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Ability to ‘swim’ with skill –  to meet the ever changing moods and feelings of water without ‘drowning’ – i.e. to meet the changing, the currents and falls of life without ‘drowning’.  It also indicate skill in seeing what is under the surface of your everyday life and mind, and the ability to draw nourishment out of the hidden depths of your mind and spirit. Ancient cultures saw the otter as a clean holy creature. In early Britain the otter was seen as a holy animal, with the ability to transfer from the land to underwater. This meant the ability to dive into the world after death, so a knower of the mysteries.

The otter is also an extremely playful creature and may be shown in your dream as your natural good spirits and playfulness.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are you looking within for answers or strength – if so what is your dream otter showing of this?

Does your dream show the otter swimming well or badly – and how does that reflect on your life skills?

What is your dream otter doing and what does that suggest?

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-francisca 2011-12-16 19:32:51

I had a dream where I became friends with an otter of the ocean and I decided to take her home with me.


-Hillary 2013-11-06 22:34:49

I dreamed that I was sitting on a bench in front of a fountain. In the middle of the fountain there was a bit of land with a large tree. An otter was standing under the tree and I looked to her. She dove into the water and came out on the other side in front of me and I stood up from the bench. She held out her paw: she had a snail with the brightest white shell I had ever seen. She ate the snail and handed me the shell.

It was as if I understood her, and she understood me.


-Aakriti 2014-05-22 3:18:55

I dreamt a grey otter rushes into my house. it looks pretty happy to see me. And I also smile. Then I become cautious thinking it is going to create havoc in the house. So i try to shoo him away. It tries really hard to get back in through the door and is making protesting sounds. But I don’t allow him in. I feel really bad and torn in the dream. But i don’t allow it. I also saw some lizards running on the floor in the dream later.


-George 2014-09-24 13:56:48

I dreamed that I was eating a tin of sardines in a house with friends, although none of the friends were people I actually know in real life, just made-up dream friends.

As I was eating the sardines I noticed that they were quite large pieces of fish. There was a giant piece of tail I took a bite of, then I noticed that there was a large whole eel underneath the chopped fish.

The eel started to move and lift its head as I backed away from the tin, startled. Then I realized that to wasn’t an eel, but an otter.
It was covered in slime from the sardine tin, but it crawled out and began running around the room.

My friends and I looked on in disbelief and when it went for the screen door, I gave it a nudge to let the otter outside. My friends started yelling at me for letting it out, but I didn’t see why we should keep it captive.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-09-28 15:12:54

    George – I feel the dream is suggesting that in some measure you are living out of a tin – an artificially preserved lifestyle. But in eating the fish, something from your real life, feelings in you, found a living experience.

    Maybe it was something that you felt that created in you a feeling of being alive and responding. The otter was an expression of something from your depths, and recognising it you gave it freedom of expression.



-Jea 2014-10-25 4:15:24

I dreamed that I was holding and caressing this animal, that seemed like a long cat, but with a face that was different. I asked someone in the room…maybe my youngest grown son…he said… its probably a rat. But upon careful investigation and memory…it was an otter. I am sure of it. And I remember loving it so deeply as I held it in my arms, cradling it like a baby, petting its head and body and looking into its brown eyes. I even said…a rat? It didnt phase me; I just kept loving it and experiencing it loving me back. I know it was too long and big to be a rat, for sure…it was an otter. What could this mean? It was such a beautiful experience!


    -Tony Crisp 2014-11-02 8:30:34

    Jea – Such a dream animal is a true representation of Life, and Life loves you and calls out your own love.

    Just think about this for a minute – are you not an example of life? You are a living example of Life, and life is still not fully explained, yet here you are. And Life is a miracle. Astronomers spend millions trying to find signs of life on other planets, yet here you are and no one is acclaiming you – except your dream.

    A dream animal is the nearest you can get to the miracle of life, and your love will open the doors in you for new and profound experiences.



-Sonna 2014-11-09 3:13:34

A bright vivd green otter appeared in my dream. We were surrounded by a pond. I let the otter latch on to my finger. I could feel the teeth biting…. I experienced feelings of lightheartedness, thought it was cute


-Addie 2014-12-18 23:01:33

I had a dream that I was pregnant and I could see myself delivering the placenta first and after it was out the baby wouldnt come so I squatted and pushed really hard and when it came out, it was a baby otter. And I recall freaking out thinking it would die because the cord was rapped around its neck four Times but then the craziest thing happend, the otter chewed the cord off and it lived. And that’s the end of my crazy dream. Coment back if you know what this means.


-cosmin 2015-06-10 7:48:27

I had a dream with otters that got togheter and reproduced making little baby otters. After a while because they were hungry they started eating those little otters. when they had nothing else to eat they started stealing from other otters.

The otters metamorphosed form little lizards at the beginning.

Sorry about this…but this is what i dreamed


-brett 2015-06-11 14:03:32

Dreamt i was driving around with a baby otter that i found we where talking like friends it also would sit on my shoulder


-Sasha 2015-07-29 8:14:03

I dreamt coyotes came in our yard and took my puppy, I ran after them with a bat, beating them til they dropped my puppy, and they dropped something else. A baby otter. I wanted to nurse it back to health but my BF made his kids go release it. I was angry at him, and his kids for realsing the injured baby in a stream full of kids. I was so mad and worried about the baby otter, that I woke up crying. This dream was really scary to me.


-Kirsty 2015-09-25 5:58:27

I dreamt of the really idealistic cottage with a wonderful garden and a large pond bit on closer inspection the pond was filthy and full of slimy and a dead otter, floating on top of the water.
I had the same dream last night but this time my partner was there…he was disgusted to see the otter floating there, jumped in but then throws it across the garden…this time I felt the presents of a elderly lady


-Veronica 2015-10-03 21:44:23

I dreamed I was in my parents room and as I’m walking towards the closet area when I see something out of the corner of my eye. I notice a mother otter that looks like she just got out of the water, only there isn’t any water around. She walks towards me and I notice she has a newborn baby otter with her. I look around and there are two,other baby otters scattered around the room. I gather them and the mother otter vanishes. So I bring my cat and her kittens in the room and try to get my cat to nurse them and she does with some reluctance. Then that’s where that dream ends.


-Rachel 2015-12-29 14:02:38

I had a dream where I was hiding out in the woods, I found a small pond. As I stood there, an otter swims up to me and climbs out of the water. I pet it for a moment, and let it chew my finger (like it was investigating, not hurting me.) It called out toward the trees, which I assumed was a signal to other otters that it was safe to come out of hiding.

I slept there beside the water, and when I woke, a few fuzzy little white pups were snuggled up to me along with the mother otter.

I never think or dream about otters so I feel this has some significance, but I’m not entirely sure what.


-Dina 2016-06-16 7:03:56

I was on the edge of a pond in the beginning. Roughly 4-6 otters were swimming and playing in the water and on the land. Coming up to me every so often as if asking me to join them. Me, as myself, was highly confused and a little weary about going to play. I thought they were going to drown me.
*wake up, go back to sleep*
Same dream, same otters. This time I’m by a river bank, trying to get to the water. I follow a trail that leads to a hidden walkway made of wood (specifically 2x4s) and get excited. The otters are following me. I abruptly turn around and scream at them and try to run to the water but instead I awoke feeling very confused.


-Talli 2016-09-04 13:51:16

I dreamt last night that I was swimming in a lake and an otter cam out from underneath me and grabbed my legs. I was afraid of it. I kept trying to swim away but it followed me onto the shore. I kept running, afraid it was going to bite me.


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