Hexagram Forty

Hsieh (Pro: Shee-ay; the second vowel rhymes with ‘Hay’) – Releasing


Tension has developed. Now is the time to discharge it. Recognise its source, and as with thunder clouds and rain, stay under cover to enjoy its benefits.

A period of difficulty and obstacles is in process of going. But do not enter into relationships or schemes requiring new adjustments or changes. Return to what is established and working well. As if one were released from a prison cell, return to the strength of the ordinary life. But it is not a time for inactivity. Strength is needed.

If advance is imperative hasten to the goal. When you achieve the release there is much to be gained.

If the situation is extremely fraught, and any rescue from it seems unlikely, stay on your guard, but a last minute reprieve is on the way. Deliverance from the tension that has existed is imminent.

In the release, as with falling rain, wash the slate clean. Let go of the attitudes that built up. This is a low point you must take time to rebuild from. Forgiveness may be a part of this. Many mistakes and regretful things may be done in a time of crisis. Recognise this and pass over.

If this can be handled successfully, there is great fruitfulness in the situation that follows. It can be a time of regeneration and a period of much growth.

Key words: Obstacles are melting. An enlivening energy arises and brings release. Let go of the darkness active in the past.

The Moving Lines


1.The crisis is past. Do not take to heart what has happened. Such feelings held within only produce withdrawal, when what is needed now is to actively cultivate the fertile situation arising.

2.There has been a skilful dealing with several things or people being predatory or cunning in regard to the issue. This removes much of the danger that threatened, and brings recognition. Take a balanced responsibility now.

3.Acting as if you were a lord or lady brings predatory interest which could prove unfortunate. Better not to continue in this.

4.Be ready to leave a circle of people circumstances pushed you into. Now the situation has changed, move on to your natural circle, or else lose trust.

5.Release from what is inferior in your life is not assured. Only by earnestly leaving behind what constrained you from past difficulties, can you deliver yourself. This will gain the confidence of the opposition, but may still be a lonely path.

6. Great skill brings triumph in the situation, perhaps against an powerful opponent. Being in command means riding the ungovernable forces of life like a good horseman. Predators are dispatched. All is favourable.


-cipriana 2017-08-17 0:22:48

Hello. I have one question. When we get a secondary hexagram, do we consider the interpretations of some regarding the unchanging hexagrams or do we only consider the overall interpretation of the hexagram? I noticed you do not have an interpretation for unchanging hexagrams, but rather an interpretation of the hexagram in general and one for each line. Is this because an unchanging hexagram and a secondary hexagram have the same interpretation?

-Deedee 2015-08-24 4:15:35

“Please advise me if I will get primary custody of my daughter next month” was my question. Received 40 deliverance. Please tell me what this means. Court is 9/11/15. Today is 8/24/15 thank you from a mother of a 6 month old baby girl.

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