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Hit Hitting

Apart from aggressiveness, you may hit on an idea, hit on the answer.

An expression of energy or aggression, often fear. If you are hitting a child, it suggests you are still trying to destroy or repress the development of your own child self. In other words, as a child events that happened to you, parental or social punishment or restrictions, may have held back your emerging curiosity, enthusiasm, sexuality, or love. Maybe these things were crushed. But they are still within you to resurrect, and will call out to be healed. So the hitting in your dream would be a continuation of the repression that you received in your early years.

Because of problems we never resolved with our parents, while we are together with a partner we tend to hit them with everything we needed to have worked out with our parents. This is because any emotions or love that was hurt with parents now gets projected onto the present love.

Example: I hit the ground and I could feel intense pain everywhere. I thought ” I love you Thomas ” (my boyfriend). Then I died and everything went black. I then remember standing over my friend who jumped off same building but wasn’t fully dead yet. I felt bad that he was in pain and was looking in his eyes. I then smushed him like a bug with my foot so he would be out of his misery.

As can be seen in this dream you cannot die in your dreams,although you can imagine and feel what you think it is like to die like that. Then as with a computer game, there you are again to play once more – the game being played is The Game if Life.

In one woman’s dream she wrote to me that she could see a massive wave building up and coming towards her. It was so huge that the water was retreating as the wave was building. She said she couldn’t move because there was nowhere she could run from it, and so she stood in fear of it. Then as it hit her she woke in fear.

Now I want to say to somebody like that, “Why are you frightened of life?” I say this because it is so obvious in the dream that what is coming to her is something so huge and wonderful, and yet she is the terrified of it. That wave was a massive force of positive change that if she had met it would have transformed her life. Unfortunately many people are frightened of Life. See Life’s Little Secrets

Being hit in the guts in a dream is usually about hurts in a relationship or something to do with sex, feeling a target of someone’s verbal or emotional attack.

Example: I was attending an adult class with about 20 or 30 people, mostly men. The teacher came in. He said something and a man asked a question or spoke back. The teacher got really angry and hit him with a walking stick. Someone else in the class remarked on the beating and was attacked also. A man sitting next to me on my left said that if the teacher hit him he wouldn’t sit and take it.

But as the second man was hit, my companion said something like – Bloody hell. The teacher landed two mighty blows on his arse, but he didn’t move. I said in horror “Good God!” whereupon the teacher moved to hit me. I stood up and said, “If you hit me with that thing I’ll whack you in the fucking ear.” I felt keyed up and ready to fight. He backed off and threatened to get the headmaster on me. I told him to try it. He said if I could do better try it. So I took over the class and it went really well.

Then I seemed to be witnessing a young man making love with a girl in a room. A teacher burst into the room and got angry at the couple. The young man was not at all cowed. He said, “You burst into a private room without knocking. We happen to be adults. I want an apology.” The teacher was silent for a time then apologised. The young man said, “Thank you sir. I am proud to acknowledge you as my teacher.”

The dreamer was a man in his forties, and the dream, when he explored it was about the sort of violence he witnessed at school. It shows how he felt and what he wanted to do, to stand up for himself for taking such heavy blows – but at the time lived in the belief that it was normal. But he was now seeing it from a different viewpoint, and handled it very well. As you can see, you do not have to cower to aggressors in your dreams.

For dreams or hitting another car or person or being hit see car

Hitting a child: Is usually a response stimulated by supreesing ones own growth or having a childhood in which your own growth was punished. Hitting a child is the aggressiveness turned against your own growing sexuality.

Idioms: a hit; hit and miss; hit and run (baseball); hit and run (traffic); hit home; hit it off; hit man; hit me (card games); hit me; hit me for a loan; hit me with your best shot; hit my funny bone; hit on; hit on all cylinders; hit paydirt; hit rock bottom; hit speeds of; hit the bar; hit the books; hit the bottle; hit the brakes; hit the bricks; hit the ceiling; hit the ground; hit the ground running; hit the hay; hit the high notes; hit the nail on the head; hit the road/trail; hit the skids; hit the spot; hit town; hit the wall; shit hit the fan; the fat hit the fire; where the rubber hits the road

Useful Questions and Hints:

Was I witnessing the hitting or doing it?

Was I hit physically or in the way of being not recognised or shown love?

How did I react to hitting?

See Active PassiveCharacters and People in DreamsTalking AsTechniques for Exploring your Dreams



-Essence of ebony 2016-04-09 12:44:40

I dreamed I was watching a boy who looked like he was about 10 to 12 years and he was hold his toddler sister who looked like she was 4 or 5. They were walking up on a stair way and a boy with a bat who looked the brothers age, was holding and beating the brother and sister, following them and beating them with a bat. Once they got on the level from being beaten going up stairs, the boy with the bat starts beating the toddler in the head repeatedly, and the whole time the little girl nor her brother blocks the hits. The boy with the bat beat the little girl in the head I think about 15 times then stopped. She seem to shake it off and then her brother sat her in a seat type window box.


-Gowon 2016-05-04 22:53:10

I had a dream that i was driving, and kept having to turn around, and go in the opposite direction. But each time, i ended up driving on the wrong side of the road, and narrowly escaped an accident. Then is started flying, but kep knocking up against brick walls. Suddenly i flew over toward a door, and it opened, and inside was just darkness. I was too afraid to see what was in the darkness, so i consciously woke myself up.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-09 13:40:38

    Dear Gowon – Your dream may reflect the difficulties you meet when you become aware that you are going in a direction that may not reflect your own inner direction.
    This is not clear though because you do not mention why you have to turn around.
    Is there an obstacle?
    Is the rest of the road under construction?
    This may also suggest many things such as a rough road ahead, or that there are many obstacles to deal with. You might have to decide on a new direction, so continuing might be difficult.
    It could be that you will have to develop new ways of doing things, learning a different approach. May imply building new habits, new ideals, new patterns of mind; learning new ways to approach old, and so daring to travel new territory, and so a journey into the darkness or the unknown; the hidden depths of yourself.
    The part of your dream after having turned around reflects that you may be under a lot of stress at the moment and you have not find the right approach yet to deal with it.
    Undoing inner obstacles – “but kept knocking up against brick walls” – may be enabled by using the approach “Opening to Life”, which you may feel like exploring; http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/
    Daring to open the door – you did create the whole dream – is a courageous step and so perhaps next time you dare to stay in the darkness, which may also be a symbol of your inner confusion; this stage often precedes inner clarity.
    An approach to learn to overcome your fears is called http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/
    With this approach you can practise seeing what is in the darkness.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/peoples-experiences-of-lifestream/
    Anna :-)


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