Communication or lack of it. Feelings, intuitions or hopes in regard to something received from another person, or a group of people, Hoping to have contact with or news from a person or company. News of opportunity, or love coming to one.

This is about the giving or receiving of feelings and thoughts. But is it a letter received, a letter waited for, a letter already sent and regretted or answers hoped for? If you can look at your dream and see what your relationship with the letter is, then see where this applies to your waking life, you will have a direct connection with what the dream is dealing.

If you dream about old letters, who are they from and what do they say? They are probably connected with memories and how they are still influencing you – or a relationship that is still meaningful.

What is it you are waiting for in your waking life? What do you want from someone else? If you know, perhaps there are more direct ways you can go about getting results. Or perhaps your dream gives some indications.

Who are you writing to and what are you saying? Is it something you have thought about and said already, or is it something new? Sometimes your dream letter reveals things you might not say generally.

If the letter is not opened it usually refers to things you know but have not let yourself really become aware of. Try opening the letter and observing what you feel or think.

Blacked edged: News of or feelings about death.

Letter from particular person: Thoughts about or intuitions concerning the person letter is from; unrealised feelings about sender; hopes – perhaps to have contact with person.

Opening letter: Realising something; receiving news; sexual intercourse.

Unopened letter: Feelings, thoughts or intuitions that have not been made conscious or recognised; opportunity that has not been taken up or recognised yet; virginity.

Sending a letter: The thoughts or feelings you radiate to others, perhaps unconsciously. A prompt to contact the person you are posting the letter to. Desire to be in contact.

Waited for letter: Hoped for confirmation of love, friendship, plans.

 Example: I had felt something of a past traumatic incident arising, and had phoned my wife saying to her that I felt something strange going on and deeply needed to know when she might be coming back. She said she would let me know. So I waited for a telephone call, a letter, some indication, having pleaded with her for this support. Nothing came. No call. No letter. No support. Then the crack widened and all hell broke loose from within me.

Example: Someone had brought him a letter in which were several sheets. On one of these there was a portrait of a former teacher, whom he much admired, holding a torch. Another sheet looked like a big invitation card, seemingly addressed to this same teacher, and having on it the words ‘Request for your Presence’. On the back of a third sheet the teacher had drawn the picture of a liner, and his voice could be heard saying: ‘Here are the cabins you are having, eleven, seventeen and twenty-three.’ As he spoke, he marked them off on the side of the ship, eleven at the top, seventeen further down and nearer the stern, and twenty-three still lower and further aft. The boy then awoke, feeling very unsettled and thinking, ‘I must ask mother which cabin we are going to have.’

The associations came at once and without any hesitation. The three numbers were connected with three different people. Number twenty-three reminded him of a friend of his own age with whom he used to play about in the streets, picking up the fag-ends of cigarettes and smoking them. Number seventeen was connected with another boy friend, who was cheeky, fat and lazy, and loved ragging about. They used to go on camping expeditions together. Eleven was the number of his own home and made him think of his mother.

The dream sketches the possibilities before him. He looks for his teacher’s help in planning the future, and the teacher appears holding a torch in his hand to clarify the situation. There are three directions in which the boy can go. The lowest and least worthy way is to become a guttersnipe, picking up fag-ends in the street. On a higher level, he can become a playboy like his fat friend and live an easy and self-indulgent life. Or, finally, he can follow the urge represented by his mother, one connected, as he explained, with ‘music, mechanics and ideals’. He decides to ask his mother which way to go. Quoted from The Way Within by Wyatt Rawson.

Idioms: chain letter; French letter – condom; letter perfect; love letter; dear john/jane letter saying she/he is with another person; poison pen letter; red letter day.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Was there a message you understood?

Do you depend upon communications for you well-being?

Do you write to people often – and if so for what purpose?

