able to live simply is a great boon.

This period of decrease follows one of gain or increase. It is a natural flow in the rhythm of life. If there can be an accordance with this by letting go of what is ready to drop away, less difficulty will arise. Do not let thoughts of failure or bitterness enter at this period, as it will pass.

If this enquiry is about relationship, the decrease is in the amount of passion or togetherness. But love itself has not disappeared. The season of intimacy has passed for a while.


Key words: Decrease calls us to live with greater simplicity. Inner resources are called upon. With restraint the winter passes without mishap.

The Moving Lines


1.Helping or being helped without display is a great boon. But receiving help from those less fortunate than ourselves must be done with care, lest we exhaust their reserves.

2.In helping others do not depart from your own principles or deprive yourself. Misfortune could otherwise follow. But persist in what is good for reward to follow.

3.Two’s company, three’s a crowd. In such a triangle one will leave. Perhaps it will be you. If so, be assured you will not walk alone for long.

4.By dealing with the afflictions or personal faults besetting you, happiness can follow. Those who are ready to help then come forward with healing and without obligation.

5.Fortune follows you and pours out riches or gifts from others. Take what is offered with honest gratitude. Success is upon you, accept it.

6. Success can follow if others are not exploited. It will be rewarding now to aim for some goal. Support will arise, and your gains be of benefit to many.


-Mara Jolin 2014-03-12 14:52:32

I really like the way you have communicated the I ching, often I have thought and tried to understand it and just not quite been able to grasp it, but I can understand what upir interpretation of it is and I find it very encouraging and gentle yet not taken anything away from the the Wilhielm version, thankyou very much ,, I used to study with you at Ruskin College you may not rm,ember me but I hope your life is good and you are happy . All the best and thankyou for the I ching writings, I have friend requested you on fb but I understand if you don’t accept : )


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