Hexagram Forty Two

I (Pro: Yee) – Increase

Now is the time to receive, whether from within oneself or from the world.

The road is straight leading to unexpected rewards. Extend, dare the new, make the journey. There are no hurdles to cross in your progress. As in Spring, it is now time to sow seeds.

The increase arises out of a situation where the powerful relate to others in a giving and creative way. People are willing to give of themselves, or of their resources.

When there is such accord between the powerful and a body of people, the enormous co-operation makes even difficult projects possible to accomplish. Because of this tide of influence it is good to go forward on any important undertaking, especially where it depends upon the goodwill of others or of the influence of lucky circumstances or coincidence.

It is appropriate to observe ones own negative traits and weed them out during this positive period, to imitate the good we see in others.

If this enquiry relates to relationship, receive the love that is freely given without looking for hidden motives.

Key words: Increase and harmonious relationships.

The Moving Lines

1.The flood tide of good fortune is running high for you now. Take advantage and undertake important endeavours. Others will willingly support you, giving of themselves generously.

2.Everything conspires to make your plans materialise. This has arisen from past actions. It is imperative not to let this richness lead to becoming careless.

3.What is usually a misfortune has given opportunity to benefit greatly. This should not give rise to guilt, as long as action has arisen from sincerity. This will bring authority and public acclaim.

4.There is the possibility of becoming an intermediary. This is a recognition of your trustworthiness and ability to remain impartial. This is an excellent opportunity. Do not reject it.

5.As a benefactor you are now in a position to give and support. Do so without asking questions or doubting. What you seek now becomes a reality.

6. Through withholding from generosity to those who needed it, you have evoked irritation and may incur criticism and anger.

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