See Being the Person or ThingTechniques for Exploring your DreamsQuestions


-Shana 2017-07-31 0:01:37

This website was really helpful and sort of gave me a good idea of why i dreamt what i did. However im still unsure of the meaning of my dream. Weeks ago i was planning to write a farewell letter to the person i love and in that letter i wanted to tell him my feelings towards him, however i was too shy and never actually wrote the letter. 4 weeks from now he will be gone. Last night when i slept, i had a dream that he was running around looking for me and when he found me he smiled and gave me a letter. I read that letter while he held a letter from me and i read his goofy comments and some of his replies to the things i would’ve written in the letter if i ever did. I was so surprised he wrote back to me in my dream and the letter he wrote was colourful with different pen colours and artistic drawings, very childlike i guess i could say. After i read the letter in the dream he began walking off to the place he normally socialises and slowly dissapating and the last thing i remember is running up to him and holding him. He was in a white shirt and my dream ended in white light. When i awoke, i could remember several other dreams i had that night and i could still remember the look of his letter, but could only remember a few words of his letter. All i know is that for that moment in my dream when i read the letter, i had full understanding and i felt amazing. Whats the meaning of my dream? I know perhaps my desire to write him letter was in my subconscious thoughts and thats why i dreamt of a letter but is there an actual meaning to my dream??
Would really appreciate some help in understanding.

-Grace 2017-04-04 13:27:17

I was reading on your dream guidelines for letter. I had a dream holding a printed e-mail letter in my hand from no one I know who seemed to know me and it was poorly written-wrong spelling, grammar was bad, and it was about a house or apartment described as having 3 rooms, and this and that. The description provided something shabby, but the writer seemed smug and bragging about it… I suppose this is a reflection of the intense feelings of insecurity I have right now, going through a major relationship change. Like seeing this person move out from life into what I think is a life more complex and troubling… It comes at a point where I am deciding to dissuade this person from leaving. What guidance is it giving me?

-Claudia 2017-03-26 9:41:17

In my dream I get up from bed to use the bathroom and saw that there was someone still laying on my bed, I was creeped out of course because I sleep alone, I yanked the blanket off the person and discovered that it was a spitting image of me, like a doppleganger – although I don’t believe dopplegangers truly exist – and she was just smiling at me and it was creepy and I was scared. Anyway, later on in the dream after she had disappeared I was reading a letter that came from her. I can’t remember what it said because a few sentences in, I woke up in real life. (I heard one loud bang on my door and I startled awake, my eyes popping open) I’m not really the kind of person to believe that dreams have meanings but this dream was very confusing and scary, the worst nightmare I’d had in while.

-El-Tahi Lejeune 2016-12-23 23:06:02

hi there i want to enqiure about a dream i recntly had as its strssing me out a little. i dreamt that i recieved a letter from the health department, totally out of the blue, it was adressed “Dying El-Tahi Lejeune” – my address etc.
inside was a typed letter saying “we regret to inform you but you have contracted toxo-something-or-rather and you have approximatley 6 months before its destroys your nervous system” included was a information sheet about the “disease” and that was about that. it was very very very vivid, very very very real and all too believeable.

any possible insight would be greatly appreciated.

-Reagan 2016-12-04 15:27:04

I dreamed about receiving 2 brown envelopes from my dad’s(deceased for a little over a year) brother and sisters who have shunned me since the day after his funeral. They were trying to get me to sign something about his estate but wouldnt let me read it and i kept telling them that the estate had been settled months ago. Well i finally opened it and tho i dont remember the words, i remember the feelings. It was first a total shock, then a wave of warmth and love came over me-it felt like it was my dad def- not them. What does that mean? I remember my dreams regularly and try to write them down as much as possible.

-Lina 2016-09-12 14:53:46

I had a dream and its driving me crazy and caused me to have a little bit of an emotional breakdown. My ex which I believe to be a soulmate and I broke up months ago on and off and its been a solid couple months we have not spoken. I had a dream that I needed to check a certain room before leaving and in the room on the counter I found a single flower (Do not recall what kind) with a letter…. I knew it was from him before I even opened it and I read the first two lines (Which I also do not recall what they said, I do but don’t) and then I woke up and when I tried to fall back asleep to read the letter again it was the only first two lines I was able to read. He used to always write me love letters. What does this mean if anything? I just know that I was sad but so happy to receive the letter and I just knew it was from him.

-Arya 2016-08-20 6:04:44

Hello. I had a dream of receiving a letter from someome i should know but i dint remember. The letter was more like a package because it contained a lot of things…gifts…aside from the letter. There were initials of the sender but i cant remember what they were. He said in the letter that he was coming back and that he couldnt wait to see me and make me happy and that he wanted to be with me. I remeber feeling excited but curious as to the identity of the person. I was at my old hostel at this time.
After this i find out that one of my childhood friends was dating her younger cousin’s (by a few yrs) best friend but hes playing her so when she goes to speak to him about it to make him jealous i tell the guy a lie that she got this letter that i was talling about.

