Communication or lack of it. Feelings, intuitions or hopes in regard to something received from another person, or a group of people, Hoping to have contact with or news from a person or company. News of opportunity, or love coming to one.

This is about the giving or receiving of feelings and thoughts. But is it a letter received, a letter waited for, a letter already sent and regretted or answers hoped for? If you can look at your dream and see what your relationship with the letter is, then see where this applies to your waking life, you will have a direct connection with what the dream is dealing.

If you dream about old letters, who are they from and what do they say? They are probably connected with memories and how they are still influencing you – or a relationship that is still meaningful.

What is it you are waiting for in your waking life? What do you want from someone else? If you know, perhaps there are more direct ways you can go about getting results. Or perhaps your dream gives some indications.

Who are you writing to and what are you saying? Is it something you have thought about and said already, or is it something new? Sometimes your dream letter reveals things you might not say generally.

If the letter is not opened it usually refers to things you know but have not let yourself really become aware of. Try opening the letter and observing what you feel or think.

Blacked edged: News of or feelings about death.

Letter from particular person: Thoughts about or intuitions concerning the person letter is from; unrealised feelings about sender; hopes – perhaps to have contact with person.

Opening letter: Realising something; receiving news; sexual intercourse.

Unopened letter: Feelings, thoughts or intuitions that have not been made conscious or recognised; opportunity that has not been taken up or recognised yet; virginity.

Sending a letter: The thoughts or feelings you radiate to others, perhaps unconsciously. A prompt to contact the person you are posting the letter to. Desire to be in contact.

Waited for letter: Hoped for confirmation of love, friendship, plans.

 Example: I had felt something of a past traumatic incident arising, and had phoned my wife saying to her that I felt something strange going on and deeply needed to know when she might be coming back. She said she would let me know. So I waited for a telephone call, a letter, some indication, having pleaded with her for this support. Nothing came. No call. No letter. No support. Then the crack widened and all hell broke loose from within me.

Example: Someone had brought him a letter in which were several sheets. On one of these there was a portrait of a former teacher, whom he much admired, holding a torch. Another sheet looked like a big invitation card, seemingly addressed to this same teacher, and having on it the words ‘Request for your Presence’. On the back of a third sheet the teacher had drawn the picture of a liner, and his voice could be heard saying: ‘Here are the cabins you are having, eleven, seventeen and twenty-three.’ As he spoke, he marked them off on the side of the ship, eleven at the top, seventeen further down and nearer the stern, and twenty-three still lower and further aft. The boy then awoke, feeling very unsettled and thinking, ‘I must ask mother which cabin we are going to have.’

The associations came at once and without any hesitation. The three numbers were connected with three different people. Number twenty-three reminded him of a friend of his own age with whom he used to play about in the streets, picking up the fag-ends of cigarettes and smoking them. Number seventeen was connected with another boy friend, who was cheeky, fat and lazy, and loved ragging about. They used to go on camping expeditions together. Eleven was the number of his own home and made him think of his mother.

The dream sketches the possibilities before him. He looks for his teacher’s help in planning the future, and the teacher appears holding a torch in his hand to clarify the situation. There are three directions in which the boy can go. The lowest and least worthy way is to become a guttersnipe, picking up fag-ends in the street. On a higher level, he can become a playboy like his fat friend and live an easy and self-indulgent life. Or, finally, he can follow the urge represented by his mother, one connected, as he explained, with ‘music, mechanics and ideals’. He decides to ask his mother which way to go. Quoted from The Way Within by Wyatt Rawson.

Idioms: chain letter; French letter – condom; letter perfect; love letter; dear john/jane letter saying she/he is with another person; poison pen letter; red letter day.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Was there a message you understood?

Do you depend upon communications for you well-being?

Do you write to people often – and if so for what purpose?

See Being the Person or ThingTechniques for Exploring your DreamsQuestions


-sam 2015-10-09 13:14:08

my ex employer given me two job offer letters one for me and another for my ex colleague.

he was saying that my qualifications are not that good comparing with my Ex colleague my offered salary was less and for my ex colleague it is more.
I Carry the letter and handed over to my ex colleague and telling him my salary is leser than him..

What is the meaning of this dream.

-sampath 2015-10-09 13:12:11

my ex employer given me two job offer letters one for me and another for my colegue.

he was saying that my qualifications are not that good comparing with my Ex colleague my offered salary was less and for my ex colleague it is more.
I Carry the letter and handed over to my colegue and telling him my salary is leser than him..

