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Hit Hitting

Apart from aggressiveness, you may hit on an idea, hit on the answer.

An expression of energy or aggression, often fear. If you are hitting a child, it suggests you are still trying to destroy or repress the development of your own child self. In other words, as a child events that happened to you, parental or social punishment or restrictions, may have held back your emerging curiosity, enthusiasm, sexuality, or love. Maybe these things were crushed. But they are still within you to resurrect, and will call out to be healed. So the hitting in your dream would be a continuation of the repression that you received in your early years.

Because of problems we never resolved with our parents, while we are together with a partner we tend to hit them with everything we needed to have worked out with our parents. This is because any emotions or love that was hurt with parents now gets projected onto the present love.

Example: I hit the ground and I could feel intense pain everywhere. I thought ” I love you Thomas ” (my boyfriend). Then I died and everything went black. I then remember standing over my friend who jumped off same building but wasn’t fully dead yet. I felt bad that he was in pain and was looking in his eyes. I then smushed him like a bug with my foot so he would be out of his misery.

As can be seen in this dream you cannot die in your dreams,although you can imagine and feel what you think it is like to die like that. Then as with a computer game, there you are again to play once more – the game being played is The Game if Life.

In one woman’s dream she wrote to me that she could see a massive wave building up and coming towards her. It was so huge that the water was retreating as the wave was building. She said she couldn’t move because there was nowhere she could run from it, and so she stood in fear of it. Then as it hit her she woke in fear.

Now I want to say to somebody like that, “Why are you frightened of life?” I say this because it is so obvious in the dream that what is coming to her is something so huge and wonderful, and yet she is the terrified of it. That wave was a massive force of positive change that if she had met it would have transformed her life. Unfortunately many people are frightened of Life. See Life’s Little Secrets

Being hit in the guts in a dream is usually about hurts in a relationship or something to do with sex, feeling a target of someone’s verbal or emotional attack.

Example: I was attending an adult class with about 20 or 30 people, mostly men. The teacher came in. He said something and a man asked a question or spoke back. The teacher got really angry and hit him with a walking stick. Someone else in the class remarked on the beating and was attacked also. A man sitting next to me on my left said that if the teacher hit him he wouldn’t sit and take it.

But as the second man was hit, my companion said something like – Bloody hell. The teacher landed two mighty blows on his arse, but he didn’t move. I said in horror “Good God!” whereupon the teacher moved to hit me. I stood up and said, “If you hit me with that thing I’ll whack you in the fucking ear.” I felt keyed up and ready to fight. He backed off and threatened to get the headmaster on me. I told him to try it. He said if I could do better try it. So I took over the class and it went really well.

Then I seemed to be witnessing a young man making love with a girl in a room. A teacher burst into the room and got angry at the couple. The young man was not at all cowed. He said, “You burst into a private room without knocking. We happen to be adults. I want an apology.” The teacher was silent for a time then apologised. The young man said, “Thank you sir. I am proud to acknowledge you as my teacher.”

The dreamer was a man in his forties, and the dream, when he explored it was about the sort of violence he witnessed at school. It shows how he felt and what he wanted to do, to stand up for himself for taking such heavy blows – but at the time lived in the belief that it was normal. But he was now seeing it from a different viewpoint, and handled it very well. As you can see, you do not have to cower to aggressors in your dreams.

For dreams or hitting another car or person or being hit see car

Hitting a child: Is usually a response stimulated by supreesing ones own growth or having a childhood in which your own growth was punished. Hitting a child is the aggressiveness turned against your own growing sexuality.

Idioms: a hit; hit and miss; hit and run (baseball); hit and run (traffic); hit home; hit it off; hit man; hit me (card games); hit me; hit me for a loan; hit me with your best shot; hit my funny bone; hit on; hit on all cylinders; hit paydirt; hit rock bottom; hit speeds of; hit the bar; hit the books; hit the bottle; hit the brakes; hit the bricks; hit the ceiling; hit the ground; hit the ground running; hit the hay; hit the high notes; hit the nail on the head; hit the road/trail; hit the skids; hit the spot; hit town; hit the wall; shit hit the fan; the fat hit the fire; where the rubber hits the road

Useful Questions and Hints:

Was I witnessing the hitting or doing it?

Was I hit physically or in the way of being not recognised or shown love?

How did I react to hitting?

See Active PassiveCharacters and People in DreamsTalking AsTechniques for Exploring your Dreams



-Sophia 2012-04-05 12:04:38

This morning I dreamt that I had gotten into a fight with a girl in what seemed to be a school-like setting. At first I was punching her & putting much effort into the punches, but they barely did any damage. The girl began to antagonize me for this and so I began to bang her head against the wall several times until I saw blood. Then I proceeded to attack a baby (which came out of nowhere) in the same exact manner, until I also saw blood.( In the dream the baby was as much of an enemy to me as was the girl).
From there my feelings went from anger and rage to fear of going to jail and I expressed these fears to my parents who appeared out of nowhere. Then I awoke.

I was utterly disturbed … what does this dream mean?


    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-06 9:48:30

    Sophia – Think of it as a sequence of events. First you attack a girl in a school like setting, which is where angers can emerge. Maybe not angers but traits.

    The girl is actually you, and it shows how your anger is turned against yourself. It means that you do not let your anger outs, so it turns inwards.

