Level Levels

In some dreams much is made of different levels, or of a particular level. The meaning can differ vastly depending on the context. The different levels may deal with feelings of class, superiority, worth or power. Or they might suggest different levels of response, such as a mental response, a gut level response, a sexual response, etc.

When the levels are in a building: This often refers to the different ‘levels of ones personal experience such as physical sensation – ground level (first floor in U.S.A.); sexual feelings – can be middle floor or ‘downstairs’; emotions – upper floor; the head and thinking – top floor; memories, being apart from other people – the attic. These building levels might also suggest levels of importance, or clarity-practicality.

Levels can also show the fear and difficulty one faces in making a change from one way or level of life to another. For instance we may have lived life as a nine to five worker, and so we see the world through those needs. But a totally new way or level of seeing and responding might suddenly open, as when we become self employed or out of work. In dreams this might be that a hole opens suddenly, and we see another world going on below, or above us. Or a person appears out of nowhere from another level. Sometimes with shock we realise life has many other ways of being. Perhaps we even explore them. See: Levels in Waking andDreaming

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