What is the meaning of this dream.

-sampath 2015-10-09 13:05:36

my ex employer given me two job offer letters one for me and another for my colegue.

he was saying that my qualifications are that good comparing with my colegue my offered salary was less and for my colegue it is more.
I Carry the letter and handed over to my colegue and telling him my salary is leser than him..

What is the meaning of this dream.

-MP 2015-07-28 4:51:49


I had a dream where in I saw my male friend, distributing letter that too abroad, house to house. He was wearing proper official attire ( Suit)

Even he visited to my house there in abroad (though I dont live there in abroad) I just saw him but we couldnot meet each other.


-Leah 2015-05-26 17:18:10

I am in love with someone who has great affection and admiration for me. Due to his emotional disappointments and busy schedule, we have remained friends for years, and he has been inaccessible at times. I moved away 6 months ago and he will not return calls.
But i keep dreaming that he shows up at my place with a letter telling me all the things that i have told him, that he returns every ounce of love.
What could this mean? I hardly ever remember my dreams, not even sure that i dream all that often. This dream is vivid with color and scent.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-27 13:48:54

    Dear Leah – A letter from a particular person could mean your thoughts about or intuitions concerning the person the letter is from; it could mean unrealised feelings about sender or your hopes – perhaps to have contact with person.
    So as far as your relationship – or lack of it – with this man in the outside world is concerned there is little certainty about the meaning of your dream.
    On the level of your inner world I see the dream as a symbol of your inner healing and growth process.
    The loving relationship with this man in your dream symbolises you are integrating your own ability to be independent and capable in outwardly active terms. This makes you feel more whole, balancing your ‘female’ qualities. You will then be less dependent upon an external male to feel whole. It also shows you are meeting your experience of your father in a healing way.
    See: http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animus-jungs-view-of-the-male-in-the-female/
    Anna 🙂

-Marissa 2015-04-21 16:06:54

I dreamed of someone I met long time ago. I had some slight feelings about him back then but nothing happened between us. Years later, I went on and got married and that person later on became a catholic priest. We never had contact with each other and I hadn’t thought about him for a LONG time. A couple weeks ago, he suddenly appeared in my dream (a present him and as a priest) and old feelings emerged. I kept thinking about that dream and the feelings. It was so very weird. I haven’t thought about him for many years. After that dream, I started to think about him and remember many past moments.

A couple days ago, I dreamed of him again. This time, he wrote me a letter disclosing his feelings to me! His letter was written in a teenager-like way (just FYI, in reality he is a grownup man and very very well-learned. That letter in the dream he handed me does not resemble him in reality at all). The dream was so vivid that I still remember how the hand-writings looks like and what the letter said. Please help me understand my dreams. I am very puzzled and can’t help thinking about it.


    -Anna 2015-04-22 17:07:11

    Dear Marissa – The words you (unconsciously) chose express the difference between what you felt for this person in the past and what you feel for the dream figure you created:
    “I had some slight feelings about him back then” versus “and old feelings emerged. I kept thinking about that dream and the feelings”.
    Your dream feelings have little to do with him as a person and I see them merely as a reaction when you remember (“old feelings”) what could be an expression of your own wider awareness and intuition; symbolised by the priest.
    You do not share the content of the letter and so I cannot say anything about your second dream, other than “It still has to grow” and part of this growth I see as developing a better understanding of what you are beyond the little self you perceive as “Marissa”.
    So please read this first http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/the-unconscious-2/
    Perhaps you can communicate with this sacred “priest” part of yourself?
    The unconscious can be helpfully likened to a person. It is intelligent, responsive, is moved by meaningful communication and relatedness. To gain the help of this potent power in yourself, you need its co-operation.
    When you have a reasonable respect for what you are approaching, define your question(s). Write it carefully as a letter to your unconscious (the priest in your dream) and place it under your pillow. Expect a reply as you would expect a response from a good friend. Your unconscious is your best and loving friend. It knows you intimately as no one else does. When you wake, pause and let any dream flow into awareness. Record it immediately in some way. Then explore it as suggested in http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/practical-techniques-for-understanding-your-dreams/ and Be Your Own Dream Detective. If you do not get a response the first time try again.
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

      -Marissa 2015-04-23 16:15:48

      Hi Anna,
      It’s me “Marissa” again. Your words brought me to tears. I feel like there is something so deep in my soul that you have tried to guide me in seeing. I would like to tell you what I dreamt in the second dream with the priest. In that dream, we were at my old house where i lived my childhood. He accidentally touched my hand. Later, he handed me a letter saying something like “The brief moment I held your hand was like I was holding a flower.” … and something more but I don’t remember the content. I particularly remember in the dream his handwriting was very child-like and even drew a flower, making the whole thing feel so romantic yet so cute.

