Hippo Hippopotamus

Weight, power through physical weight and size. Or it could be a way of saying that we feel uncomfortable with being ungainly or overweight.

It can also represent emotional clearing, or emotional turmoil. Of course if it comes into your life, it could suggest a ‘big event’ or thing in your life. If it is a baby hippo and you are looking after it there may be a suggestion that a big event is occurring in your life, one that will grow and claim much of your time. Being a creature that lives underwaqter a great deal, it can represent what is unconscious in your life.

The hippopotamus, sacred in Egyptian and African traditions, is the second largest mammal on earth. Its name means “Water Horse,” and it spends most of its day in water. This animal, very substantial in physical terms, can guide us in grounding ourselves so we can face and dissolve emotional issues (the power of water).

In ancient Egypt the goddess Taueret was in the form of a pregnant hippopotamus with large sagging breasts. She represented motherhood and the care of children.

Example: Today I dreamt of a slightly smaller than life sized hippo – probably about a metre tall. The hippo seemed to be alive and yet like bronze model. It was sitting on its behind with its mouth wide open.

The message or understanding I received was that it was a doorway to the collective unconscious.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I know and feel about the hippopotamus?

Is this about weight or physical size (do I feel huge)?

Is this about a hippo in the water and if so, does it indicate ‘knowing what lies beneath the surface’?

Is the dream hippo indicating anything about weight issues?

If so what?

Am I living a secret life – underwater?

Are they indications of pregnancy or birth in the dream?

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