-Alejandro Perez 2016-08-15 13:35:54

Hi the reason I’m contacting you is b/c i recently had a werid dream and it was pretty scary. From what I can remember in my Dream I was heading trying to head home from a party until I came across a old friend from school and she is really beautiful. She asked me if i wanted to go to a party and i said “yea”. So i wrapped my hand around her hip and started to walk towards the party. I was surprise she let me grap her like if I was her boyfriend b/c in real life she isn’t like that lol Anyways We were in the backyard at the party, socializing and having fun until a guy that looked in his early 40s came up to me and pulled me way from my friends. But for some reason he looked familiar in my dream like if he had told me to do something before but I didn’t do it. But as he pulled me away I was already thinking what in my going to tell my friends who he was and I ll just tell them “hes a mentor of mines” . So the guy pulled me to the side and started telling me stuff I don’t really remember but it was like he was kind of bad. Then he pulled out some letters and he was prepareing them to put them in a envelope so I can send them out to someone. But then the guy is like “wait what I’m I thinking your not going to do it” . After that he graps the letters but as he graps them there was green pieces of gum laying beside. The guy sees it and he like ” I got to go now” and he leaves all scared. For some reason I knew I had to leave too but then a green light shows up and I tell everyone dot. look at the light. I started to run and jumped the fence beside the house and I can see the light coming closer like coming after me. But then out of the sudden I’m in my room on my bed trying to leave but I couldn’t, I tried to scream for my mom but I coudnt. I felt like I unlocked the door a coupe of times but the door still remain shut. I was trying to get out but there was nothing I could do. While that was happeneding I had my head tilt forwards my wall and could only see light reflecting off my wall. I couldn’t turn my head to see what the light was. I started to pray in my dreams and nothing so later on I just told myself it’s a dream, it’s a dream and then I woke up. For me it was scary and I not sure what it was and I felt like that was some type of message. Maybe you can help me out?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-08-20 9:36:32

    Dear Alejandro – I like to start with the end of your dream; “But then out of the sudden I’m in my room on my bed trying to leave but I couldn’t, I tried to scream for my mom but I couldn’t.
    I felt like I unlocked the door a couple of times but the door still remain shut.”
    The experience you describe is called “sleep paralysis”; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/sleep-paralysis/
    Before you finally wake up you become lucid in your dream; http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/lucid-dreaming/
    The message I see in your dream is that you do not listen to your inner guide or mentor; “like if he had told me to do something before but I didn’t do it.”
    The mentor, guide or teacher can appear in many forms in a dream. The positive aspect of this archetype – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetypes/ – is the giving of insight enabling you to move on to greater independence and ability, or to make great life changes.
    The wisdom we meet in the mentor is a glimpse of our own potential. The relationship we have with the figure shows how we are relating to our own immense potential.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-anima-jungs-view-of-the-female-in-the-male/ for “I came across an old friend from school and she is really beautiful.”
    In the context of your dream I would see you not sending the letters as some unwillingness to express more of your inner potential; to develop a deeper connection with yourself (and so with others).
    Your inner Light (or potential) and the possibility to heal yourself still frightens you and so you run from it.
    Although the dream process attempts to release difficult emotions, trauma and past experience, most people have inbuilt mechanisms which prevent this spontaneous healing activity. It is natural to pull our hand away from a hot surface because of the pain. We do this ‘without thinking’, unconsciously in fact. Similarly we unconsciously pull away from any painful or frightening emotions, even though it may be in our best interests to release or integrate them.
    The non-release may lead to physical tension; a massive use of energy to contain such emotions; and development of physical illness. Resistance may also be in the form of not wanting to change; fear of the new; feeling threatened by fresh views of life or any questioning of the values one has long lived by. To free oneself from such resistances needs a positive motivation and the learning of new psychological and even physical skills, as presented in http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/
    Anna 🙂

-Chesca 2016-07-02 3:08:52

Hi Tony! I had a dream about someone from my past who left me and said he wasn’t ready. This just happened a month ago. In my dream he gave me a letter and asked me questions about what could have been between us. But the sad truth was that in reality he has someone else.