      The moment I woke up from the dream I felt so warm. Afterwards I kept looking up the priest and more and more I discovered some articles he published touched some issues in my life – issues such as gender inequalities, social problems – things that I cared about deeply in real life.

      Now I am very confused… should I just forget about the dreams, forget about this person and just keep doing what I do in daily life so I can focus better? I have been so drained in the past few weeks since those dreams occurred.

        -Anna 2015-04-23 17:52:56

        Dear Marissa – Do trust that you are doing fine and accept that opening up to “the Love that you are” can be confusing at times.
        In our inner world confusion often precedes clarity. And so being confused can be good. I know that sounds strange, but confusion is part of the change process. If things are staying the same, you are rarely confused. Confusion happens when you change and start to see/feel/sense things differently.
        Sometimes it needs some time to learn to” manage” yourself so that you can focus better in daily life AND spend some time exploring your dreams and your inner world.
        When you decide to answer this Inner Call to “return Home”; it will serve a purpose to practice being patient with yourself and your inner process and disciplining your thoughts; you did become aware already that too much wandering off in your inner world is draining you.
        Trust that you will be able to gradually uncover the flower that you are and with which you lost touch as most of us do when we grow up.
        The bloom of a flower in a dream is usually either about the beauty of an opening heart, of feelings, of female sexuality and love, or about something coming into fullness, such as a creative idea, a creative work etc.
        I see the drawing in your dream also as an “invitation” for it can be helpful to have a creative outlet. So why not start a journal in which you write down your dreams, your thoughts and draw and/or paint your dream symbols as a way to express this wonder in you?
        See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/the-archetype-of-the-self/
        Meanwhile do continue to feel free to write us.
        Anna 🙂

-Rhiannan 2015-04-09 16:28:55

Boyfriend of almost a year left me five days before our one year he took my v-card and I took his. I keep having dreams about receiving a letter from him and its been two weeks almost three weeks and I dreamt he sent me a letter twice in one night. Two different dreams, the first the envelope said DO NOT OPEN and then I woke up crying, the second was just a normal letter but I didn’t get to open it before waking up in tears again. The two dreams were an hour apart. What does this mean?

-Alliyah 2015-03-04 22:38:49

Before I went to sleep last night I was dreaming about an old friend who I lost contact with. I dreamed that all of a sudden the blanket on my bed had a words written on it. I don’t remember exactly what it said, but it was about how he missed me and was going to try to contact me one more time. Do you think that it was him thinking that? Or was I just imaginging it?

-kristy 2015-02-07 12:37:54

i had a dream i was lost in another country and found a letter addressed to me. It was my ex, in the dream i had forgotten about him but all these feelings came flooding back to me when i realised how he felt. there were pages and pages of little aspects of our relationship. one had how our signs work together, and another saying his dad reckoned we should buy a jet ski, and plans he had for us. i remember feeling blissful, and i tried to find him immediately. it was a beautiful dream. though maybe in reality i shouldn’t go back to him/he never seemed interested . what does this mean?

    -Anna 2015-02-15 14:47:14

    Kristy 🙂

    I think the dream is telling you that there is a way to not feel lost anymore.
    Please see
    So in most cases, abroad suggests a change, or a different feeling or life situation than you are presently in. The dream may be referring to the exploration of new interests, or new areas of yourself – or even of being in a situation you are not at home in.

    The dream shows that it serves a purpose to remember the things you did remember about your ex.
    Please see
    for it explains what this process is about.
    Once integrated “he” will help you find your way in this “other country”.

    Good Luck!

    Anna 🙂

-Jade 2015-01-21 12:11:19


Can you help me interpret a dream, I dreamt my boyfriend received a letter on yellow paper from a past lover and the name mentioned on the letter is a name I never heard of before (Faiqua) and i dreamt it was a letter of her telling him she loves him and want to make things work and he started crying saying he does not know what to do and then handed the letter to me. After reading the letter in my dream I saw a white rat run pass me…
Does this mean anything significant?


