Because of folklore the ostrich may represent avoidance of seeing what is happening around you. But if you have ever watched ostriches you will see how they run from anything that causes them anxiety. So they may be indicating your inclination to do the same. If not that, then the flight or fight instinct or survival. They can kill a man or even a lion when cornered – with powerful kicks. And apparently they do not bury their heads in the sand, but sometimes, like chickens, seek small stones to help digest food.

Ostrich feathers have often featured in exotic or sensual dances, or hats on sultry or upper class women, and may be used in your dream to indicate similar feelings. In Egyptian mythology they represent truth and justice.

 Example: I dream about a pack of prehistoric birds, they look a little like ostrich but from prehistoric time, they can probably run fast, they react to fear and instinct, they don’t have much brain, so they are kept secure in a enclosure next to a small river by the owner, a lady, they are fairly packed, they need to be look after with a balance diet, cereals, grass and water, they could get frightened easily by anything new, so that’s why there is an ongoing noise which is there to make them feel secure, like with very young children. These birds work in a small circus, the owner, a lady is their friend, and keeper, and she looks after their everyday comfort. So these animals are partly domesticated, they can take part in a simple routine, they are there as a testimony of the past, a heritage of some kind. JS

In exploring this dream I feel it relates to a very ancient part of me, which is not able to reason and act on instinct, but it is huge, can inspire a certain amount of fear. It is domesticated but could live with a little more space, need to deal with fear in a more reasonable way; this would mean less acting on impulse, to run away or to charge like geese for example.

 Example: I entered through an old fashioned drapers shop to find several people there at some sort of meeting and realised it was a group of royalty with their aides, etc.  I was to join Princess Diana as a princess. I think I stayed by her and she told me how to behave and what to say to the dignitaries. She told me not to be nervous and that I would soon get used to the life. I sat next to her and she had on her lovely print going away outfit with the print ostrich feather hat. I remember saying to her that it still looked smart, and, “I don’t suppose you will be casting it off yet?” I had my eye on it.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I associate with ostriches?

Is this about not wanting to see what is really going on?

What happened in the dream with the ostrich?

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