-Elicia Smith 2016-05-23 2:15:36

Hi tony had a dream of entering a cave,when I reached to the center of the cave a woman dressed in white,ask me how I got here.I replied .just walked in.she said no you have to wash your face before entering,I told her no one told me.then just as I was about to continue walking into the cave yellow small notes started to fall from the top of the cave,I caught them as I looked at them they were prayer request I them gathered all of the notes and put them in the right place where the request can be answered,then I left.

-Mandy 2016-03-04 23:44:34

I had a dream about my papa who passed away Dec 30th of last year. He told me I was to sad and have me a piece of paper. I have no idea what was on it. Then hugged me and I woke up. No idea what that means. Can you help me?

-Catelin 2016-02-10 7:48:08

Hey I had a dream that my dead Nan had a hair appointment and they wouldn’t give her her appointment because she wouldn’t give this letter to a person I know called Ashleigh Morgan but she was like I have no clue who she is so I can’t deliver it. Then ya close friend (alive) called me and said meet me at the (same) hairdressers (I was 10 mins late) then the same thing happened to my friend when she went for her appointment said “no Ashleigh hates me so I can’t deliver the letter”.
I woke up, went asleep then had the same dream again
Many Thanks,

-Robin 2016-01-15 14:08:14

Hi Tony,

I was hoping you could help interpret a dream that my friend had. I was sent these details:

I had a dream with you in it last night. Not you exactly, but a message you sent me. It was very cryptic, with lots of writing in a big circle. It’s amazing how clear a dream can be, because the message was so detailed but I could sit there reading it as if it was actually in front of me. I woke up just as I was trying to decipher it, but only remember the last couple of lines, which I jotted down on the notepad beside my bed. In the light of day, I’m not sure what it means: “traced to its origins, your life’s inception. The two guilty parties. Second degree birth.”

Hopefully you can share your insight!


-Elisabeth 2015-12-26 15:52:55

Hello, I had a dream that I was back in high school, and this person I know in real life (whom I did not go to high school with in real life, as he is older than me) grabbed me by the face as if to kiss me, but I turned my cheek. He asked for a kiss on the lips, and I declined…telling him that I was married. I told him that we could no longer talk to each other in person and that if he wished to communicate with me, he must do so by writing letters. He tried to plead with me, and I said…rather sharply…”I told you what I wanted!” He then agreed to write the letters, but looked sad. Moments later, he was kissing another girl, but kept following me around in school despite my attempt to avoid him. He shared a song with me that he thought I would like, and I really did like the song when I was actually in high school. I told him he never sent me any letters and he looked confused. Then I started trembling all over and woke up.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-29 11:52:08

    Dear Elisabeth – What I see in your dream – and please explore it yourself as well http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dream-yoga/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson – is that you may be mixing up your dream life with your waking life.
    While you may have decided that in waking life you do not want to kiss other men on the lips, it does serve a purpose to allow it in your dreams.
    You do not share what might have triggered your decision that you cannot even talk to him in person anymore (in your dream only or also in your waking life?); do you perceive his direct (physical) presence in your life as a threat for your marriage? http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/not-enough-information/
    It will serve a purpose to explore what this older man symbolises for you by using “Being the person”. Kissing him in your dream may show that you have accepted this aspect of yourself and are willing to merge with it, to integrate it.
    Integration is about truly finding parts of you that are missing and this person might be symbolising this part.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/characters-or-people-in-dreams/
    It will serve a purpose to explore your feelings at this part of your dream (Being the person); “I said…rather sharply…”I told you what I wanted!”
    Is it fear and for what?
    What is the sadness about? (Being the person)
    (I am merely trying to explore what your dream is communicating to you; trying because I sense that you could have given me more background information. Now it feels somewhat like making an effort to bake pancakes from the flour you did not give me 😉
    If we take away the images and events occurring in a dream and simply look to see what feelings or emotions are evident, the dream is often more understandable than if we try to interpret the symbols. Feelings in dreams are nearly always undistorted. We therefore do not need to interpret them, simply to recognise them and see if we can recognise where they occur in waking life; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/self-observation/
    What aspect of you is symbolised by “the other girl” (Being the person) who is willing to kiss him.
    You do not mention the title and/or the lyrics, or what you liked about the song.
    Do you still like the song now?
    Can you imagine that this aspect of you is trying to communicate with you NOW and that it does not matter that it has never tried to communicate with you before?
    What does “trembling all over” mean to you? (Being the person)
    Is it about allowing your inner confusion and fear? Owning your feelings so that you can deal with them?
    Anna 🙂

