Your feelings about that country, or the view or associated feelings you have of it; being in or moving toward a new or changed life situation. For instance just being married might be a very different and new way of living, so be shown in a dream as a foreign country. Occasionally such dreams reveal things we absorbed or learned in connection with that country and its culture.

Being abroad, or mention of a country other than your home, in general is a way of depicting particular feelings or a situation you are in. For instance, if Italy is abroad for you, you might feel it is a warm and romantic place. It would therefore represent a situation in which you are feeling romance and warmth. But a country at war would represent conflict.

If you have not previously been to that country it could suggest exploring new interests, relationship or personal attitudes.

Are you travelling abroad in the dream to get away from a present difficulty or feelings?

So in most cases, abroad suggests a change, or a different feeling or life situation than you are presently in. The dream may be referring to the exploration of new interests, or new areas of yourself – or even of being in a situation you are not at home in.

If you have been to that country, the dream most likely refers to the events or emotions that occurred while you were there.

If the country is a place your family originated from, it may depict the unconscious influences and cultural attitudes you inherited from your family.

If you have lived and worked in that country: You need to define whether you were happy or stressed there and what you absorbed of the atmosphere while there, because the dream would be referring to this.

If abroad or going abroad: Making a change in your life, doing something new; wanting to escape your present environment; getting away from it all; moving into a new attitude.

If someone or something arrives from abroad: A change; something new arising in your life.

Someone of the opposite sex from abroad: Hopes for a new relationship; a relationship that has new features; difficulties with intimacy in present relationship.

See: travel – or specific country.

Useful questions are:

If you have lived in the dream country:

What was your overall experience of that place?

Were you happy there, lonely, what characteristics of the people did you take in?

What is your general view of the country and its people?

Am I or should I be exploring new interests, or new areas of myself?

Is there a situation in my life where I don’t ‘feel at home’?

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-ihsan 2018-03-29 7:18:07

I dreamed that i am living in FINLAND in mechanical shop, and the environment is grassy all around , there was another person who was busy in repairing something and he told me to call the Boss/Owner of that business. I try to call him many time but call failed to connect . But everytime i forgot the number and that person dail it for me. After many tries he told me ho call the assistant of boss. When i call to him , i found that he is the guy from my country and he told me to speak in URDU (Our language). after that i wake up.

    -ihsan 2018-03-29 7:19:57

    I never go to any foreign country before.

-Diyana 2017-05-01 18:48:44

Hi, I have never been to foreign country before but in my dream I saw I was in another country and I think I was in UK. And I saw that I was going to a school,a person was taking to my first day class,when the school ended some of the people I got to know in school started to show me around. I always wanted to visit a country like UK. Can you tell me what it means?

-Nathan 2017-04-17 1:25:10

Hi! About 8 months ago my moms church did a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and I went. I met a lot of people and made friends, and we worked at a school. Ever since then, I’ve had at least 5 or 6 dreams of going back, all in different variations. In each of them I met one of my friends there. Also I think I should note that being there, even though it was a poor country I was happier there then really anywhere. Any thoughts? Thank you!

-Ashima 2017-01-07 0:56:51

I had a dream where there was a war going on at my country and then a stranger lady brought a new and small car and with her i went to indonesia. In real life i have never been to any foreign land. Also there we were exchanging money with natives.

-Ian 2016-11-16 18:33:40

In my dream I was in the UK. I currently live in California, and have never been to the UK. But in the dream, I went to a school. I remember I was looking at a board that has a bunch of sports I can play on it. What does that mean?

-ann 2016-08-07 13:33:44

I go out from the room i was looking for my brother bec.i heard they are having picture taking with his friends but i cannot see him..i go outside the gate i didnt know theres a car towards me glady it didnt hit me..then i saw a foreign man from that car..he goes towards me..i was stuck bec.he is so handsome but its just a second bec.i suddenly rem.my brother.i saw the street add.my phone didnt work then i ask the information of the hotel/resort.i fount out im in London.by the way the guy come with me as i was looking for my brother and i dont know what happen..i live in the philippines.suddenly im in london..

but as i read in your perception about getting married..maybe you are right..my bf and i are having a fight that night before i sleep about things..you know future..

can u tell me whats the meaning of it?thanks a lot..

-Tutul 2016-06-20 7:12:16

@Anna : Woke up life: I was was working in Indonesia for couple for years and now I am back to my homeland.
Dream: I was in my dream that with my Indonesian peers and customer I visited an Indonesian Island and having fun and I missed my returned flight.

Can you please kindly let me know what does it means?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-06-20 16:04:07

    Dear Tutul – Your dream sounds like you left your heart in Indonesia, or in other words, it is only your physical body that is back in your homeland.
    It may take some time to resettle (emotionally) again after having worked abroad for a couple of years.
    Or perhaps you feel more “at home” in the Indonesian culture?
    I have been living in Vienna in Austria for about 10 years now – I am Dutch and have lived in Holland for about 47 years – and to me Austria has become my “homeland”.
    It would be interesting to explore what your dream figure thinks and feels after missing her return flight; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    Anna 🙂

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