    But the next part of the sequence is against a baby. This shows you getting back out where the anger started – as a baby. Of course that brings about the force of repression – what would happen if I let my anger express – the fear of going to jail. But that is not the end of the sequence – the parents. They have, in some way set this whole thing in motion when you were a baby. Ask yourself when you felt the feelings in the dream first. Trace it back through the years till you find the Ground Zero. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/your-inner-child/



-Sophia 2012-04-05 12:06:18

***correction: “manner”", not “matter”


-Kate 2012-11-27 2:05:37

I dreamt that my husband hitted me so hard that ripped my kidney off my left side. I woke up


-Rebecca Gutierrez 2013-05-16 16:03:57

I had a dream I was getting ready to go out with a group of people and my daughter kept coming in and out of the room. I took her to the bathroom and she went all over herself and i automatically started slapping her and hitting her. I felt horrible when i woke up.


-Kristina 2013-12-25 5:50:23

I had a dream that i was in my cooking class where my teacher started throwing dishes at me and hitting me ( i kind of felt the pain). Everyone in the class was looking at me with fear (there were even some people that weren’t supposed to be in this class like my crush ) . Then i escaped the class with a friend and we were in a completely different place, but it felt in that dream like it was still our school … So we went across the road to see the principal and it wasn’t the usual principal, it was some kind of gnome who lived in an ugly house . So we told him what happened and after that i woke up.


-Carlee K 2014-01-03 8:09:00

Hi, I came across this page after googling ‘dream hitting a baby’. This is the second time in a few weeks I’ve had this dream and I am very disturbed by it. I’m currently receiving counselling and as you can appreciate, transitioning and analysing myself and my childhood. Do you have any tips on how to find out exactly what I’m surpressing please? The baby is cute, unafraid to ask for what it wants and fairly extrovert. It can’t be a simple as the baby is me, is it?! Many thanks and best wishes for 2014.


-Hayjay 2014-02-08 15:54:00

i have sex with someone in my dream


-Craig 2014-04-01 15:49:40

I had a dream a friend was trying to punch me in the face, and i was running away. What does that mean? I used to be good friends with him but not anymore


-vdy 2014-06-11 12:25:01

Would like to explain my dream . It is in the hospital waiting room and my family ie my husband his mother his sisters and son in laws and my children are waiting and all of a sudden my husbang gets furios on sm talks of his sister and hits my son , he is weeping and shouting in pain no one other than me and my son are crying. I stareted weeping on seeinv him in lots of pain. What does this dream mean? Pls explain


-Igor 2014-06-19 5:27:11

Hi, i’m thinking of leasing an office. It’s almost a perfect office. However, it is a 40 min drive one way and it’s really making me think twice about leasing it.
Took a power nap today and had a dream of picking something up from the floor in that office and while standing up hitting my head on the counter. It was so real, even my whole body jerked… It’s it a sign not to lease the office?


    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-20 8:24:44

    Igor – It is certainly a warning about taking the office. So be careful about it.



-Prosper 2014-07-27 3:19:43

I have had a dream of being punched in the face and than getting up and had another run in with the person later on in my dream….
what does this mean??


-Gabriella Rocha 2014-09-20 22:36:01

Hi Tony! You once interpreted one of my lion dreams. I woke up really confused this morning. I had a dream that I was changing high schools (I already graduated in the waking life) my new high school was strict and the principal hit the students if they didn’t follow through. I stood up to all of them and I was always beat down ALWAYS the deans and directors were all men. I remember yelling out to the students to record what was happening while I got hit and caught back. I wasn’t scared..I just really wanted to win the fight, I even tried to get on their nerves by making fun of them..for ex. One of the deans had two huge eyeballs in each eyehole. So I called him 2 balls (lame I know) but I just wanted to offend him and fight him and get him in trouble with someone like the police or my mother. I was so sad that no one else would even bother to help me but I kept fighting literally! I even hit the meanest guy with a shovel. And they would punch me in my face and knock me out with no mercy


    -Gabriella Rocha 2014-09-20 22:42:40

    Please tell me what’s going on. You interpreted my last lion dream so well that I was able to under MYSELF SO MUCH MORE. You have a gift sir! Thank you so much for your time on behalf of everyone on here.


      -Tony Crisp 2014-09-22 7:14:56

      Thanks Gabriella, your feedback is so helpful.



    -Tony Crisp 2014-09-22 7:29:54

    Gabriella – Wow, you are a fighter – but even so you got knocked out.

    I had the same feelings about authority figures – especially at school. But it seems from your dream that you feel that the authorities have more power than you. Maybe so in the waking world, but you are the greatest power in your inner world – and as that grows in you so does your power in the waking world.

    So please see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/ and http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/martial-art-of-the-mind/



      -Gabriella rocha 2014-09-28 1:13:32

      Thank you once again❤️


-Irene Mae Campos 2014-09-29 12:55:01

Hi! I just have to consult this. My sister said she dreamt of our mom being hit on her head with a stone by our neighbours. And shedied. What does this mean? This really terrified me bcause my sister also said that days before our father and grandfather die, she always dreamt of them being dead. :( i dont want to lose our mom too.


-Kailey 2014-10-26 1:08:40

Hi, I had a dream the other night that I was in my mothers arms like as though she was cradling me like a baby, I began to violently kick and bite her. I felt so sad when I woke up :( I would never attack my mom.


-Sally 2014-10-28 22:53:13

I dreamt that i was driving slowly and then suddenly a group of children appear and i hit a little girl and i get out of the car to see what happened to her o see her crushed under my wheel and i start to shout and cry so hard but something happens and i see diff people in the car and they are saying that nothing happened to her and shes gonna be fine


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