      -Elisabeth 2016-01-03 23:39:21

      Thank you for taking the tine to reply to my question. You are right that I was indeed vague about a few things, and your questions have prompted me to look more closely.
      In my dream, the song he shared with me was a song about being free…which is a feeling I’ve never experienced in my life because of feeling the need to make the “right” choices for everyone and not just myself. The guy i know in real life is a bit of a charmer with the ladies, and I find myself often preoccupied with anger toward him at the hearts left broken in his wake…then I get angry that he takes up so much of my thoughts at all. We share many mutual friends, so he is always around and I often avoid him as much as possible in my waking life as well…but hear about him all the time. So maybe the dream is just a slight extension of those feelings.

        -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-04 18:39:00

        Dear Elisabeth – Thank you for taking the effort to look more closely at what is going on in your inner world and for sharing what your thoughts and feelings are about “the guy”.
        That is very helpful, because now you can understand what it is that wants to be integrated into your inner world.
        This man reflects what is called “your shadow”. The Shadow is any part of yourselves that you reject, and so do not allow sufficient expression in your life. You may so dislike aspects of your nature that you fail to recognise them altogether and instead see them in other people and criticise them.
        The shadow develops in us, according to Jolande Jacobi because as we grow and absorb our culture, we naturally repress parts of our nature as they are not acceptable to parents or society; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/the-archetype-of-the-shadow/
        You shared that you have learned to feel the need to make the “right” choices for everyone and not just myself.
        What you perceive in this man is just the opposite; in your perception he does not seem to care about breaking hearts with the choices he makes.
        Both opposites like to have a place in your inner world http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/whole-2/ so that you will no longer feel imprisoned by one-sidedness.
        Freedom means that you can also feel okay with choosing what is right for YOU.
        I wonder if you can also explore if “the anger at the hearts left broken in his wake” is actually where you project your pain onto “other women”, rather than owning these feelings.
        Pain that may be caused by not allowing yourself to choose what feels right for you in your heart; and so the pain about letting yourself down.
        Anna 🙂

-Stela 2015-11-19 23:35:05

Hi Tony, thanks for this great website.
I dreamed Like I met suddently an old friend in THE street, he invited me for à coffee in his office. While we were speaking about the past I asked him why hè didn’t contact me he opened the Tray of his desk and hè gave me a letter written years ago with chocolate letters in beautiful Writing.
Obviously i was happy we watched Each other in the eye and we kissed.
Felt so real and smooth that is staying pictured in my head for few weeks now, meanwhile I’m married 🙂 By the way when i touched the chocolate letters i felt vers emotional and happy at the same time. Thanks for your reply.

    -Tony Crisp 2015-11-20 10:37:07

    Stela – I believe your dream is dramatising the love you felt, and probably what he too felt.

    The dimension we exist in during dreaming is totally different to living in a body which is trapped in time and space – the three dimensions. In your inner world you are the creator. You are doing it right now – creating an inner world. For instance what do you believe, fear, hope for or are driven toward? We are all the time creating an inner world, it is the world of our mind, emotions, fears, personal likes and dislikes, our personal sexual behaviour and our habits. We tend often to be unaware of the tremendous power of our inner world and simply think of it as ‘Me’ without recognising that we are creating it all the time – My communication is that you are the creator.

    But it is much more than that, for the figures and images in your dream are a synthesis of all that you are. If you could have a way of feeling and knowing all that you have experienced and learnt, then that is the world of your dreams, all hidden in the images, like a book which we usually only see the cover and cannot read the book with all its inner life. If you explore the images you can read the book of your dreams.

    When you touched the chocolate writing you were touching what lay behind or within the image of the writing. In a real way you were also touching the soul of your friend. We are like an island which seems cut off from contact with others. But in the world of our dreams we are an island that in the depths of us is connected with every other being under the surface of the ‘sea’.

    So perhaps you go further into the mystery of your dreams – see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson


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