    -Anna 2015-02-15 14:28:55

    Jade 🙂

    The interpretation depends mainly on the way you perceive the past lover of your boyfriend and how you perceive the possible friendly relationship they still have with each other.
    Past lover does not mean they cannot be friends anymore.
    Please see:

    Fai is a girl’s name and qua means “in the role of”, in this case that would mean Fai in the role of past lover.
    Another possibility:
    “făi is a low level slang word used by uneducated people to offensively address to a female”.
    You have to find your own association with this name.
    Another thing is that the letter is yellow. Please see
    And at the end of your dream a rat shows up.
    Please see

    I trust that when you use your intuition and when you dare to be honest to yourself, you will have no problems understanding what this dream is telling you.

    Good Luck!

    Anna 🙂

-Worlanyo Tona-Gaogli 2014-12-08 0:21:22

I dreamt that I wrote a letter to a muslim Sheikh. Don’t remember the content. It was kind of official. Help me understand it.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-12 11:02:48

    Worlanyo – You didn’t say why you wrote the letter to the Muslim Sheikh or what you hoped to gain by it. But I feel as if your dream is about you wanting help in some way.


-Amber 2014-10-16 13:55:50

Hello, Tony! I was hoping you would be able to help me understand my dream a little more. The dream I had last night was I received a letter from my daughter’s father (who had passed away suddenly 2 yrs ago). The letter was addressed to me however the return address had his name with “Candyland” under his name. In my dream I did not open the letter. The letter was felt heavy as if it was a several page letter. Thanks so much, Amber

-lena 2014-09-07 15:24:14

Hi.. I am very anxious these days because of waiting for an important Letter on a legal matter.

In my dream, I am in my primary school ( I am 25 now) and my teacher is checking the letters that people apply for that legal matter. I wait for the decision and it comes a Lil bit late then the others, it was the last letter so my teacher was about to leave the school but I tell her to check the files again and she finds my letter.she says she missed it because thec hand writing was complicated. Then I think I see number 2 which indicates bad decision but then, it is rated as number 8( there are 3.number 8 on that paper). All of a sudden my teacher’s features softens as if she sympathies with me and says the officer agreed with what I said and that it will be approved within 1 to 2 months.. I feel so happy, I start flying…
Could you please interpret this? I am so anxious these days due to waiting this letter….


    -Tony Crisp 2014-09-09 7:00:04

    Lena – Your dream is full of positive signs for the outcome. The answer is yes it will be okay, but do not worry if there are delays, your dream says it will finally be the outcome you want.


-Sindy 2014-04-11 12:07:09

Hi, I dreamed that my family and I were at the airport because we were going on vacation. Our flight got delayed so my boyfriend and I decided we’d go get some drinks, but as we were about to leave my mom stopped me and said I had received a letter 2 weeks prior, but had forgot to give it to me. When I opened it the letter said Positive… I was pregnant. So I told my boyfriend and decided to stay and not get drinks. I kinda felt that we were both thinking that we were going to have to stop our plans. Does it have any meaning? I have also been having other dreams that I am pregnant.

-Alfred 2011-05-27 6:23:37

Hi there,

Please would you advise on a dream my wife (Belinda) had?

“i dreamed that I wasnt feeling well i had a bit of stomach ache and the next thing i was having a baby we were at home. we didnt have anything for the baby because we didnt know about it. It was a boy and we were looking at kaiden or cameron for a name. this is really freaking me out because it was so real but the funny thing is that everything was all calm and peaceful and we were all laughing about what happened, ”

“the fact that ive had a hysterectomy made it stranger please let me know”

With thanks

    -Tony Crisp 2011-06-06 9:23:56

    Alfred – I am going to address this to your wife.

    Because you do not have the equipment any more to have a physical baby does not mean your basic nature has lost is creativeness. Lots of women who have had a hysterectomy have dreams or giving birth. This is because it is a way of knowing that you are still a complete woman; after all, a man who losing a leg does not feel he has lost himself in the process. Your dreams know that you are more than a body, and even though parts of the body have been lost, you are still whole.

    Also to give birth to a child in a dream shows you bringing forth a new part of you. It is vulnerable as any baby is, but this new ability will quickly grow into a recognisable part of you. The name is important too.


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